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UTES up 47-46 after 3

Go Utes!

  • cj13
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    Gotta at least hit the rim when shooting a game tying free throw. LSU deserved that as they were clutch when there was pressure

  • UTES up 33-29 at the half

    Go Utes!!!

    Utah vs LSU end of 1st Q

    Utah 16 LSU 16 Came back from an early deficit. Go Utes!

  • NarfUte

    Flamingo lady needs to stay off the floor. She’s leaning into the court while we have the ball on their side 

    • beaslad

      Lol. I texted a couple friends “what in the hell is the lsu coach wearing? Does she thinks she’s a f——ing flamingo?!?!”

  • The Miami Ute

    Dalton Kincaid Getting Some Love from PFF

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  • Three cheers for an excellent Dive season for Holly Waxman!

    Go, Utes!