• The NFL used to have traditions as well. Many of these were fan started/propagated traditions. Things like the Barrel-man in Denver, Raider Nation, or the Dawg Pound. All of these traditions either died or were hollowed out as the NFL was corporatized and as the blue-collar fans were priced out in exchange for more corporate boxes.

    If college…[Read more]

  • It seems like Nate Johnson believes that development is synonymous with playing time. He also seems to have an inaccurate view of his performance when he did get game reps.

  • Most of the credit should go to Morgan, but it seems like Ludwig should get credit for creating conservative game plans that got the most out of BB and NJ while minimizing mistakes. However, we probably disagree with what NJ and BB had to offer. From what I saw, BB has not yet developed the ability to quickly process the game and is not…[Read more]

  • You are mistaking hyperbole for a presumption, but it appears as if you are presuming that the short leash is holding BB and NJ back, and but for the short leash, they would be far superior to what they currently are. As evidence, you are pointing to an example of a cherry-picked backup, but for every Staub or Fifita, I can point to 10 backups…[Read more]

  • Assuming you are correct and they were given the play and had very few options, their limitations prevented them from receiving more latitude. In other words, if they couldn’t even reliably execute under the simplest conditions, it is a fools errand to think they could would have executed better if we placed more demands on them.

    It wasn’t the…[Read more]

  • Following your argument, you are saying we need to expect bad results in order to let a quarterback develop. While there is some truth to that, good development involves giving your quarterback a short leash (or as some would say, a simplified playbook) until they demonstrate mastery of that. As they demonstrate mastery, you expand the…[Read more]

  • Your take is way off base.

    The problem isn’t that Johnson doesn’t know the system or that the system is too complex. The problem is that Johnson can’t process with any pressure and is one of the least accurate passers in recent memory. Reading the report of his performance at the Elite 11, you can see that his problems pre-date Utah. Blaming…[Read more]

  • stbone replied to the topic Shocking! in the forum Football 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    It isn’t just familiarity that makes me less excited for the Big12.

    At the end of the day, I don’t think there is any win in the Big12 that will reliably draw national attention and improve Utah’s standing. Saying this another way, without OU and Texas, there is NO big stage in the Big12. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be tough teams and big…[Read more]

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    I have never understood why speed translates differently to the field for some players vs. others. For example, Clark Phillips ran a 4.5 40 at the combine, but was frequently catching people from behind and closing on receivers. Other players have fast 40 times, but it doesn’t translate to their game play.

    I 100% agree that speed is important (it…[Read more]

  • stbone replied to the topic Vele leaning… in the forum Football 2 weeks, 2 days ago

    I’d be surprised if Patrick (4.47 at the combine) is more than 1/10 of a second faster than Devaughn, and I’d guess that the speed difference is less than that. Also, speed is an extremely overrated attribute in creating separation as you can scheme for speed. (Jerry Rice was a 4.7 40 and always created separation, while Rocket Ismail was a 4.28…[Read more]

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    There were a couple of times that our rush was a fraction of a second from getting home to Nix (for example, play 4 of successful Oregon pass plays from the link). A separate observation is that we are known for playing press-man with our corners, but I am not seeing that as much as in the past. The fact that the rush is almost, but not quite…[Read more]

  • stbone replied to the topic Barnes film study in the forum Football 1 month, 1 week ago

    Vele was about as open as you can hope for, with his man trailing and to the inside. With Vele about on the hash, there is loads of space to the sideline to work with. A good throw, and there is no chance of interception.

  • stbone replied to the topic Barnes film study in the forum Football 1 month, 1 week ago

    McCLain was almost certainly open on the play. The Safety was playing with inside leverage and no outside defender.

  • stbone replied to the topic Outcoached in the forum Football 1 month, 1 week ago

    This is not a comment on whether Utah was outcoached, but after all of the props given to Whit this past week I would make it appear as if my guys outcoached Utah if I were the OU media director, regardless whether it was true or not.

  • That is ridiculous, we only convert all of our quarterbacks to safety. Lol.

  • Knowing our staff, he was always going to be defense first. Given the state of the 2-deep on offense and defense (especially at linebacker), and seeing his tape, I am hoping that changes. He seems to be exactly the type of dynamic athlete we are lacking on the offensive side of the ball.

  • That is exactly what I thought watching the video, but he might also make one heck of an RB, ending up bigger and faster than JJ.

  • I think he is causing the bad tackling. He is very big for high school (6’2″ and 215), and wicked fast (hudl reports a 4.4. 40 time).

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    You can see our talent improving throughout the series. With us slowly getting to the point where we can compete based on talent, and don’t just need to have a perfect day to win. Even in 2019, it seemed like we barely lacked the athletic class to fully compete.

  • With motion (Money Parks), we will have a very interesting option set-up. Vaki in the FB role, JJ in the QB role, and Money as the pitch man. It would be deadly and unexpected.

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