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MBB vs Washington tonight at 6pm

See you there!

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Draymond Green misses them super stars.

Y’all got anymore of those 30 points a night guys?

  • bopahull

    The Jazz had an extra 30 they didn’t really need tonight, perhaps they could lend it to him.

  • Best chair pose since Bobby Knight…

    KU vs KSU last night.  KSU bench cleared to come after Silvio De Sousa of KU after he stood over KSU player he had blocked during a breakaway layup attempt in the final second of the KU-KSU tilt.   Silvio hefted chair during ensuing brawl.

    Meanwhile the FBI & NCAA are still letting Bill Self coach…

    KU vs KSU brawl

  • Hammer

    Pfft. Everyone can see he’s defending and protecting the woman on the ground.

    • PlainsUte

      It does look like the coach in the navy blue suit is coming after that woman.

  • sweetgrass

    the one KU player got suspended today indefinitely

  • EagleMountainUte

    Is it a bad thing that games end this way? I am over here like McGregor gave us 40 seconds. Let’s get more brawls in sport. 

  • UTE98

    <—- suddenly feels a desire to watch “Slapshot”

  • ProudUte


    I would like to see the Jazz be successful and win a couple of rounds in the playoffs.  Their recent run has looked good, but they have only played 2 teams with a winning record since January 1.  They beat a good Indiana team on Monday, but Indiana had played the previous night in Denver.

    The Jazz have a big problem when facing good teams IMO.  They are horrible when it comes to turnovers and thus allowing easy baskets.  This will kill them IMO.  The other issue right now is a solid backup for Rudy.  He is amazing on defense.  Things change dramatically when he is out of the game.

    I hope the Jazz dow well and end up with about 55 wins for the season.  We will soon see as their schedule gets much tougher after tonight.


  • Hammer

    Let’s trade for Baynes who is coming off the bench in Phoenix. But who do we send? He only makes $5M or so.

  • To be fair, the Jazz havent really played any teams with a winning record since they traded for Clarkson. Hopefully Connely can make a big impact now that he’s back. I can see this team making it to the conference finals, that would be tough to do and a lot of that would require perfect seating in the playoffs. I dont think they are a championship contender though.

  • Jazz are better than last year and the league is more spread out with talent. What that means?  That the Bucks are heavily favored to win it all with the most dominant player in the NBA right now. 

  • In the fall, we are a football school

    In the winter, we are now a ski school. 


    I’m okay with that. 

  • Trailgoat

    Spring: Lacrosse and Spring football.

    • PhiladelphiaUte

      Speaking of Lacrosse, our UteLAXers defeated Providence in last weekend’s scrimmage.  The season starts in SLC in 10-days vs. Bellarmine.

      FWIW, Bellarmine travelled to SLC for our contest LAST year too!  I wonder how we got a 2-off in that series.

      • Hammer

        They want a ski trip?

  • GameForAnyFuss

    From last week’s races…

    • Tony


  • noneyadb

    Completely ignoring The Red Rocks? Y’all should be flogged…

  • UtahFanSir

    Don’t forget women’s gymnastics.

    • We continue to live in the 2nd tier of elite gymnastics every year, our season high lower than the average of the top programs. There is no anticipation of our competing for a title anytime soon. I am not knocking the program. It’s just less than exciting for me, personally.

  • Hammer

    Jayce Johnson just subbed in for Marquette on FS1

    Defensive rebound, offensive rebound, assist in first 40 seconds .

  • Pace Manyung
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    I guess this offically the dog days of utehub…

  • Itacoatiara22
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    He sucks. We are much better off with the new bigs we have.

    • Tony
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      I was not impressed with his play, or his improvement (or lack of) while he was here. How one doesn’t learn (or be taught/coached) to shoot free throws with more than one hand is baffling and pathetic.

  • EagleMountainUte
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    Should I care?

    • Hammer

      We’re waiting for you to post some better content for us to talk about. Thanks in advance!

      • Content for content sake? Sounds like masturbation. If it makes you feel better go ahead. 

  • CincyUte

    “Subbed” is the key word here.  The guy is averaging 13.1 minutes per game this season . . . almost ten minutes less than what he averaged year.  And he has yet to start a single game for Marquette.  That makes him the eighth guy on what appears to be a nine-man rotation.  Not a great way to end your basketball career, in my opinion.

    • utefansince79

      A highly rated recruit who hasn’t reached the potential some felt he had.  Not the only high school superstar it has happened to.