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2020 Super Bowl Predict The Score Contest

I’ve scrounged up an extra pair of awesome red Kentwool socks to offer as a prize so let’s do a Predict the Score contest for the Super Bowl! Make your picks and win some killer socks: https://www.utehub.com/predict (web only, not the app).

  • EagleMountainUte
    2 2

    I hope the chiefs score 467 points and the Niners miss field goal attempts. 

    • UrbanLiar

      As long as the Niner missed field goal attempts aren’t due to the holder😀.

      • EagleMountainUte
        4 1

        Oh yeah. Actually I hope Wishnowsky breaks the records for most Punt yards in the Super Bowl.

  • Utesbyfive

    Which team is better? After someone tells me, I’ll put in a guess.

  • Jordheim, Hendry Win Classic Races as Skiing Wins CU Invite

    STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colo. – Guro Jordheim and Samuel Hendry won their second-straight races as the Utah ski team held on to its lead to win the Colorado Invitational on Sunday afternoon.
    After coming into the day with a 71-point lead in the overall standings, the Utes again earned the team wins in both the men’s and women’s classic races for a 104-point victory over Colorado. The Utes had 745 points, leading Colorado (641) and Alaska Anchorage (523). Utah was the top scoring team in six of the eight races during the meet (men’s slalom and giant slalom, men’s and women’s classic and men’s and women’s freestyle).

    utahutes.com article

  • astUTE

    Nice to beat our “rival”, and in this sport I actually mean it!

  • Trailgoat

    Agree. I have enjoyed the competitive growth the Utah Olympic and other sports are having in the P12 outside of football and BB.

    Refreshing to checkout a LAX game, Gymnastics meet or other sports where the coaches are not grossly over paid and fun to watch with more purity of the sport still present.

  • EutawStreet

    USC to hire Todd Orlando as DC

    USC fans got good news today that Graham Harrell is not going to the Philadelphia Eagles, but now learn that Helton has hired a defensive coordinator who was just fired from Texas.  Texas was #108 in total defense in 2019.  Orlando did not coach in the bowl game (might have saved his job if he did) and he was just hired by Matt Wells at Texas Tech.  Ouch!


  • PlainsUte

    A step up from Tony Orlando, though.

    • Tony

      And Dawn?

      • PlainsUte

        Didn’t you hear, Dawn died in a kiln fire. Oh wait, that was Fawn.

  • EutawStreet

    Clay Helton joins Todd Orlando to sing ‘Trojans greatest hits’ –

    “Tie a yellow ribbon around the old oak tree, it’s been over four long years, do you still want me?”

    and “Knock 3 times on the ceiling if you want me, twice on the pipe if the answer is no”

    Of course if Harrell left he was going to call Matt Canada and sing “oooh Matt Candida, we could make it together.”

  • EutawStreet

    I don’t like that he has Utah connections from his time at Utah State. He recruited Van Fillinger to Texas.

    • Trailgoat

      Utah connections outside of Utah reaaly do not matter for Stanford, USC, Oregon, and UW recruting in Utah. These teams are in a different recruiting market than Utah. School name, reputation, and history speak for themselves.

      That said, Utah’s brand continues to grow and this year proved some higher level talented kids are creating a recuiting theme of at staying home to play together. Hopefully this will carry over to future recruiting classes. 

      • EutawStreet

        USC did not get Fillinger, Carlson, Ritchie or Harrison.  Looks to me like connections matter.  A coach at Corner Canyon played for Orlando at Utah State and connected Orlando and Texas to Fillinger.  When Texas fired Orlando, Fillinger de-committed.  If Orlando was a USC in 2019, Fillinger might be a trojan.  

  • This is fun: 16 of 23 from deep on the road for Utah Women’s


  • Chilly

    We will win a lot of games shooting 16 of 23 from three. This is a young team with good potential, they’ve just had too many turnovers and defensive lapses in some of their games this season. Those will improve with experience, seems like they’re playing the right way and the team vibe is still good.

  • Hammer

    Fackrell got his ass burned on that last SF td

    No contain

  • PlainsUte
    2 1

    Scratching my head why we care, then I see he went to USU — no other offers.  Um, OK, meh.

    Packers are getting burned in many phases.  As a Packers and Utes fan this is like a PTSD flashback to the Utes post-season.

    • Pace Manyung

      Pump the breaks champ.  If theres on thing that seems to be echoed on utehump is that it doesn’t matter who else recruites you. I mean Utah found WEDDLE ,WEDDLE, WEDDLE!


      • crazyute

        We also learned LSU championship doesn’t count. Their QB cabe from the government cheese pile. So he sucks couldn’t beat the others out.

        • Pace Manyung

          Would Burrows or Hurts every give Utah a second thought…. child please.

          These type of QB’s leave championship type programs for other championship type programs.

          Make no mistake about it, both LSU and OK have multiple 4* Qb’s on their current rosters.  It’s not like they have a “Lisk” waiting in the wings, desperate for a QB….like Utah

          Face it. Utah needs the “government cheese” for multiple positions simply because they fall short in recruiting. It is what it is. 

          It used to be the JC route… now it appears to be the transfer portal for o’l kwhitt.  

          • RiseasUtes

            Is there anything about the program that you enjoy?  What’s the point of being a fan if you can’t enjoy anything or be entertained by the product?

            • Pace Manyung

              Just keeping it real.  There is a Yuuuuge differnce between a blue blood picking up a transfer and a P5 program that struggles to recruit certain positions on a regular basis.

              I suspect kwhitt will have the had out for QB,LB and WR for years to come. There is a way to fix this problem but it will need sytematic changes to the program.



              • Rick

                Tell us oh great one of these “systematic changes?”

  • Ute2

    Running utes. The good and the ugly. (But not bad)

    It’s clear that Timmy Allen as been the engine for this team.  And the last few opponents haven’t let him do his thing.  

    the previous games were soooo ugly when Timmy was shut down.  But I saw stuff tonight that Really encouraged me going forward:

    the biggest thing is that I started seeing was the counter to the double on Timmy.  Guys started passing out of the double and finding open guys.  I think Plummer getting more time was a staff trying to get more shooting on the floor to this end.  And he showed out!  We missed a lot of  chances here too.  And it was really ugly too.  But we’re doing it which is  a big step cause we weren’t.  I expect it to get a lot cleaner and better as conference play rolls on.  Az. State has it down and they had open looks.  It’ll get better for us too.  (WERE YOUNG.  Nobody likes the excuse but it’s true)

    Next…  we started spacing the floor a little to allow our guys to put their heads down and go to the hoop.  High ball screen with shooters.  I wish I’d seen both gach get more looks here.  He needs to be the one doing it because he’s our best talent.  He’s nba.  But he was whacked today.  But again, we’re doing it which is a big step cause we weren’t.


    other good things, Plummer.  He was good!

    a big thing!  Carlson played much better against a strong and physical center.  That’s huge if he can keep it up because he’d been getting his trash kicked.


    van komen can move.  And he’s HUGE.  That’s something to be excited about for next year.


    timmy Allen can shoot.  That’s a big development.  He’s special and has some great years ahead here.


    bad:  gach and battin has a real rough go.  

    Az at. shot lights out.  We shot poorly


    its ugly but I think tonight was a young team learning how to play the right way.  After their m.o. was stymied

    they’ll get better and this year even.  Still a chance to do some damage.  

    bad night and bad stretch but still a bright future.


  • ProudUte

    We are young, but we are also just not very good lately.  I am not going to editorialize about LK as a coach or if he should stay.  Looking at the last three games, we are simply not a good team.  It’s sad.  I hope these guys learn from this year’s experience and they improve.  I hope with next year’s additions we can once again be competitive.  I suspect we will be lucky to win 6 conference games, but I hope that I am wrong.

    I am not down or depressed about things.  It is what it is.  I just hope they can start to be competitive.  It is no fun watching these guys play right now.

    Go Utes!!!

  • Ute2

    I really think once this team learns to pass it’s going to open things up. And it started last night. It was ugly but they’ll clean it up and look a lot better as conference play rolls on.