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  • gothamute

    Awesome piece. Cool videos embedded that brought back fun memories.

    For those that don’t subscribe, you’re missing out. The Athletic is totally worth it imo, great content. Fun to have had a Utah beat writer this season!

  • GO UTES!!!!! BLAST THE TREES!!!!!!!!

    GO UTES!!!!!

    GAMEDAY!! Let’s go, Utes. ESPNU 9p MT

    2+3+4= Who cares about stars they are All Americans

  • chinngiskhaan
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    3 all americans, a dark horse heisman candidate and the pac12 OPOY… as well as the COY, and top 3 assistant…….. all that and we are in the Alamo bowl. That’s a lot of talent to get you second place in the 5th best conference.

    really puts the failure into proper perspective if you ask me. Biggest fail in Ute history. Still a pretty good season, but a fail of epic proportions given the senior talent on the team.

    • chinngiskhaan
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      All these thumbs down but you all know deep down I’m right. It’s okay to admit that your team failed to achieve what they should have. Still made progress, but failed in the end in an epic way.

    • Johnny
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      Wrong. It’s called progression. Spend a little time doing research on programs like, Nebraska, Florida State or Miami. They progressed to a level where they were going to bowls every year. 9-10 win seasons every year.

      Did they win the championship every year? No. I went to Florida State late 80s. Probably about where the Utes are now. 

      Hell, I started my college days at Old Dominion University. They didn’t have a football program when I went to school there. Now they have a D1 squad.

      There is definitely an upward projection with the University of Utah. Like at insane levels. The expectations are high, but to be a doomer is not something we want in our fanbase.

      • chinngiskhaan
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        Did you read my post???? 

        I admitted that we did see improvement. I’m not disputing that. Just because we improved that doesn’t mean we achieved the level of success we should have with the talent we have.

        Again I ask, did you read my post???????

        I’m not calling for anyone to be fired. I’m not claiming the program is in a downward trajectory. I’m not even claiming that this season was a step in the wrong direction. All I’m saying is that the team did not earn an end result that is anywhere close to representative of the talent on the team. 

        Hell, I’m not even pointing any fingers… though if I had to point somewhere it would be in the direction of our offensive line, but they were really the only group with a good excuse for sucking at times given their youth.

        • UtahFanSir

          I read you post. Thank you for sharing views and thoughts some of us have entertained. I think at this point, most of us are prosessing how the season went. The Utes overachieved compared to how some of us thought initially. Then the team got rolling and many of us thought they were unstopable. That was a great feeling too. Then they did get stopped. I’m still struggling with the processing bit. But its now history. I believe in the Hollandale Trio and the seniors and the All Americans and the coaches. Up next is Texas, a recruiting hotbed for Utah and Morgan Scalley’s territory. I really want Utah to completely and totally dominate in a win where for Texas, it is a home game.

    • jer53621

      Winners are not afraid of losing. But losers are. Failure is part of the process of success. People who avoid failure also avoid success.

      I agree that this is the biggest fail in Ute history. It was painful to watch the CCG. But that’s part of the process. 

      • Pace Manyung
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        What’s painful and somewhat a failure is that the Utes were in this position last year ( losing the conference championship).  Kwhitt did not learn from the past set back, so in essence, it’s a failure. The reality is kwhitt most likely will be retired before the Utes are back in this position.

        Again, still a good season and the conference award accolades are nice…but bittersweet   

        • Mr Chainsaw

          Ehh, I think this can be luck of the draw as well.  IMO this years team would have beat last years Washington team.  We were better this year (the record and margins of victory all point to that) but we didn’t match up as well in the championship.

          • utefansince79

            With a healthy Zach Moss and Tyler Huntley, last year’s team would very possibly have defeated Washington in the championship game.  (Yes they did beat us earlier in Salt Lake but rematch with our main QB/RB may have gone differently)


    • Stone

      I disagree with the 5th best conference statement. Comparing conferences is very subjective, but the Pac12 was definitely not worse than the ACC, and there are compelling arguments that the Pac12 was on par with any of the other conferences. Being top heavy and getting a team in the playoffs does not = best conference.

  • Utah5410

    Disagree. Utes will be in south contention next year. Look at the offense. The defense is a lot more loaded than people are realizing. Our DEs have played and plan and our DT have played a ton as well. Hell Tonga was rotating in last year and started a few games. Lloyd will be even better and I’m sure they will find one LB to cover. The secondary is a concern. But by fall camp I think they will be ready to go. Will we be in contention for the playoff next year/ no. But I think we have a very real shot to get to vegas for the championship game.

    • EagleMountainUte

      I think it will take undefeated or one loss again to get past USC. 

    • chinngiskhaan

      With whom are you disagreeing? Nobody is saying we aren’t going to compete next year.

  • ThurstonW

    HARRISON IS A UTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GO UTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ghost of the HEB

    Huge pickup. Picked Utah over ASU, USC, Oregon, Nebraska, Tennessee

    • Pace Manyung

      Huge? Solid but not huge.

      This should be viewed as a gimmy commit. Mid level three star, instate (mormon) … should always be a slam dunk 

  • UtahFanSir

    247Sports write up that will not last long.

    Nice get, the first of many good guys to join this class. That said, I can think of at least one person who will not see much of an improvement.

    With Harrison added to the class, the Utes have moved up 10 spots in the 247Sports Team Ranking to No. 79 in the country, and No.11 in the Pac-12.

    • Stone

      Can someone please explain the seemingly-absurd way that 247 ranks recruiting classes? Why is it not based on the average ranking of the signed players versus what seems to be something that is weighted toward the total number of signed players?

      Maybe I misunderstanding the rankings, but it seems that, hypothetically, a school that signed 20 three-star recruits would be ranked higher than a school that signed 14 four-star recruits or 11 five-star recruits. That is, it seems to value quantity over quality…how is that relevant?

      • Central Coast Ute

        If you look at each recruit they are assigned points. One three star might be a .86 and another might be .82. If you add up every player you get a total, that determines your ranking. Not necessarily the stars but the points. It is possible for a school to sign one four star and the rest three star and another school to sign all three stars and the school to have all three stars come out ahead In the rankings.

  • X723

    Cool class of 70 to a class of 2020 proud of you…….. man I am getting old……

  • pedro

    Shout out to Chaz Walker (former Ute) for training this kid up.

  • cjd1

    If you go by average grade per recruit then Utah is about # 35 right now.

    • GameForAnyFuss

      Thank you – I feel that average stars is more relevant when comparing recruiting classes. Schools that have smaller classes get punished in the traditional “total stars” way of comparing. The truth is, it’s probably better if a school has small classes – that means you’re likely losing fewer players who are already in the program due to transferring, academic issues, and off-field issues, right?

    • FtheY

      This is the right way to grade, it normalizes for different quantities between teams. That being said, 35 is about where we’ve been the last couple of years IIRC. Would love to break 25 after a year like this one. 

      • Pace Manyung

        ^ this


      • EagleMountainUte

        Do you believe Utah is 35th?  There is a deep flaw in that thinking if you do. Many of Utah’s talent is inappropriately ranked. Fotu being the best example from this season or Lloyd.  I would say Utah is actually closer to 20-25th based on actual performance. 

        • FtheY

          I don’t remember offhand and I’m too lazy to look it up, but I thought we ended up around 35th overall. I agree with you that we perform at a higher level that where we recruit – could be low rankings or elite player development, most likely both. 

          The sucky thing is that even if we perform higher or take inappropriately scored guys, that the *national perception is a lower valued recruiting class, because that’s what it shows on paper.

          Could you imagine how good we might be if we broke the top 25 in recruiting on paper with Whitts development? Amazing. We have the success this year to get there hopefully! 

          • Utah is already at that level is my point. 

  • UtahFanSir

    Alamo Bowl Press Conference

    Press Conference.

    Worth a listen if you have time.