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    Washington st. Expectations

    What changes will we see going into Washington st.  Will Bam and Ford be replaced on the o line?  Obviously Rising will get the nod at QB but what else will change?  Curious what the board thinks.

  • Tyler
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    I’m not so convinced Rising is the defacto starter. Whit has a tendency to stick with the guy he’s picked until it’s painful. Think about how it took Jordan Wynn literally retiring from football for Travis to take over.

    At the end of the day, the coaches see this team everyday and they wouldn’t be playing guys if they didn’t think it was the best decision for the team. They get paid to field the best team possible. So in my opinion, the starters yesterday are probably going to be the starters for the rest of the year, barring injuries.

    We’re in for a rough few years, unless the coaching makes massive strides with the talent we have on hand.

    • Utesbyfive

      A little Whitt-speak for ya, from Story about Jordan Wynn’s retirement.

      “In practice the gap [between Hays and Wilson] is very small. In scrimmages, the gap is very small. But guys react differently when they’re ‘the guy.’ So far, Travis hasn’t been ‘the guy,'” said head coach Kyle Whittingham. “It’s either Jon’s the guy with Travis supplementing what we do or it’s Travis is the guy.”


    • Larry B

      It absolutely needs to be Rising the rest of the way. We’ve got a good idea of what Brewer is, and it’s not a guy that’s gonna get us very far.

      • Tednab

        Lol .. to me , it doesn’t make a difference with our O-Line .. neither one won’t make it through the season .. we’ll be down to Costelli by USC

    • rbmw263

      jordan wynn was special until his shoulder gave out. ill die on that hill. cant blame the coach for hanging on to the promise and potential as if it could come back (it could have, and has, in other similar situations, just never did)

      • rbmw263

        ill go further and say we beat UW in our first p12 game if jordan is healthy and maybe take that to a p12cg.

      • Peterson kept Utah out that year. Kicker btw which if only Utah had one last Saturday. Maybe Araiza misses still and no two point overtimes.
        Comes down to coaching and Utah is missing something at key positions.

  • Tyler
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    Whittingham is actually a genius.

    You guys just don’t see the whole picture. Whittingham is just keeping the playbook closed so that we’ll be unstopable in conference play. Think about it, who really cares about OOC loses? We aren’t going to the playoffs anyway, so save your stuff for conference play. The best part is, we can do this all year long. That way, nobody will have any film against us next year.

    The O-line is actually elite, the kicker’s been missing on purpose, and Brewer is actually a heisman candidate. Kyle’s just playing 4d chess to win the conference.

    Sarcasm aside, I feel like we really need to evaluate what is going on with the program. We’re clearly regressing at nearly all positions. I love what Whit’s done for the program, and he’s been the only coach for the Ute’s since I’ve been watching football seriously. That said, I think he really wanted to win the PAC12 in 2019 and retire; but since that didn’t happen, he still hanging in there even though he doesn’t have the drive he once had. We just haven’t been the same team since losing to Oregon in the championship.

  • chinngiskhaan

    I don’t think it’s as simple as saying we’ve regressed at every position. 

    our recruiting is improving, or had been until now at least. 

    I think the thing that needs to be evaluated is the strategy of leaving spots open for transfers. Clearly that has not had the impact that the coaches thought it would. We’d be better off signing younger guys with more potential and less baggage.

    it could also be that we got unusually lucky with Huntley and Moss, and Gay…and we are just now regressing to where we were before they showed up.

    • Tyler

      All fair points above, and I couldn’t agree more that there is no one simple solution. It takes competency at all positions, on and off the field, to win football games. The one part I’d disagree with is I don’t think our recruting has been improving. Sure, we’re getting a bunch of transfers from other schools; but a lot of them just aren’t working out. This is the second year that our QB from the transfer portal has turned out to be a bust. (Maybe calling Brewer a “bust” is a bit harsh, but at this point I don’t see how we start him over Rising.) Curry at RB has barely seen field time.

      But speaking of transfers, I’m missing Ty so much at this point. With the South in shambles this year, he could have been a star. 

      • chinngiskhaan

        I don’t disagree that the transfers haven’t panned out, but our recruiting rankings are on an undeniable upward trend. Whether that will translate on the field is another story. Our best player by far was one of our lowest rated recruits. Diamonds in the rough is still how we should be buttering our bread.

  • Utebeam

    Lol, if this were cooterboard I’d think this was a serious post.

  • Tony

    We are a very young team.

  • UTE98

    Anyone else feel like this is on Larry Scott?

    If you look at the conference as a whole, we have underperformed.

    Montana, Utah St, BYU (x3), SDSU, Fresno St, Nevada, Northern Arizona

    Is this in any way a result of the skirt shortening last season? it is almost like a mini death penalty (think SMU) has spread across the conference this year. And let’s be honest Utah played less games than most last year. Last year only playing Pac12 games disguised the weaknesses we probably had, didnt’ see them last year and they are showing up this year.

     Arizona may be worse than Vanderbilt, Kansas, Florida State, Northwestern, Indiana and Georgia Tech. Those are the bottom dwellers of the other current P5 conferences.

    I predict the Utes will beat Arizona, Colorado, and WSU. The Pac12 will not get a team in the CFP and if we’re not carelul will get bypassed by the new Small XII.

    Last year seems to have really set the conference back even more than Scott did in his previous years.

  • 89ute

    I don’t think it’s all on Larry. If I remember correctly, practically all the universty’s administrations were behind what some felt were extreme, draconian lock down measures. Without rehashing all that may or may not be behind us, Larry, or anyone for that matter, would have and has been burned at the stake for going against the status quo. Larry, regardless how he felt about it had no choice but to aqueous.

  • As the old saying goes, take things one game at a time.


    WOW! BYU a serious contender for a play off spot this year, if they get past Verginia and USC, what says you fellow UTES?

  • Utebeam

    Just say it, “we want bama!” Did I do that right? Oh and eat a d!ck.

  • Cesar Chavez

  • dbgii77
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    Hey zoob, congrats on the win but know it was our tithing game.

    Losing to byu felt like losing to San Diego state, yes you’re on that level

    • i hated hearing the stupid tithing joke in ’88. why diminish someone else’s accomplishment? it says more about you than the people you think you are making fun of.

  • I don’t think anyone outside of the P5 has a s**t at the playoff, not even Cincy. It’s hard enough for a non-blue blood P5 to make it, let alone a non-P5 team.

  • Charlie

    No reason to wait for an actual road game to ask a dumb question.

  • Larry B
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    Was the O Line really better in the 2nd half?

    Or did SDSU just make them look better? From my perspective, SDSU did something that Utah has done for years, take a two score lead and sit on it. Their defense went from blitzing almost every play (against Brewer) to almost not blitzing at all (against Rising). I’d like to believe things are going to look better with Rising but let’s see when teams are blitzing him all game. 

  • mfaulk80

    Rising also made them pay a couple of times when they blitzed…which is what you need to do to keep the defense honest.

  • Distantute

    Bam got benched in 2nd half. The line played much better when he didnt play.

  • EagleMountainUte
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    No it wasn’t better. SDSU tried to sit on a lead after the fumble Hoke didn’t want to take any chances. Rising was making throws and making them pay with his legs. 

    • chinngiskhaan

      Exactly. It may have been a tad better, but their defensive philosophy completely changed. That is the reason things looked better on the OL. That and Rising being able to get YAC

  • Trailgoat
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    No, With 5 minutes left, Hoke went to mostly a 4 man rush, cover 2 and 3 zone (keep all the passes underneath and burn clock) and still put pressure on Rising who was running for his life, just better at it than Brewer. SDSU missed key tackles on the underneath catches and was bailed out on a questionable PI call in the endzone.

    Rising was definitely an improvement, providing a spark, but the same problems are in place with the Oline and play calling to an extent. My fear is Rising is going to get hurt with the p**s poor pass protection and having to run in the open field so much. The defenses ahead are remarkably better than what Rising faced last night.

    • noneyadb

      ⬆️ 1000% this.

      4th quarter, 6 minutes to go, down 14pts, both teams will call the game differently. The hurry up offense combined with a prevent style defense helped to keep the offense moving the ball.

  • UteFanatic

    Rising is mobile and dealt with the pressure much better than Brewer did. It made a huge difference.

  • Ute2

    It was absolutely better in the 4th. Without a doubt. Wasn’t exactly great. But it was passable rather than completely inept…

    Better blitz pickups. Better play calling to punish them for teeing off like that.