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  • Back to Back Pac-12 Champs!


    It’s official penn st in the roses

    first line that i could find was PSU by 1.5 (Fan Duel).

  • prestitute

    I am really surprised they are favored. Maybe it is just the games I saw of theirs, but they didn’t look that impressive this year. 

  • I’m sure that line will go down in Utah’s favor once Penn State’s opt-outs are taken into consideration.

    • Utesbyfive

      Ours will factor too. I can easily see Phillips and Kincaid opting out. I could see Cam opting out too.

  • This will be the fifth Rose Bowl for PSU and the first since the 2016 season. Penn State is 1-3 in Rose Bowl appearances, with all three losses to USC.

  • ayoriver

    They talked all year about how they ended the year with an L. They are going to want to add to their legacy as the first Utah team to win the Rose Bowl. Time will tell, but I don’t see any of those guys opting out if completely healthy, though I wouldn’t hold it against of them either. That wouldn’t seem to fit their character though.

    • hbUte

      I’d really be surprised if any of our guys opted out.

  • oc_ute

    fyi. lamar jackson in locker room. huntley playing

    led to a fg on last drive.


    In game coaching and team leadership is elite at Utah. Utah is flat out mean.

    The non-verbal messaging from Rising vs Williams on the field was telling. Players watch their QB, how he acts, what he says, how he responds to adversity. The leaderhip commitment to his pack could not be any more opposite than what we saw on the field Friday as the game went on. If you get a chance, watch the game again and see how each QB responded to adversity, connected with their team during the ups and downs of the game. Both teams saw a QB moping on the bench as times got tough with a poor me attitude while the other QB in the trenches fighting with his Dawgs. Not buying the injury excuse. Utah was beat up in key positions, in some cases worse and made no excuses. Not questioning CW’s injury, hammy’s suck, but, there was a lot more injured than his hammy. Good learning experience for CW, he needs some sensible people in is camp to set him straight. Unfortunatly, I don’t think his coach is that person. 

    Rising gets lit up, smiles, reluctantly runs off the field comes back in and his team takes it personal. USC starting in the 2nd quarter completely got mentally and physically taken to the woodshed and they slowly broke down by Utah’s relentless will and physicality. As Herbstreit said in the last CCG against UO, “if UO (insert USC) thinks Utah is going to feel sorry for them it’s only going to get worse”. The sideline reporter in the USC game said, in so many words, USC players are beat up on the sidelines.

    Next man up on offense (defense is another post):

    Benard should get half of Rising’s MVP trophy: Rushing:11 carries for 88 yards. Receiving: 5 catches for 41 yards. Parks, Dixon, Yasmin combined for 11/224 receiving. Kincaid did more by just being on the field. Dudes a first or second round draft pick, no question. First guy down the field congratulaiting Parks, Yamin, and Bernard on the TDs.

    My favorite Ute, who will be missed next season is Solo. Kid is a high charactor role model, kids going places. Hope he stats connected to the program like Sly, Mitchell, Wynn, Weddle, and others. Great season!

  • The Miami Ute

    Good learning experience for CW, he needs some sensible people in is camp to set him straight. Unfortunately, I don’t think his coach is that person.

    Riley has made his career raiding other college teams for elite QBs. He stole Kylar Murray from Texas A&M, Baker Mayfield from Texas Tech, and now Caleb Williams from Oklahoma. If Rising had a couple of years left of eligibility, he’d probably try to take him too.

  • AlaskanUte

    The best observation of Utah’s tenacity and mind set came from one of the guys on PAC12 After Dark on Saturday night when he said (paraphrasing) “Utah is like a biker gang, they come in tear up the place and then leave”

  • Yeah I love it when teams like USC can use injuries as an excuse.
    The cupboard is completely empty. Utah has lost to many back ups from USC in the past.
    That game was all about coaching. LR isn’t even fit to touch Whitts sleeve when it comes to coaching.
    Roles reversed I am convinced Whitt would pull CW and put in someone else. CW was defenseless out there. It was shameful. It is disrespect to the game and disgusting.

    I really think Utah is in trouble if they go to a backup. Which speaking of backup who would want to play behind CW next season?

  • Which speaking of backup who would want to play behind CW next season?

    The same guy that was the backup this season, Miller Moss: https://usctrojans.com/sports/football/roster/miller-moss/13002

    • Moss should leave. Has he even taken a snap? Due to USC defense he never got a shot I think.

  • prestitute

    I think JJ needs some special mention. He epitomizes Utah’s ethic. You plug in and give your all, and great things happen, even if it wasn’t what he initially wanted. JJ could become an ELITE RB as well. I would not have predicted that when he transferred over. And all the dude has ever done publicly is be a great teammate and honor the legacy of the two good friends he lost. I love what JJ is becoming. Cam is my favorite Ute of all time now, but JJ is quickly climbing!

  • UteFanatic

    Utah vs USC

    Has the game download link been posted here yet? Desperate to rewatch it!

    (As always, thanks to the folks who provide these downloads for us!)

  • Larry B

    If you have the Pac12 Network, they have uploaded the game and condensed it to 60 minutes.

    • Football in 60 is great for a rewatch!

  • NarfUte

    Yes it was:



  • utahman3431

    I’m working on my version of it with radio audio included. I’ll post when everything’s updated!

  • Yergensen

    Utah brand of football

    Came across this and had to share. This outsider gets us and sums up this football team and the Utah brand as well as anything I’ve seen.  Must read, at least through sections 1 & 2:

    Utah brand

  • ProudUte

    Thanks. Excellent article. 

  • ravensute

    garish display of badassery” seems like a solid team motto.

  • RedLine

    That was a fun read!  

  • This guy is earning a follow from me. Favorite line:

    Before I leave the Pac-12 championship, let me also just say, listening to a game full of Brock Huard is like extending a mandatory 20-minute Teams meeting by 3 hours. But I do it for you.

    • PlainsUte

      Referring to Urban Meyer as a “bar skank enthusiast” was also rich.

  • The Miami Ute

    Thanks for sharing. Love this paragraph:

    Utah is the two-time Pac-12 champion because they engage in football not track & field like the rest of their candyass conference. They did the exact same thing to USC in coming back to beat them 43-42 in Salt Lake City earlier this year. This game was just more emphatic, like a mob goon beating down a rival member before mumbling with the last punch: “Tell Carmine I said hello.”

    • I knew this would be your favorite line. 

  • prestitute

    Fantastic article. I think the author is off on one point though: Utah is MUCH more athletic that they think. We have DUDES now as well! Athleticism isn’t an issue for our Utes. In fact, I think Kyle and Co. have done an AMAZING job of finding athletes and turning them into FOOTBALL PLAYERS. We are banged up enough that we likely didn’t look as athletic as we really are, but watching JJ, Micah, Kincaid, Yassmin, Parks, Dixon, et al. run through the ‘athletic USC D’ I am not sure how you don’t see athletes. And then we get to our D. That pick, dear lord was it athletic and pretty. Our D-line and backers have grown up and come together. Our secondary is incredibly athletic. I HOPE PSU thinks all we are is ‘smash mouth’. This team is so much more than that. A lot of these players will be in the NFL and contributing over the next few years.