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  • Utah Utes Fans

    I saw some improvement but also same letdown mistakes

    Defense I think they did enough to win. The opening drive of the half really was disappointing. I blame the coin toss always seems to be disappointing when they have to come back out. A few rookie mistakes but overall holding a team to 24 is enough to win. (Reminds me of ohhh so many seasons in the PAC12)

    Offense. Oline showed considerable improvement. But that last possession after the defense came up with the turnover. Yikes. Just yikes. 

    Bentley was improved but it felt more like luck. His corner TD was pretty. Other than that I have not enjoyed him taking over. Injuries being what it is can’t be that upset.

    Special teams was just fine didn’t fall for the fake attempt. Didn’t make massive mistakes.

    Officiating wasn’t that impactful. Felt like they called it pretty loose on both sides. I felt the roughing on Bentley was not so bad after review but that offset the one Tupai had. The review of Tupai probably made the official feel foolish.

    Turnovers are a huge issue. This is the number one problem. The one Jordan had was a helluva play by the defender. The rest can all be corrected.

    Go Utes!

  • Fourth and 1 play? Worst coaching mistake of the night. Riverboat Kyle on an unproven offense is not good.

  • UteBacker

    9 turnovers in 2 games.

    There’s our 0-2 record.

    Four game losing streak going back to last season

    Covid circumstances aside … that’s a brutal feeling.

  • Yep. Hope they don’t get used to it.

  • Trailgoat

    Yikes. The team seems to lack offensive senior leadership. Telling when a grad transfer coming to the program less than a year ago is voted in as an offensive team captain. Full complient to Jake Bentley stepping up and gaining leadership trust with the team on short notice. Next year is going to be interesting at the QB position if Rising is not ready to go. Utes are two years out if Rising returns and Costelli plays out as the future QB. 

  • I didn’t think I was going to have to be the voice of reason

    The team played way better than last week in every aspect of the game.

    we went conservative on both sides of the ball, and that costs us every time we do that.

    the offensive line was a bit better, but not good enough. Bentley was much better but still made a few terrible choices.

    bottom line: keep turnovers to 2<, we win the rest of our games.

  • Trailgoat

    UW played a role helping Utah out sleep walking in the first half. Utah did the same in the 2nd half sleeping a little longer than UW did.

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    Jim Harding has been OL Coach at Utah for 7 years

    At this point in his tenure he would have a dominant OL. 

    He should have established a rotation of experienced SRs playing and leaving and then rotating in JRs that have been in the program for years with some playing experience. 

    the idea that this line is starting 3 FR and Moala is a complete disaster on his part. 

    It’s been poor recruiting and even worse player development on his part. 

    It’s time for a change

  • homer
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    Either he can’t recruit naturally good pass pro players, can’t teach effective pass pro to players with potential or can’t recruit player with pass pro potential.

    Any way you look at it, bottom line is he isn’t doing an effective job.

    It might cost Utes a bundle to step up and hire a top tier oblock coordinator. But that person is a critically missing element for Utah to be a top team.

    • ironman1315

      OL is the hardest position to play/develop. And pass pro is hhe hardest skill of them all. But yes we should be much better than this by now. 

  • If you talk to his past players, they all love the guy🤷‍♂️

    • Xanthis

      Players loving a coach doesn’t mean much. I love some of my old coaches, but most of them were awful when it came to teaching me how to actually improve.

  • Utah5410

    Harding is not a P-5 assistant. It is clear now. It’s the same story every year. Going back to when Whitt was yelling at him on the side lines and he replied “f****** fire me”. Players love him, seems like a nice guy, but has hit his peak. He is who he is which is why we see the same results every year.

  • I would say grading offensive line as the game happens is extremely difficult. Many of the blown assignments were from the tight ends. 
    I look at penalties from the Oline and I just haven’t seen them occurring. Usc and Washington probably have the best Dlines in the conference. 

    There was improvement and holes were massive at times. Bentley simply isn’t seeing guys. Biggest defiency in the offense is him. 

    • Distantute

      Agree. He had time to throw at times in second half and only checked down to rbs in the flat. Bentley is horrific.

  • Larry B
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    It’s time to move on from Harding

    When your O-Line can’t protect the QB from a 3 man rush, you’ve got issues. Time to go out and spend a little money on someone else.

  • Utah5410
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    I don’t think extra money is something we have this year.

  • noneyadb

    That was an improvement from last week.

    However having an offense that’s lead by a senior QB who started in the SEC that was supposed to score sooooo many points, was outplayed by a redshirt freshman…. That’s a bit concerning…