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  • I hope he did move on to a better situation for him and his family. I just still think its weird that they dont ever even mention him. He was the ESPN color guy for a looong time, and they pretend like he never existed.

    Btw, side topic. I absolutely hate the new milieu of which both Mooney and Craig are part that abuses the word “right?”. Its…[Read more]

  • Dont mind Mooney, he’s fine. And Jimmy wasnt the most polished but seems weird like they act like he never existed. And Craig said something about Mooney being an ‘upgrade’ which seemed like a backhanded slap to Jimmy.

    Just curious.

  • I would add that in either case, recruiter or mastermind, you have to be able to motivate. You have to build a culture of accountability, and of confidence. CS has unfortunately shown that he is unable to do either. This team simply does not believe in their own ability to make shots, to make FT, and to grind out close wins. His team has quit…[Read more]

  • I don’t consider myself a homer, and I’m not going anywhere. But I am man enough to admit that while I was hopeful and see some things that are much better than Krystko, I have to now admit that the things that are wrong are directly at his feet and fundamental. If there is one thing I can’t stand, it’s bad fundamentals.

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    I hung on as long as I could, I liked a lot of what I saw early, but I’m out. I stand my my opinion that he is an upgrade from K. but at the end of the day, he isn’t getting it done.

    One of my observations is he has a habit of infantilizing the team. He refers to them as “kids” and refers to coaching like “parenting”. He also says things like…[Read more]

  • The interesting thing is that we got worse. I did some numbers on this in another post and i dont want to look it up, but we were like close to 70% before jan 1, and like just over 50% since.

    That said, agree they cant and shouldnt say “we are a good freethrow shooting team”. That is provably and objectively false. You can say “we have the poten…[Read more]

  • And they had several good looks that just didn’t go. I agree the officiating sucked, I also agree not making FT is inexcusable, but despite all that, we had our chances and we came up short.

  • WTF?? Seriously, that’s troubling. Isn’t it the home teams job to hire the ref crews for home games? If it’s a league function, just one more reason to see the P12 in the rearview.

  • As soon as they release it, the count stops. Think of it this way, would you really want a length of the court baseball pass like the one to Christian Laetner waved off because some ref at the end of the court is trying to count out how many seconds until he catches it? As much as I’d love to see duke lose anywhere and everywhere, that would be…[Read more]

  • I was yelling at the screen every time. Tight game, you have to make them pick it up.
    Also was very frustrated by the turnovers trying to take a game that was in the bag and giving it back.
    And more rebounding woes…

    But a W is a W

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    Dude was NAILS!

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    Did Utah State promote an assistant after Smith left, or did they bring in a new hire? I’m just curious IF we accept the premise that Smith sucks (as a now wavering supporter, I want him to prove the doubters wrong), then I’m curious whether it was one of these situations where after the head coach gets a new big time job, it turns out that his…[Read more]

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    As much as I think the Hunty is cool, it’s simply too big in this day/age. The more intimate environments create demand for limited tickets and closes in the sound and amps up the environment. That die is cast, so there is likely no going back but in my opinion, the Huntsman is a big liability. Even closing the upper level doesn’t contain the…[Read more]

  • I’ve been a defender of Smith, but I guess I need to issue a mea culpa. Our defense is terrible. Since I was otherwise occupied for the WSU game, I watched it on the DVR on Friday night, rewatching many plays unlike I normally do when watching and listening to ESPN700. What I saw was pretty disturbing. Then I watched the Washington game last…[Read more]

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    Please look back at my post from last week (or was it two weeks ago?), I’ll not regurgitate it here because you can read it there. The TLDR is that Larry only made the tourney the years he was leaning on NBA talent that underperformed at Utah. The comparison 3 years-in leans in Smith’s favor. The comparison of career success leans in Smith’s…[Read more]

  • Cant disagree on Gabe, Keba is the other, and maybe Brandon but I see him more likely having a nice career overseas

  • Starting is for High School.

    If you have a player that is foul prone, and no argument that Keba is exactly that, but that same player brings high energy and is solid to great on both ends of the floor, it only makes sense to bring him off the bench (if you can). When all the starters are on the floor, including Carlson, assuming Deivon going…[Read more]

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    So well said, bravo. I cut my teeth in the 89-90 season with 1/2 Majerus 1/2 the guy who later went to BYU women’s program (drawing a blank, should remember). From there, it was an awesome ride through 1998. But since then it’s been a real mix and as I’ve aged and matured, I too just enjoy the games. I enjoy complaining too, but I try to limit…[Read more]

  • He had Delon, Yakob, and Kuzma all who went on to long NBA careers, and especially in the case of Kuzma, it can be said that they underperformed in college relative to what they’ve accomplished in the NBA. But something about Larry and his system never parleyed that brief success into filling the pipeline with similar talent. So, with marginal…[Read more]

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