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    Wild guess (being somewhat facetious), the next conference alignment is decided by money, seems to be already heading that way. The top 20 or so most financially powerful teams (schools only by name) backed by boosters/whoever wants to pay with their bag of money and ego tied to their teams football success create their own gated football…[Read more]

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    We may see a resurgence of the Ivy league football return to National Championship contention. Throw back to the late 1800s/early 1900s. Princeton, Harvard, and Yale soon to be in the mix for the CFP. MIT and Cal Tech should jump in the mix and start football programs with all of their high earning alumni. Why not?  
    Imagine what Elon Musk-Penn,…[Read more]

  • Rising just needs to do his thing. Half or of the players on this list will fall off as the season plays out. Looking at the list, it’s about the shine of the school as well. To be fair, Utah does not do a very good job promoting their players or program nationally since Meyer left. Not KW’s style and Harlan is more focused on preparing himself…[Read more]

  • Utah historically has early season struggles with way too many injuries before the season for some odd reason and looking like they skipped Fall camp in the first couple games. Utah follows this trend against Florida it will be a long day.

    Biggest concerns with Utah IMO in the context of a Top 10 team against UF:
    – Playing in the loud Swamp with…[Read more]

  • Oline could very well be better than last year. They just need an Oline leader like Nick Ford to step up. I spent time watching the Oline on repeat during the scrimmage, they’re no joke. 

  • Agree. My first Utah football game was a loss at home to University of Idaho in 1993. Going to the Rose Bowl was a national program changing event for Utah. Utes need to keep winning to build up the program similar to what Oregon did in the Chip Kelly era and 2 years of Helfrich at Oregon. Before Chip Kelly, Oregon was very average. Kudos to…[Read more]

  • Good point on the Rose Bowl and Ohio State. Agree, a lot of factors in play to include tOSU starting close to the 50 yard line after Utah kick-offs. If Utah is going to truly live up to all the hype now and consistently compete with the top level teams, CB depth needs to be up there with the RB, TE, LB, Safety, Oline.

    My bad on Vaughn, totally…[Read more]

  • No doubt CB health was an issue last season. Depth, talent, and recruiting (minus CPIII) continues to be a big problem at the CB position. Either there’s a development, talent or both issue when your RB as stated by KW is your “best option” to play CB in the Rose Bowl. What were the other 5-6 uninjured CBs doing all season during practice? Tells…[Read more]

  • More hype for USC and Lincoln Riley the better. The P12 media and Commish will be pushing hard for USC to be out in front of the conference for no other reason than media MONEY. Commish K is all set to ride the USC-Lincoln Riley gravy train. Let him and all the P12 media glamour boys eat up the SoCal shine and hype up USC right into RES. Utes need…[Read more]

  • Harlan stepped into a program trending upward and he’s along for the ride.

  • Agree, long way to go with this kid. Whether he sticks or not with Utah after Ole’ Miss, MSU, and other SEC schools offer him when signing time approaches, upside is his social media comments on Utah only continue to raise Utah’s national football foot print as the stable, family based culture, high character quality program. Big year for Utah in…[Read more]

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    Vaughn and Mataele from an arm chair, fans perspective don’t seem to hold up against the top talented WRs in 1vs1 coverage, right now. If Utah is going to consistently compete as a top-20 program at some point they need to land more players like CPIII. Shah always seems to work his magic and has guys we don’t know about developing into all…[Read more]

  • Agree. Some nit-picky off season, armchair conjecture. KW’s teams out of Fall camp historically play head scratching football as if they skipped Fall camp. Florida beats Utah if Utah plays the usual lack-luster, lazy early season football. KW has been an amazing, great coach for Utah, no question. If Utah is to contend for the CFP or another run…[Read more]

  • Anybody catch the end of the interview with Evan Moore on Bill Riley’s show today when Evan Moore asked in so many words who will be the LBs replacing Nephi and Devan next season? Evan Moore provides good P12 analysis.
    Looking forward to the Spring game. Go Utes!

  • Allen was a fun player to watch and likely would’ve done well in Smith’s system. As a Ute fan, bummer to see him leave and the many other guys split each year under LK. All things considered the right move for Allen considering what was happening to the Utah BB program under LK.

  • Defense is solid. His offense is getting guys open shots. Utes had a lot of mid-range open looks they could not hit. The remaining games will be live and die by three point shots. Crazy how dudes 6’6” and taller miss so many shots two feet away from the basket at this level. Uncharateristic missed free throws last night did Utah in over the…[Read more]

  • Utes did a solid job blocking Thibodeaux and Sewell in both games against Oregon. Glad to see the cute Sewell Utah-Oregon media circus come to an end with Nephi gone. The cheap shot, body slamming on the ground plays by Oregon Sewell was not as entertaining as his missed tackles and getting slapped to the ground by Rising. Awesome work by…[Read more]

  • Love the off-season discussions. Ramble warning! As Utah’s #1 CB on the other side of CPIII, Broughton’s played seven games as a CB counting the odd 2020 season and has not played a down of football since the BYU game when he was injured. It will be almost a full year before he lines up at CB against Florida who I am guessing goes right at him…[Read more]

  • CPIII has a solid NFL future. Expect to see CPIII on lock down against every teams best WR next season. Other than CPIII, I have very little confidence in other current CBs. Broughton had his moments, but really has limited experience and is coming off a very early season ending injury. Not sold on Marks or Latu as every down CBs. Secondary depth…[Read more]

  • Solid breakdown. Utah is in a unique position with the transfer portal targeting kids in a few key positions they need. Fan guess, KW and the coaches are being methodical and patient with who they go after and bring in. Cultural fit vs self-interest athlete looking for a pay day or a quick fix to improve his draft status (Insert Travis Dye/USC…[Read more]

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