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  • SalUteopia


    • Pace Manyung

      15 sacks?

      • FtheY

        Yes please.

    • Tony

      I thought about putting:









  • AgouraUte
    3 6

    I don’t see us beating Washington, ASU or WSU

    • FtheY

      We have to get one of those guys. I really think we can, maybe even 2 of them. I’m more worried about losing to someone we shouldn’t…the proverbial WTF loss. 

      It’s 10-2 or bust this year. Even if we go 9-3 and win the Conference title, it will be the same old “well someone has to win” or “it’s a down conference” or “wow, Watch out for Herm Edwards next year”. 10-2 gives us a chance at breaking that narrative. 

      I voted 10-2, but the realist Utah fan in me thinks 9-3. 

      Recruting and consistency are the next big steps for this program and I think this could be the year we turn the corner. 

    • AZUTE

      You don’t see Utah beating ASU or WSU at home when they both bring in new QBs?

      I’ll be supremely disappointed if Utah doesn’t beat them both by double digits.

      Especially the Sun Turds after the way the celebrated on the field last season in Tempe.

      They come to slc with a new QB no Harry and an average D. Put 8 in the box to stop Eno and problem solved.

      • AgouraUte
        4 2

        I have realized with Utah football, the key for me to have sanity during the season is to have extremely low expectations. It concerns me that we are getting so many preseason accolades, it feels like it’s setting up the fan base for major disappointment. If we can do better than last year, I consider it a success. We have had too many WTF losses in the past. I truly hope I am wrong

    • Charlie

      Washington will decline, I think they and WSU will be at a similar level with Utah. For now the lines seem thin.

      ASU will be the strongest competition for Utah. They do skip Stanford and Washington, Utah skips Stanford and Oregon.

    • Trailgoat
      3 2

      I see at least 3 losses. Out coached by Petersen is a given. I think Petersen has very little respect for KW as a coach and Utah as a program. Forshor a WTF loss. Loss to one or both of the AZ teams. I know I will get blasted for saying this, would not be surprised if Utah loses to BYU. Absolutely hope this is not the case.

      One thing about KWs teams with a loaded roster or a younger roster, his teams play up as the underdog and play down as the favorite. IMO, this is what makes KW a good coach and not a great coach. Let’s not forget he still has a losing record in the P12. Just keeping it real. We have been to this same rodeo for many years. I cringe reading the Utes getting media hype. This team does not play well as the hunted. Go Utes!

  • SUUte


  • BattleGroundUte

    Undefeated. I am not deluded I don’t like imagining losses anymore. Utah should be favored in most games this season though. Sans Washington and USC. ASU I think is Utah’s biggest threat for the south. 

  • Utah5410

    10-2 realistically. Loss to UW and drop a WTF game. But will be enough to win the south

    • Tednab

      9-3 .. lose to Oregon in pac 12 championship game.. have to include the normal Injuries and a lack luster offensive as key for those loses

  • noneyadb
    3 3


    Losses to USC, UCLA, Wazzu and Ughhh Brigham…

    • Utebeam

      There are several comments about a loss to BYU. Wtf, under what scenario does that happen? We demolished them in a quarter and a half with a back up qb and rb. Do you think for a second our guys won’t be spun up knowing they were humiliated for two and a half quarters? I promise you our players will come out with something to prove.

      • Puget Ute

        Zack Moss will get 150 yds and 2 TDs. Andy Ludwig KNOWS how to build the offense around our weapons. We may have 3 different receivers get 100 yds (Dixon, Enis, Thompson, combo of Kuithe/Fotheringham, maybe Covey? – not sure if he will be back yet).

        We are absolutely stacked with 1st-day starting NFL talent on the D line, and most of our starting DBs will spend a long time in the NFL (Jaylon Johnson and Jav Guidry may be 1st-day starters).

        We will need Frances Bernard and Manny Bown to step up in a big way to handle passes over the midle. I don’t know if byu will have any kind of a rushing threat, but Zach Wilson is a decent scrambler and will need to be contained.

        Things will need to monumentally bad for Utah to lose to byu-P.  That said, this game is their Superb Owl for the year, and they will focus everything they can on the game.

        • BattleGroundUte

          If Sitake wants to remain the head coach of TDS he has to win that game. Not to say he couldn’t do well enough after Utah loss to survive…that 2021 and 2022 schedule.  BRUTAL!!

      • noneyadb
        3 1

        Sooner or later it’s bound to happen. But for the last several years all I’ve heard is how superior Utah is to Brigham, yet the final score doesn’t indicate this widening gap.

        1- Utah for the last 3 years has started off very sluggish.

        2- Huntley is not a drop back passer. How does that mesh with Ludwig? Yes Moss well get the ball, but Huntley has to be able to connect on deep routes and stay in the pocket. Sorry but these are not his strengths.

        3-Huntley needs a #1 go to receiver. Covey was great pre-mission. Post-mission he lost a step and wasn’t ready to come back. Add in a knee injury and I have strong doubts he’ll be back to the pre-mission Covey that made him so elusive by the First game of the season. So who is going to be Huntley’s go-to receiver? Enis, Thompson, Dixon, Simpkins???  Huntley and Simpkins should have timing routes down to a T, yet Huntley rarely looks his way.  Odd for a QB and WR to have played together for so long, yet have zero connection when it comes to the finer details.

        Do I think Utah stream rolls Brigham? Yes. But it wouldn’t surprise me for Brigham to pull the upset. Wisconsin was a lock, Texas, etc…


        • Central Coast Ute
          2 1

          The weaknesses you pointed out in Huntley were the same as Brian Johnson. Ludwig was able to rein him in for his senior season and they beat Bama. Don’t be so quick to assume that Huntley won’t mesh with Ludwig. Ludwig is a smart OC. He’s been around. He’ll use his players strengths to help them be successful.

          • noneyadb

            Brian Johnson worked with Ludwig for how many seasons? 4?? Your comparing Johnson after 4 seasons with Ludwig, and hoping that Huntley will do the same in one off-season??
            Johnson was one of the youngest OC’s in the country, and now a QB coach at Florida for a reason. Huntley is not on the same level as Johnson… Your reaching for that pot of gold.

      • Exactly. And this year it’s a meaningless game at the beginning of the year. Last year it was a meaningless game sandwiched between the last PAC 12 game and the CCG. The players should have more focus and won’t be looking ahead.

  • Glad it wasn’t Washington.

    I just don’t like them at all. 

  • Tony

    Too bad both teams couldn’t lose.

  • I’m making the bold statement right now. Utah’s going to…

    Make the NIT. They’ve got a net ranking of 104. Several of the teams with higher net rankings that won’t make the NCAA Tournament are ineligible because they have losing records. I’m telling you. Utah’s going to make the NIT.

  • Tony

    And if they do? Part of me would be glad to see Barefield play again but part of me is happy to see it shut down until next season.

  • Watching other tournaments

    It is blatantly obvious that Pac12 basketball is awful.

  • astUTE

    Yes!  I’ve watched a little BB from other conferences and have been pleaseantly surpirsed to see some motion, screens, teams running sets that look like they’ve been practiced, rather than NBA style, one guy dribble-driving, one guy gaurding him, and 8 other players spaced out watching.

    Particularly the Big10.  I miss real basketball.


  • palos_verdes_ute

    Yeah good basketball everywhere except Pac-12.  I just came back from the Utah state game.  Amazing what that coach has done in his first year; won conference tourney and co-champ league.  So much movement away from ball, so much weak side help, great game management. 

    • Puget Ute

      I watched parts of a few games from Big10, Big 12, ACC, and SEC tournaments. Outside of Duke/UNC, UVA, Kansas, and other serious bluebloods, I came away unimpressed with the defense they were playing. I see Oregon’s defense as far more stout than others.
      Maybe it is the way the game is called in those leagues, and maybe the PAC-12 allows teams like Oregon to body up and reach in constantly where other leagues would call fouls on Defense. Or maybe those other teams were just much better at spreading the floor so the Defense has to respect them.
      But after watching the Ducks absolutely another teams with their swarming defense, I am left thinking they will actually make some noise in the tournament this year.

      • utefansince79

        I’m picking Oregon to make the sweet 16.


  • Michigan HS basketball

    Emoni Bates… remember this name.


    In a year or two he’ll be a national sensation.

    My son played against him this year.  Emoni is a freshman, I’ve never seen anything like this. 

  • Dante Guardi

    Mikey Williams is really good too


    Mike Hompkins comes in and completly turns UW around. Unreal. Alright no more BBALL talk. excited for spring game and a 8th or 9th whatever it is straight win against the zoobers. 

  • astUTE

    Yes, Yes, Yes!

    I realize that everyone is trying desperately to end the basketball season and move on, but if UW can land a coach that turns an afterthought program into a first place program in one year, is it possible for us?

  • Trailgoat
    1 3

    That ship has sailed for Larry. The only people he recruits is the P12 media, and the has been coaches and players who know him as a player from golden years in the NBA. His less than impressive coaching record and resume is overshadowed by the good old boy network of retired basketball players afraid to break code and speak the truth about his coaching performance. UofU once again is financially chained to an under performing basketball coach.

    • bopahull

      We could and DID have a lot worse coaches. We are pretty much sure we aren’t going to let him go anytime soon. Let’s hope he can keep this class and add to it rather than replace it. I am going to continue to support coach K and the BB program. If he retains this years team we could start next year playing much better. 

    • AZUTE
      2 1

      Larry went from 6 wins to the sweet 16 in three seasons. He’s rebuilt Utah once he can and will do it again 

  • UteHub Interface Options

    Utehub is sporting the all white football jersey. All white for football is a favorite for me on gameday, but they switch it up each week. For the site it would be great if there was an option to select the background as black or gray.

  • Tony

    Kind of like MySpace? I kid. 

    • MauchDawgUte

      I like it…maybe give us all our own html editors so we can have scrolling text and blink tags too!

  • Tony

    It could be possible to do a light and dark switch. Kind of like on the new mac os, or twitter.  Night mode and day mode. I’ll keep it in mind. 

  • ProudUte
    1 1

    I am very disappointed in coach K

    But, he isn’t going anywhere with the buyout he has.  We simply cannot afford it.  However, I think he should be on a very short leash.

    We did see improvement from November to the end of the season; but we cannot score against teams with aggresive defenses.  I blame this mostly on our coach.  He should have had a better gameplan for Oregon.  

    If we do not have any unexpected transfers, with the additional of some new players, the team should be better next year IMO.  If we are not an NCAA team next year at this time, I beleive we need to find a way to let Larry go.

    Just my two cents and it isn’t probably worth that much. 🙂

    Go Red Rocks!!!

  • Well, Oregon just won the Pac-12 Tournament (by 20 points over regular season champion Washington). Maybe you have unrealistic expectations and never considered the fact that OREGON IS REALLY GOOD. Maybe ASU and Washington should fire their coaches too because they also lost to Oregon. Give the guy a break for crying out loud.

    • PlainsUte

      If focusing on defense is what works well for Oregon, maybe Utah should do more full-court pressure and the like.

  • astUTE

    Pretty good company…

  • pics

    If linebacker was the only issue I’d feel pretty confident.

    • Tony

      My biggest concern is O line.

  • On to football…..

    Nothing to see, let’s move on. 

  • Tony

    Note the website header.