Game time announced for Florida game

7pm eastern. 

  • MauchDawgUte

    Prime time. 🙂

  • ProudUte

    I for one am very happy about the 7:00 Eastern Time start because I will be there.  An afternoon start in Gainsville would have been terrible.


  • UteBacker

    Love the time, but damn, that’s going to be a long day of anticipation.

  • Utephoria

    The Florida game will be on ESPN prime time, which is a double bonus. The home opener against Southern Utah will be an 11:30 AM kick. Could be a little warm.

  • Men’s Golf Set for 2022 NCAA Championships Starting Friday

    TOURNAMENT: 2022 NCAA Division I Men’s Golf Championships
    DATE: May 27-June 1
    LOCATION: Scottsdale, Ariz./ Grayhawk Golf Club
    PAR/YARDAGE: 70; 7,289
    LIVE SCORING: Golfstat.com or the Golfstat App

    After capturing their highest finish at an NCAA Regional in program history, the Utah men’s golf team travels to Scottsdale, Ariz., to compete at the 2022 NCAA Championships for the first time since 1988 and the seventh time in program history. The championships will take place May 27-June 1, at the Grayhawk Golf Club and is hosted by Arizona State University.

    Live scoring for the 2022 NCAA Championships is available on GolfStat.com. Fans can also follow along on social media (Twitter: @UtesGolf | Instagram: @UtesGolf).

    Here’s the complete list of schools that will advance, broken down by regional:

    • Palm Beach: Vanderbilt, Florida State, Florida, South Florida, College of Charleston
    • New Haven: Wake Forest, North Carolina, Texas Tech, North Florida, Georgia Southern
    • Norman: Oklahoma, Auburn, Ole Miss, Texas, Utah
    • Columbus: Oklahoma State, Georgia Tech, Ohio State, Arkansas, East Tennessee State
    • Bryan: Arizona, Pepperdine, Texas A&M, Georgia, Kansas
    • Stockton: Arizona State, BYU, Stanford, Oregon, Liberty 

    utahutes.com article


  • Tony

    Ute golfer Blake Tomlinson is the son of a high school buddy of mine. Keep an eye on him!

  • luke8675

    Tabaracci transfers to USC

    Per post on his instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/CeAHmaLJZyj/?hl=en

  • Carterdalby


    • Tednab

      We’ll .. that should bump them up to #3 now .. maybe start talking about national contenders at this point .. definitely ahead of Bama

  • D T

    He was looking to see early PT & was behind fellow incoming LBs Barton/Medlock.

    USC’s a good destination for him being able to see the field early…..Their D’s WEAK & so is their DC.

    He took 3 official visits before committing to us & USC was one of them [ND was the other], so this transfer makes sense as well from that perspective.

    • RustyShackleford

      I don’t think he was, they had him try RB during spring because the LB and DE rooms were so crowded

      • chinngiskhaan

        Heh… if those rooms are more crowded than our absolutely stacked rb room, look out!

  • younglurch

    Highly recruited Utah player leaves for USC because he couldn’t crack the depth chart at Utah. What a time to be alive…

    • Utesbyfive

      It’s happened before: Stevie Tu’ikolovatu

      • FtheY

        Had the same thought.

        Stevie T killed us when playing USC too, had a crazy amount of tackles if I remember correctly. 

  • ALUF

    National Championship

    Should Utah claim a share of the national title in the 2008-2009 season?
    Only unbeaten team
    Did not play in the BCS Championship
    Beat a one loss Alabama team in the sugar bowl by a good margin
    Went to Michigan and won
    Beat ranked TCU and TDS
    If you do claim it, do we hang a banner or something?
    If you don’t think we deserve it, why?

    Listening to the “voice of college football” on YouTube going year by year of who should and shouldn’t claim national titles is interesting. He said in 08 Utah should have claim to it.

  • Larry B
    15 1

    Should we have been in the Championship game? Absolutely. To say that the ONLY undefeated team in college football shouldn’t play for the championship is absurd. But to try and claim a championship that we didn’t win feels really zoobish IMO.

    • ALUF

      A lot of universities do claim titles they don’t deserve though. Alabama especially, the fact the ncaa and pac-12 both recognize it should be enough for us

    • ALUF
      1 2

      But yeah there is some zoobness to it

  • UteBacker
    10 2

    Love that team, but no way we get through a P5 schedule unbeaten.

    • FtheY
      3 2

      This. Exactly this. 

    • AlohaUte

      Pure speculation and conjecture and therefore an irrelevant argument

  • Roy Rangum

    While I don’t know that we should hang a banner, the NCAA already considers the 2008 Utes a national champion.

    Trib Article

  • AlohaUte

    100% we should. When polls that are considered major selectors had the Utes as National Champions that year, I see no reason why we shouldn’t claim it. The Utes did everything asked of them that year.  The hypothetical arguments like, “well, we didn’t play a p5 schedule and wouldn’t have gone undefeated” are completely irrelevant because it’s all just conjecture and assumption. 

    • AlohaUte
    • UteBacker
      1 2

      I see what you’re saying, but I have eyeballs and I see the toll a P5 schedule takes on a team throughout the year.  Our first few years of being in the Pac12 had some harsh Novembers as we’d run out of steam and depth.  I saw no reason that we shouldn’t have been considered for the mythical championship back then, but I do now.  I’ve changed my tune on that.  To be honest, laying claim to that championship seems bush league and Zoobish.  

      We were freaking good though and absolutely deserved to be in the conversation.

    • Stone

      Agreed that it should be claimed. The primary argument against it seems to be that we would not have been undefeated if we played in a bigger conference. 

      So what?

      Look back at the NC teams before the BCS or playoffs. The schools that got those championships did not go through a playoff system or necessarily play the hardest schedules. Do those schools revoke their championships because they would not have survived in a better conference? 

      It was always just a beauty contest. And there are some polls (i.e., beauty contest judges) that named Utah the national champion. 

      Saying Utah would not have done well enough in a major conference is irrelevant. They won every game. That is undisputable. Saying they would have lost with a different schedule is both speculation and irrelevant. You could speculate about that with any team (i.e., if X team had played Y team that year, they never would have won the NC).

      I say claim it. No need to be obnoxious about it. But barring a playoff, it is just a beauty contest, and there were some judges of that contest that said we were the best. No reason why those polls should have any less credibility than others. 

      • UteBrook

        In ‘08 we beat some decent P5 teams but our wins against TCU and TDS were very good wins. Remember how dominant that TCU team was in ‘09 and ‘10?

        • utefansince79

          After Alabama, TCU was easily our strongest opponent in 2008


  • Tony

    Sunday’s highlight video… it’s the offseason right?

  • GameForAnyFuss

    Are those Ranger 108s you’re laced up with?

    • Tony

      108 ti’s yep. I really like them. 

    • GameForAnyFuss

      Yeah I’ve heard good things. My wife has a pro deal with Rossi so last fall she hooked me up with a pair of Blackops Sender TIs (pretty similar to the Rangers) and I love them. I wish I’d been on that type of ski for longer. They’ve become my daily driver because they’re so good almost everywhere. All the titanium makes them a little tough to stick the zipper line in the bumps, but the tradeoff for better stability is worth it.

      • Tony

        I don’t do many bumps.  I love how responsive the 108’s are. Great for any type of terrain I’ve tried. 

  • SteelUte

    Did you skin up from the parking lot? 

    • Tony

      Yep. That took some effort.