Hadn’t seen this posted, but if so, it is broadcast networks shot at ESPN.

Fox, NBC, and CBS collaborating, sort of, for a triple header of Big 10 football. I just wish the Pac was part of this devious plan. 

NBC reportedly floating bold plan for triple-header of CFB coverage

So what do you think…

Helps of hurts ND’s chances of joining the Big 10?

Helps or hurts the Pac10s chances at a decent media deal?

Maybe George K has already signalled he’s going in another direction, like AppleTV, Hulu, Fubu or another streaming service. 

I mean the Broncos just sold for over $4.6b, so no reason to think the Pac10 as a whole doesn’t demand more $$$$ than we’re currently getting.

Sorry I live in Denver, but NOT a Donkeys fan. In fact I was giving a brief earlier today and mentioned the Raiders to get the room to liven up a bit. I’m devious. But NO DONKEYS for me. This does not mean I don’t check out Tim Patrick, and Garrett Boles on occasion, I want them to do well but the Donkeys to lose. 🙂



  • ProudUte

    Many of the local talking heads believe that this is good for the Utes and Cougars.  They seem to think that ESPN will be forced to pony up to keep these two conferences.

    As for me – I have no clue what the future will bring.  I will focus on my Utes and enjoy the ride that I hope 2022 will be. 🙂


  • THEeyepatch


    Some idiots (I bet you can guess who) actually think I do wear an eye patch but I’ve been a Raiders fan for almost 40 years.

    GO UTES!

  • rbmw263

    the craziest part about being ranked 8th

    is that ive seen multiple publications say we are underrated. (The Athletic and CBS, may have been one more)

    Im not sold on this team that high yet, they have a lot to prove. But the ceiling is there. Enjoying the publicity either way.

  • ProudUte

    I am with you.  I need to see this team play a few games before I am completely sold.  However, you are right – we have a high ceiling.  The publicity is nice.  Now, we need to prove that we do belong in the discussion.

    Go Utes!!!


  • ProudUte

    Notes from the Kuithe interview on ESPN700

    Camp is going well so far – a lot of work still to do.

    Likes the vibe of the team.  They have the championship mentality.

    They will be in full pads tomorrow.

    We went to the Rose Bowl and lost – that is enough motivation for me.  I don’t need to be the underdog.

    Our sites are higher than the Rose Bowl.

    Tight end group is a close group.  He claims that this group is the tightest group on the team.

    Yassmin and Kendall battling it out for the third tight-end spot.

    Kendall has a lot to learn but is a huge hitter.

    McClain is difficult to cover because of his WR skills.

    Jackson and Barnes are both good passers and runners.  Both are doing great in practice.

    Diabate looks great.  He is very fast.

    Barton doing a great job of transitioning from HS to college. 

    Isbell is big and can cover ground quickly.  He still has a lot to learn about our system.

    Bishop played great last year but will be even better this year.

    Gabe Reid is a bit smaller but fast.

    A lot of speed on the team.  He thinks that he is in the top ten in speed.

    He feels that the team is better than 8th, but the ranking is not important.



  • SalUteopia

    Great info! Thanks for sharing.

  • PlainsUte

    25 Days to Kickoff

    #25 Jaylen Dixon, Senior WR, 5-9 170

    Jaylen is a senior from Frisco, Texas who has seen playing time since 2018 (ex 2020 COVID year) as a reserve RB and WR; he’s played in 38 games with 9 starts.  In 2021 he had 5 catches for 79 yds, 1 TD, and 2 rushes for 17 yards.   I expect Jaylen “JD” will see more playing time and starts at WR along with fellow senior Solomon Enis and rising star Devaugh Vele.  Coach Whittingham has stated that he looks for the speed of Jaylen and Money Parks to stretch the opposition’s defense downfield.

    #25 Jaylen Dixon


  • ProudUte

    Thanks for these daily posts.  They have been great!