Utah Soccer Opens Season with Idaho State Wednesday

SALT LAKE CITY – The Utah women’s soccer team will begin the 2022 season on Wednesday as second-year head coach Hideki Nakada and the Utes host Idaho State at Ute Field. Kickoff is set for 7 p.m. MT, and the contest is free to the public. 

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2022 Roster
The 2022 Utes will have a different look than last year. Utah will have 13 newcomers on the team, seven freshmen, and six transfers. True freshmen joining the Utes this season are Taylor PriggeBrooklyn BlaylockKelly BullockBrooke AhernRyann CullKaela Standish, and Kyla Jennings. Utah added experienced transfers to this roster, including two Pac-12 transfers. Luisa Delgado and Jade Gosar join the Utes from Notre Dame, while Brooke Hale comes to the Utes from BYU. The Utes added Katie O’Kane (Washington) and Madeline Vergura (USC) to this year’s squad. The last transfer is Evie Vitali, who comes to Utah from Oklahoma State.

Next Up
Utah opens the 2022 regular season on Thursday, Aug. 18, when they travel to Portland, Ore., to face the Pilots of the University of Portland. Kickoff is set for 8 p.m. MT from Merlo Field.

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26 Days to Kickoff

#26 Charlie Vincent, RS Sophomore RB, 5-10 199

Charlie is a local all-around athlete who played football, basketball and baseball at East High including playing on the 2015 and 2016 4A State Championship teams.  Over his East career he had 10 100-yard rushing games.  His personal stats peaked in 2017 with 110 carries for 1,215 yards (14 TD) and 7 catches for 188 yards (2 TD).  At Utah he walked on and red-shirted in 2019, earned given a scholly in 2020, but did not see game action in 2020 and 2021.   Probably remain a scout team player and might see some special teams time.

Charlie Vincent on Hudl

#26 Charlie Vincente

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Charlie Brewer & 2021?

I’m trying to understand what the coaching staff saw in Brewer last year to designate him as the preseason starting QB over Cam.  I wasn’t there in camp and don’t have any insight into the why’s and how’s.  

Anyone else have a legit take? Maybe someone with connections to the program?  You go watch the early season games with Brewer vs. the games later with Rising and as a fan, there’s a marked difference between those two.  But I’m also just watching from a big screen, not the sideline.  I’d love to know how Charlie distinguished himself vs Cam last summer in camp.

Either way, I’m delighted that Cam is here and that he kicks such tremendous butt.  Go Utes.

  • Ute Dub
    1 2

    Charlie Brewer’s 2021 summed up into one play.


    • THEeyepatch

      …and BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE! Hilarious.

  • Extra Medium

    If I remember correctly they were pretty neck and neck in the QB competition through fall camp. Brewer’s experience is what gave him the edge over Cam. There were still a ton of questions about Cams ability to perfom coming off his shoulder injury. I completely understand why they chose Brewer over Cam last fall and my money says if they were in the same place they’d make the same decision. 

    • Ute Dub

      I agree, also, I wonder if the worse thing that could have happened to Brewer, did happen. He went 15 of 15 in the spring game even though 6-7 plays were clear no touch sacks and the HYPE machine got out of control. The media, especially the national media started the adulations and that overhype can set a player up for a a rude awakening.

    • Ute Dub

      Also, let’s not forget Braeden Daniels switch to Right Tackle made a huge difference for our O-Line protection vs. Simi Moala at Right Tackle…Moala didn’t even last on the team much longer after that.

  • Uphoric

    It was due to Cam’s injury. . .  The team wanted him as team captain for a reason and I am sure the coaching staff knew Cam was the man.  He was not fully recovered from his surgery/injury, so they protected him.  Brewer was the insurance policy.   You can see it in the throws he made early, especially against SDSU. He only threw short passes. As the season progressed Cam made better deep ball throws as he became stronger.  In interviews this year he said he was only at aobut 80% last season. I am sure the coaching staff was protecting Cam as long as they could by not playing him earlier and limiting the long ball.  When Brewer couldn’t deal with the blitz they had to make a change. Not to mention the leadership or lack thereof.   Interestingly, BYU never blitzes but they did crazy in the 2021 game.

    This year will be different, we’ll see better accuracy and deeper throws.  Cam is the man!

    • Charlie

      I believe you are correct with Cams injury. The coaches did not misjudge anything. Cam has said now that his arm was getting better through out the year, even better now, but was not well at the start of last season. The coaches were waiting for Cam to come along. I think Brewer also knew that as well, he was watching the process from a close distance. He played without emotion and was not talking like every other QB. He was watching Cam’s recovery and knew this was going to be Cam’s team and soon. Whitt said first thing Sunday morning after the SDS game Brewer asked to see him to tell him he was done. Whitt asked Brewer to sleep on it one more night and encouraged him to stay. Monday morning Brewer went into see Whitt to tell him he was done again. All the signs for me told me Cam was simply not yet ready and Brewer knew a healthy Cam was much better.

    • Chidojuan

      Yup, 100%.  This was an effort to protect Cam by the coaches.

    • Tony

      Cam was 80% last season?  🙂

      • Charlie

        I did hear Cam say his arm is stronger than it was in the Rose Bowl. He also said it was much better in the Rose than it was when he first started playing last year.

  • EagleMountainUte

    I don’t think it was entirely just about protecting Cam. Hindsight it sure seems that way. I also think they went with Brewer based on his performance in practice and his experience. It sure makes it seem like 5d chess but I am sure they recruited him, gave him a shot and Brewer walked seeing Cam taking over in that SDSU game. Mind you Utah had many other problems not named Brewer during that game. Cam for whatever reason sparked something in the whole team. 

  • highlandute7


    Looks like Covey has a good shot at making the roster in Philly.


  • Torg
    5 1

    The fact that he’s so close to making the team despite all the hits he used to take when getting thrown to by Travis Wilson and Huntley…. he’s got that dog in him!


    • Hellhound152

      The old Troy Taylor “what do you mean they were in Cover 2” offense.  Brutal.

  • Tony

    He must be leaving some broken angles and jockstraps on the practice field, as usual. 

  • MauchDawgUte

    Florida game.

    So my sister and BIL just surprised me with an all expense paid trip to see the Florida game for my 40th bday. What a gal. 🙂 Soooo damn excited to experience the swamp.

  • chinngiskhaan

    Wow… I can’t imagine being generous enough to do that for someone else… unless I was going as well.

    • Imagination has always been a challenge for me as well. I was kicked out of a D&D game when I was 11 because of it. 

      • Well, “kicked out” might not be the right term. I believe that the DM conspired with the other players to kill off my character. Each Saturday, there was a role-playing meet up in the cafe area of our local train station. Anyone could participate. I had sat down at a table a few weeks earlier and joined a group of older folks, one of whom had a wine skin full of liquor. I was an odd-duck, and I thought that this is what happens to odd-ducks when they get older. There was a lot of talk about Blue Oyster Cult. Anyway, during gameplay we were set upon by a band of brigands. With multiple crossbows aimed at our party, they told us not to move. There was quiet at the table and almost everyone was looking at me. My young, on the spectrum mind thought nothing of treachery, so I absent-mindedly picked up my player’s manual and flipped through the book. The DM quickly jumped on the opportunity. “Opening a spell-book, provocation,” he said. He then rolled a number of dice and told me I was hit and killed by multiple crossbow bolts. I looked around and everyone’s head was looking away. I picked up my stuff and walked away from the table. That event was one of the first times that I recognized my place as pariah. I never played another table-top game.

        • Distantute

          I was hanging on every weird word. Great post.

  • chinngiskhaan

    Did I mention I’m your long lost brother?

  • Tony

    See you there!

    • BUS324GoUTES

      Hey Tony, sorry it’s been hell trying to get logged in and password saved crap. Any yes this was “anonymous” post about driving down to the game.