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    Cal at Oregon

    Cal doing well. Up 7-3 into the 2nd quarter. 

  • SalUteopia

    Another #P12afterdark in the making.

  • EagleMountainUte
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    Unpopular opinion but I don’t care about P12 reputation. Especially when SC sucks. Oregon could lose every game and it will make me smile. 

    National people only care if SC is good. When they are down no one really cares about P12. Even with a bigtime win against THE Ohio State look how quickly they leapfrogged Oregon. One Oregon loss to Stanford boop jump them up. 

    • therealu
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      A good P12 reputation is good for Utah

      • EagleMountainUte
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        Agree unfortunately it is tied to SC. I cheer for them in every game but one. 

        • MFury

          Oregon looks soft on D, anemic on O

          • Jeez Cal QB overthrowing the tieing TD. 

  • SalUteopia

    Amazing game. Good start to the weekend.

  • Tony

    Man there were a lot of penalties in that game.

  • SalUteopia

    ASU jitters — anybody want to talk me off the ledge?

    ASU is not a juggernaut, but they are a very good team this year. I’d argue they are more balanced than injury-laden Oregon at this point. They lost to TDS, but mostly because they shot themselves in the foot. Jayden Daniels is a true dual-threat, and their second-highest rusher with ~400 yards this year. They have a very balanced attack, averaging ~220 yards on the ground and roughly the same through air. They have 3 very good RBs, and 6 receivers with between 135 and 250 receiving yards this year. Their secondary is experienced with a total of ~145 games between them. They have a mid-season all-American LB, an experienced OL and DL, and so on.. How do we surmount all of this? ASU is not more talented than USC, but they’re well-coached and won’t fold. I’m feeling really nervous about this one tbh. Anybody want to talk me off the ledge?

  • ironman1315

    Utah is probably even more motivated and they’re just as talented as ASU.  Also, ASU has had problems this year in hostile environments.

  • MauchDawgUte

    My .02…don’t let 18 year olds playing a game put you on a ledge. Whatever is meant to happen will happen. Just enjoy the ride. 🙂

    • SalUteopia

      Metaphorically speaking of course, but point taken.

    • utefansince79

      I attend the games, enjoying time sitting with my elderly father who may not be around much longer.  I try to have a happy time no matter what the outcome.  If we win, it is just a bonus.  (And I’ll yell my head off trying to support the team and motivate them to victory).





  • Echoing @mauchdawgute
    Just like USC place little to no expectations on this team and enjoy a positive outcome if it happens.

    • SalUteopia

      True, football will be secondary this year. The smiles on their faces last week melted my heart. I want the ride the continue.

  • UM4G

    If it helps – ASU fans themselves have admitted we have the top defense in the PAC, based on them playing 2 cupcakes and us 1 cupcake plus SDSU. I’m just hoping to see our guys smiling and having fun again.

  • UtahUtesRock

    My feelings are it’d be great to win. I will be there cheering them on. If we lose, the sun will come up the next day. If we win it’ll still come up but just feel sweeter. This is a super young team. I think next year is the year but gonna love everything this year win or lose. 

  • Utah5410

    They are talented, experienced, but not mentally strong. If we come out play our game, knock Daniels done a few times and contain the run. They will fold. Daniels cannot throw consistently and they’re recovers aren’t great. Contain, not stop but contain the run and we’re in business.

  • Dallas

    Wasn’t Herm supposed to be fired by now?

  • The office prosecuting Aaron Lowe’s murder.

  • Sim Gill needs to go but unfortunately never faces much opposition in elections. I believe most of the time someone runs against him from his own office.

    • Reading the article, it seems the problem extends past Sim and into the supervisors within the office. Also, it might be possible that Sim retaliated against those within the office that supported his opposition in the last election.

      • Yes and Yes. Buck stops at the elected official is my opinion. 

  • eyesonU

    2 tickets for sale

    Can’t use my seats tomorrow night. S3 ROW 30. Right on the isle. $50 each. BM me

  • James

    I’m traveling home from Seattle driving an all nighter I’ll take them


  • CoHvee interview with Feldman

    Good stuff as always from this guy.

  • UtesRule

    Which guy?