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    If he’s not going to play, he needs to make the decision to give it up already. Can’t be half in and half out. Whitt needs to give him an ultimatum after this game. The people who were against a transfer QB might eat the biggest crow in Utah football history.

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    Nah, don’t you know that it’s better to completely gamble your season on a guy returning from an ACL tear in 7-8 months?

  • Utah is making their case for the B1G on the field. We are a better version of Iowa.

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    Correct, it’s a difficult position to develop, but it still seems strange to not have a dedicated QB coach. The most important position on the field and we don’t have a specific coach just for that.

  • So because fans had completely unrealistic expectations of NJ, he can’t be the future QB? Again, this just sounds like people who are taking out their anger on NJ for the offensive struggles, rather than the coaching staff.

    As I have already said, NJ has barely played the position. He only played it during his Junior and Senior years, and I b…[Read more]

  • This is literally untrue with Auburn…

    In 2017, heading into conference championship week, Auburn was ranked NUMBER TWO at 10-2. They lost 28-7 against UGA in a rematch and then dropped 5 spots. Had they won against UGA again, they would have gotten into the playoffs as a 2-loss team, probably as the 2-seed still.

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    Definitely have had some luck this season, but I like to think of it as the bad luck from the injuries being good luck for us on the field. To me, it’s so strange that many UF, Baylor, and UCLA fans all claim that they are the better team, that just had bad luck on the field. I would be glad to have neutral on the field luck in exchange for b…[Read more]

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    This is exactly how I feel about Whitt. Trying to dissect his mind should be a U of U college course.

    As for the style points, this is true and it’s one of the reasons why many metrics and predictive models are wrong, and some can be drastically wrong. They don’t factor in injuries, garbage time, style points, and many other things. If we wan…[Read more]

  • This is part of the reason I’m so confused that people have turned on NJ so fast. He barely played QB in High School, and he barely has any experience playing QB in CFB. His first start against a P5 team was against a UCLA team with TWO borderline elite edge rushers. Look, I’m not a QB scout or coach, but it seems mind boggling that people hav…[Read more]

  • The problem with this line of thought is that Cam isn’t the only player on this team. He’s not the only one with NFL aspirations. How about Vele and Pittman who are in their last year of CFB? Don’t they deserve the best chance at showing what they can do? At the moment, the best guaranteed chance of that is Nate getting 100% of the reps, not 50. H…[Read more]

  • Depends on how close your losses were, how good your wins are, and if you win the CCG, along with maybe some injury context. Let’s say Utah loses to OSU (no Cam Rising or Kuithe), and UW, but beats USC and Oregon. Then we rematch an 11-1 UW team in the CCG, and beat them. An 11-2 Utah team with close losses to OSU without Rising on a Friday n…[Read more]

  • Let’s compare him to Tyler Huntley. Do you genuinely think Rising is a better thrower, specifically as a downfield passer, than Huntley? Because he’s not, and it’s not particularly close. Huntley was an UDFA and is now a backup QB. Additionally, Cam’s run game won’t be as good in the NFL where the defenders are stronger, faster, and more sound. Ad…[Read more]

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    Aside from hoping he plays, only to be disappointed when he doesn’t, it’s caused a huge rift and a lot of tension in our fanbase. I think people are just tired of it all. Additionally, I think most people have now assumed that he will play against Cal, and will not be playing against OSU. Of course we have no idea, but most people just don’t think…[Read more]

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    Baylor did do a lot of power runs, so it’s not like we haven’t seen it. They did have success in the 1st half, but once adjustments were made at halftime, they got shut down.

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    Anyone who would downvote this is nothing but a homer. Martinez and Fenwick are absolutely better RB’s than anyone we have. I think JJ can be on the same tier, or even higher than them, but he hasn’t shown it this year since he’s hurt. Also doesn’t help that teams aren’t afraid of our passing game and we have gone up against two really good D-li…[Read more]

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    The good thing is that OSU’s pass rush (or entire D-line for that matter) is nowhere near the level of UCLA’s or Florida. Their secondary is also very inexperienced and just meh. I don’t think their secondary is terrible in terms of coverage. Ward is just a magician and WSU has good WR’s. However, the tackling of their secondary is horrend…[Read more]

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    Ehh, I don’t make much of that game. Their QB had a really good game that day, and we were the wrong type of special on special teams.

  • Well said. Someone even said something similar a few days ago, and I will rephrase it a bit:

    We can’t say “Next Man Up” except for the most important position on the field.

  • Why are you assuming that we want to give Nate all the reps for the rest of the season? No, we wanted NJ to get all the reps last week and this week to prepare him. After OSU, Cam takes over during the bye week, and gets 100% of the QB1 reps for 2 weeks. Play a bad cal team for knocking off the rust, and then get another week of QB1 reps for USC.…[Read more]

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