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    Utah vs. ASU Simulation

    Says we win by 10.


    I’m wondering, it says our best win is #114 BYU whereas ASU’s is #25 Michigan St. All our wins are against at or sub .500 teams.

    I’m hoping our boys are fired up for ASU because I think this game may be closer than the simulations I’ve been playing around with like Warrior Ute showed from Massey below. 

  • Tony

    Tell ASU to cancel their flight and stay home. It’s official.

  • AgouraUte

    Vegas opening line vs ASPoo -12.5

    Things look positive

    AP moves us up 2 to 13, convincing win moves us in front of BSU.

  • Georgia should be out of the top ten. Florida didn’t have that bad of a loss. 

  • How are we feeling about our chances against ASU?

    ASU always gives us fits, but I’m feeling better about this one (than the USC game) for the sole reason that we play them at home. No N’keal Harry, but watch out for Brandon Aiyuk. Benjamin is legit, and Daniels is more than a capable QB. Won’t be easy.

  • Utesbyfive

    I think we’ll beat them. Their defense is just mid-tier, and I think we should be able to frustrate Daniels. The wildcard, frankly, is Herm Edwards.

  • Warrior Ute

    I ran a 7 game simulation in Massey and this was the result:

    Screenshot 2019-10-13 at 6.53.50 AM<script async src=”//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js” charset=”utf-8″></script>

    I especially like the second one.

    • Chidojuan

      Please let it be the 56-7 outcome!

      • UM4G

        56-7 would be very cathartic given last years result and all the other WTF losses against them.

    • I apparently suck at embedding photos.  I tried.

      In my simulation the Utes won all 7 games, 5 by more than 20.  Biggest win was 56-7.


  • UteBacker

    I like our chances with a seasoned senior QB as opposed to a true freshman coming into very hostile territory…

    That, and our D is playing insane right now.

  • ironman1315

    ASU’s OL is garbage. So too is their DL. I’m worried about the weird scheming ASU can do.

  • Itacoatiara22

    I am not worried. Utes by 10+

  • Larry B

    Eno Benjamin has had this game circled for a long time. Some stupid Ute fans started a Twitter war with him, basically saying Moss is better.

    If we can contain him, I like our chances.

    • SalUteopia

      Yeah, I saw that thread. So stupid.

  • I’m not worried at all. Since the USC loss, Utah is playing at an extremely high level in all phases. Meanwhile ASU is just plodding along like a car stuck in third gear. On run of form, I’d say Utah wins by two scores.

  • I feel good about ASU. It’s USC not losing enough conference games that I worry about.

    • SkinyUte

      Agreed. Utah and USC have basically the same schedule to close out the year, both playing Colorado, AZ, ASU, UCLA, and Cal. The only major difference is that they play Oregon at home and we have Washington on the road. While I feel more confident about our changes against the Huskies than theirs against the Ducks, I can absolutely see a scenario where Utah ends up 10-2 and USC ends up 8-4…but they win the division due to the tiebreaker. 🙁

      We’ve got zero margin for error the rest of the year.

  • hoht801

    This simulation has us winning by 10. 

    Interesting how it has us at 88 overall vs ASU at 95 but our power is 95 to their 91.


  • Utes move up one spot in coaches poll to #14

  • SalUteopia

    Of course Georgia is still top 10. At the very least, Auburn and Oregon should be ahead of them. Not that I care about about these teams, but the bias is telling.

    • Warrior Ute

      Oregon State and South Carolina were both 2-3 yesterday.  Both were coming off of wins over not very good competition.  Utah won convincingly and moved up 1 place.  If Utah lost they would have dropped out of the Top 25.  Georgia loses and stays in the top 10.  I would say there is some definite bias there.

    • PhillyUte
      4 1

      Yeah but they have a quality loss to South Carolina. 

  • SalUteopia

    Play of the game? I’m torn between Wilmore TD and Moss TD. Nacua catch, too.

    So used to seeing Moss’ heroics, I’ll go with Wilmore for now. My god, what badassery!!!

  • alUmnUs

    I go with Nacua’s catch. He made a great adjustment to come down with the ball AND it was a TD on a grey-zone 4th down conversion attempt. I loved the walk-off homerun play call.

    Also, Huntley’s pass was elite. Yogi Roth always talks about winning QBs needing to complete 3 crucial, elite passes in a game. Huntley to Nacua was certainly that.

    • SalUteopia

      It felt like I was watching Oklahoma’s O. Everything about that play was awesome.

    • alUmnUs

      After re-watching the pick 6, I’m putting that play up for consideration. WHAT. A. PLAY!

      You’ve got the tip from Anae, the heads up awareness of Lloyd and then you’ve got two 315lb lineman (think it was Moala and Pututau) running step in step on the fire with Lloyd, Anae and Bernard. Fine, fine, fine display of team ball.

      • SalUteopia

        The great thing about this exercise is that there are no wrong choices.

  • Warrior Ute

    These are three great choices.  I like the Wilmore play for what it means for the future. 

    However, I will argue for the one not spoken for yet.  The Moss run could be argued as the set up the rest of the game.  We had just committed a holding penalty. It was declined because we were in the shadow of our own endzone.  Moss coming off of a shoulder injury, trucks a defender knocking him off his feet, cuts to the left and makes the longest run OSU has ever allowed to put us up by 14 early.  It set the tone and reemphasized how great it is to have Moss on the team.  


    • PlainsUte

      Good point.  I loved Willmore’s effort and strength, but, honestly, by that time the OSU defense must have been tired, worn out and worn down.