• Yes, I think bottari, and Barnes, and all the players that help the team prepare for games, but may never see the field should have a special place in our hearts as Utah ute fans.

    It was really great to see how proud bottari’s mom was, watching him get the start and playing so well.

  • That was the weirdest quarter to watch this season. I know the defense was racked by injuries, but the pass plays where the Az player was wide open with no Utah DB within 5 yards of him were hard to watch. Even the trick play should have had some coverage on the receiver who finally caught the ball.

    The Utah DBs haven’t been extraordinary,…[Read more]

  • My son, who lives in Seattle, is a Utah alum and supporter. He just texted me he is leaving his West Seattle condo for the game. Should be a lot of Seattle Ute alums. Hope they are all at the game giving the Utes loud support. Go Utes!!

  • I think our only chance is if Barnes shows another upgrade in performance after getting another live game under his belt and the full starter reps he is now getting. Also, the last game seemed to show a little better understanding of taking care of the ball and trying to eliminate turnovers. He still threw a couple of questionable passes last…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the responses! Very good information. But with the basic athletic goods that BB has (otherwise why recruit), why hasn’t Ludwig/qb coaches been able to see these shortcomings in things that can be improved, like reading the defense, looking off dbs, progression through the possible receivers, etc.?

  • I couldn’t watch the first half and part of the second half, so I have some questions for those who were at the game and could see the whole field.

    First, what happened to Vaki? He was the deciding factor in the USC game, but don’t understand not seeing much impact reported by for him on the Oregon game? If he didn’t play, I heard/saw nothing…[Read more]

  • Anyone else wondering why they ran the play to center the ball?
    I thought it was tempting all the things that could go wrong for very little pay back. Any mishandling of the Center to QB snap could squander away the 5 seconds of time, and leave the Utes with no chance to kick the winning field goal.
    When Whit initially sent out the field goal…[Read more]

  • BleedsRedUte started the topic Covey in the forum Football 3 months ago

    Covey called up from practice squad.

  • BleedsRedUte started the topic Injuries in the forum Football 3 months ago

    Apologize if this has been covered, but why didn’t Pepa play? I heard nothing about an injury bad enough to keep him out when he was a starter in many games last season.

    Also, why wasn’t Vele targeted more than once or twice? Was he double teamed to take him out of the offense? I thought he might be ready for a breakout season this year.

  • Bryson Barnes should get a chance in Fall camp to beat out Rose and Johnson. Probably a better choice than any we can get in the transfer portal.

  • Class of 60′! Good old West High. Some great years and experiences. Glad to see there are other West High alums on this board!

    Hope Aden gets some playing time after that performance.

  • Aden is a local kid out of West High, my almamater. He actually looked pretty good and got quite a few reps. I was surprised because he is a Junior and I don’t think I have seen him in any game action, not even special teams for punts and kickoffs. So I thought they are probably just giving him some playing time for being a loyal benchwarmer.

  • thanks. Forgot about Star, Bolles, and Lloyd. Hope we are trending toward many more first rounders.

  • I was wondering if Kincaid bein projected by some analysts as the 17th pick, is possibly the highest draft pick since alex Smith out of Utah? Can’t remember any higher, but I don’t keep great track of this. Anyone know?

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    Of course it would be great to improve all position groups, but I think the D line needs it the most. Last year there were some serious lapses in stopping the run (which is No. 1 for coach whitt). We could use a premium pass rush from the D line without need for blitzing linebackers and DBs. We need either the existing players to develop their…[Read more]

  • I know this has morphed into a Covey discussion, but have some thoughts about it.

    I think Covey is a premium shifty runner, but lacks great speed that most punt returners seem to have.

    But the plus that Covey showed over this last season is the sure hands and cool head to catch the ball in the pressure situation of punt returns. Muffed…[Read more]

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    As I have gotten older, most things don’t taste as good to me as they did when I was younger. I think the meds I take now are part of the cause.

    I especially don’t enjoy beef, like a good steak, the same as before. I can’t sit down to a full steak dinner and enjoy eating it all. I look forward to dessert and other sweets more than before.…[Read more]

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    It is hard to quantify Rising’s running vs rest of his game, but looking at his stats he has 308 yards total, with Thomas ahead of him with 414 yards and Glover behind with 229. Cam has 6 TDs and Thomas has 5, Glover 3. The 308 yards also helped get first downs, avoid sacks, and promote the offense down the field.

    Cam has 15 TDs passing total,…[Read more]

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    With Barnes being able to hold down the fort, it may allow Rising to more fully heal if he can sit out the Arizona game, and the Stanford game if necessary. At least 50% of Rising’s game is his running ability. I fully understand sitting him out of the Wazzu game if he had any reservations at all.

    The home games against Arizona and Stanford may…[Read more]

  • Why not just provide a link to the Utah Utes Sports official site. It has all the sports, schedules, rosters, stats, etc., that you could possibly want. You shouldn’t have to develope and add schedules that are readily available.

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