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  • 2021 Pac-12 South Champions

    Miles E.

    Looking to sell some tickets.

     Unable to go to the game. Looking to sell two tickets. $25 each. Upper Corner 431 row 4. DM me if interested. 

  • Johnny

    Donate those Tix bro. www.vettix.org

    I attended the Holiday Bowl a few years ago for free. Thankfully many donated to the vettix and we represented. Keep that in mind last minute. There are many Ute fans in Vegas who are Vets.

    Combat vets are savages. We need them on our side. Probably many neutral fans. I would throw a note of you donate, a Go Utes or something.

    Even though we lost in the Holiday Bowl against Northwestern in the pouring rain, all the vettix people around me were rooting for the Utes to the end. Vegas has about 1/3 military as San Diego, but enough vets there to recruit.

  • Tony

    Who is driving down Fri morning?

    I’m going to try and leave home at 6am. Will I see any of you on the way down? 

  • RiseasUtes

    Heading to st George tonight.  Then I’ll leave from there in the early afternoon so we may pass by each other on the way to Vegas.

    • MFury

      Watch for the black/res block U flags on a white SUV.

      • Tony

        Black X3 with silver on black drum and feather and red UU on the back. 

  • NarfUte

    Leaving cottonwood heights at 6am – so you very well might!

  • SUUte

    Headed down from Cedar tomorrow morning. Picking up brother in law flying in from Kansas and another buddy and his 2 sons flying in from Washington at the Vegas airport. Gonna be a good time!

  • Johnny

    You’ll see plenty of Utes fans on the 15. Locked and loaded. This is the biggest game ever. Be loud and proud. Fill that place up!

  • bopahull

    Picking my granddaughter up in Cedar around 7. Driving my red bonneville with the D&F on the doors.

  • FtheY

    Not driving down this morning, but I’ll be bringing it tonight in CHAT!! See you all there. 

  • Utebeam

    Single Game Ticket Cheap

    I’ve got a single game ticket row 21 seat 5; lower bowl off of the 30 yard line Utah side. $100. I just want it to got to a Ute fan!

    Jim McMahon

    Good luck tomorrow night!

    I posted on here about two months ago wishing you all P12 success this year with Lowe’s tragic passing. Your team has been through so much, and has showed some serious grit and determination.

    Finish the job tomorrow, slap down the Ducks again, and punch your ticket to the Rose Bowl. Good luck!

  • SalUteopia

    You, sir, are a class act! Thank you on behalf of the Utah fanbase. 

  • UteFanatic

    Thanks, brother.

  • richute

    Thank you! I personally am excited for when you guys get into a conference and will be able to play on this weekend as well.