• Agree, Not excited. The NIT is a side show for ESPN to make some cash filling air time during off days of the NCAA tourney. Add in at least 2-3 missed lay-ups and countless missed uncontested shots within 10 feet of the basket. Season likely ends Wednesday for Utah against Indian St basically a home game for the Sycamores at Hinkle Fieldhouse. No…[Read more]

  • College basketball continues on the decline. Personally, the college BB game overall is hard to watch. As for Utah, poor free throw shooting, missed lay-ups, ball watching defense, long stretches of overall bad basketball is not fun to watch. As for talent, half the team is made up of mid to lower level D1 players.

    Purely a pot stirring opinion…[Read more]

  • Trailgoat replied to the topic YES PLEASE! in the forum Football 1 month, 1 week ago

    Good point. UNLV is the perfect investment for big money entities to dump cash for players and coaches. The location, facilities, and entertainment are all there in LV. Surprised it hasn’t happened yet, or in the works. UNLV could be the Bishop Gorman of college football. Like it or not, this is where it’s headed. In terms of fans wanting to check…[Read more]

  • Utah at the moment has a worse/almost equal record going into the last four conference games than last season in a league overall down (USC, UCLA, UO) compared to last year. If Utah goes 3-1, they are 10-10 in conference, same as last year to end the season. Utah is not beating UO in Eugene. Cal could be a tough out for Utah even at home. Utah…[Read more]

  • Keep Rising healthy with a game plan like UO did for Nix last season. Oline gets back on track. Can’t overlook Utah coached teams struggle playing well in big games when the target is on their back and the 1-2 games every year, usually on the road, Utah forgets to show up and play. Three losses is not going to get it done, two losses likely won’t…[Read more]

  • Agree, non-playoff bowl games are a holiday money grab for the networks and coaches. Most schools lose money or barely break even on the non-impact bowl games. If Utah does not make the play-off I doubt there’s much interest from fans and players to play in some meaningless bowl game especially after the NU bowl game. No way a healthy Rising,…[Read more]

  • Trailgoat replied to the topic C. Smith in the forum Basketball (Men) 2 months ago

    IMO, Harlan won’t stick around long enough to fire Smith next year. Tough situation for the BB team moving to the B12 next season. Harlan’s years of riding the Chris Hill bandwagon are fading. Chris Hill was not perfect, I get it. Harlan’s had to make two big hires so far in his time at Utah, Farden and Smith. Harlan jumped ship when things got…[Read more]

  • Trailgoat replied to the topic IT'S GAME DAY!!!!! in the forum Basketball (Men) 2 months ago

    Painful to watch. This team struggles to play fundamental basketball. Can’t make free throws, leave a ton of easy baskets on the floor, a lot of ball watching, missed lay ups. When things start going South, the team checks out. Could not get to half time fast enough. Utes need a huge turn around if they have any chance of getting back in this thing.

  • I’m sure there’s plenty of ignorance here on my part. Have seen this posted in other forums. Why in the hell are the ACC, B12, P2, sitting on their hands letting the SEC, B10 call all the shots. Gottta think there are some smart attorneys collaborating with the conferences to come up with some move or variation to shut out the SEC and B10 from all…[Read more]

  • Well stated. My first Utah football game as a student was an at home loss to the 1AA University of Idaho. Stadium was half full. Chris Hill and presidents Machen and Young patiently pursued a vision to get Utah where it is today. The outcome following entry to the P12 is immeasurable in all areas. The next 2-5 years, whenever it all shakes out are…[Read more]

  • Agree, Utah wins as long as CR stays healthy. Would like to see CR reduce running the ball intentionally and work on his down field slides. Oregon and UW did a good job significantly reducing Nix’s rushing attempts. Nix ran the ball 57 times in 2023 compared to 89 times in 2022. Pennix ran the ball 35 times last season. Rising ran the ball 74…[Read more]

  • Trailgoat replied to the topic Can we stop with AZ in the forum Football 2 months, 1 week ago

    Agree Utah. UofA lost a lot of talent. Other schools like Michigan could be in the mix for an experienced QB and WR.

  • Schedule is solid. Nit picky back to back away games, USU and OSU. Short bus ride to and from Logan no big deal. CU and UCF somewhat wild cards. Injuries of course is a factor late in the season. No significant time zone changes other than UCF. UofA at home better be a night game. I know the coaches and players like the earlier games. The fan…[Read more]

  • 1. Rivals: BYU. B12 in it’s current form won’t exist long enough to build a rival with another team.
    2. Back and forth: Oklahoma State, CU, TCU
    3. Frisky: UCF, Texas Tech, maybe ASU
    4. Achilles heel: Utah. KW as head coach struggles coaching as a winner, it’s a plain fact. Interested to see if the WTF loss pattern continues in the B12. Next 3-4…[Read more]

  • No way Harlan would leave what he has at Utah for the mess at UofA. Harlan hit the gold mine getting the Utah job. Next few years could be interesting for Harlan moving to the B12 and big coaching changes looming.

  • Credit to KW and the culture built supporting a solid succession plan for Scalley. As long as Harlan doesn’t Fu$% it up, transitioning Scalley to HC with KW in a consulting role should have little impact on player departures and may actually be good for recruiting. Further validates KW’s commitment to the people not only the player. Scalley owned…[Read more]

  • Trailgoat replied to the topic Saban retires in the forum Football 3 months ago

    KW is definitely year to year. Give the 12 team play-off run. Would be surprised if he went more than two more years. Scalley would of split by now if he wasn’t next up. KW also has the option to stay on in a consulting role to support Scalley. Either way, Utes are set up right for a smooth transition.

  • Copy. Some unknowns going into next season. Let the off season analysis begin :)! Utah goes where Rising goes. Utah is still a young team overall.
    !. QB situation is volatile with no intermediate back-up at the moment. I have a scary feeling we have not seen the last of Barnes taking snaps at Utah (giving myself a down vote for typing this)…[Read more]

  • Excellent off-season post to keep the board energy rumbling :)! Crazy times when your QB1 gets paid over $1 mil not playing a down of football over the last year and half rehabilitating his knee. Far removed from the situation so I am guessing some entity agreed there was still a lot of ROI through Cams NIL local advertising, etc. I don’t live in…[Read more]

  • Trailgoat replied to the topic Bowl Game Perspective in the forum Football 3 months, 1 week ago

    Agree Charlie. Way more to this than us fans need to know. Seems clear there was no plan to play Rose in the bowl game. KW’s choice of words stating, Rose is “not ready” muddied the waters, not going to read too much into it. I truly don’t listen too much of coach speak on game day. Coaches are contractually obligated to respond to a bunch of dumb…[Read more]

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