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    Weather is a ZERO factor. RES needs to be crazy loud. Utah has to play a near perfect game to beat ASU. No turnovers, no big passes or runs from JD. Oline’s biggest challenge this week. Get it done Utes!

  • Yup, Oline needs to push so Utes can run the ball and grind clock. Only way to defend London is to limit his time on the field. OSU held London every play, the refs got tired of throwing flags and let it play out.

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    Utah is not beating Oregon. This game is likely a blow out loss based on where these teams are now. With all the awful tragedy the team has been through over the past year it’s tough to know how they respond. USC game will tell us a lot on how the team is doing.

    UofA and CU are the only possible wins I see for Utah this season. UofA could be…[Read more]

  • Utah’s offense is where it’s today do in part to the history of the way it’s been managed. To be put in KWs shoes, I would stick to the plan and do what’s needed to get through this season supporting the players and keeping it simple. IMO, unfair expectations were put on the offense before the season by the coaches and media (I know the media feed…[Read more]

  • The transfer portal similar to the JC route is turning out to be somewhat of a crap shoot. Very interesting head scratcher how the local media, coaches, and players during camp interviews and off season discourse had this season pegged as one of Utah’s best teams. As fans, with zero access, expectations are shaped by the sources closest to the…[Read more]

  • Utah’s media support has never been better. The people covering Utah football do a great job. I do think most of the local media have to dance around the hard questions in fear of pissing off KW and losing access to the team. S These guys at UteZone and local stations making a living supporting the program have to walk a fine line of speaking the…[Read more]

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    Let’s keep it real about Rising coming in late in the game. Full credit to Rising bringing moments of energy to a beyond pathetic offensive line. Hoke went to 4 man rush, keep the ball in front in prevent coverage, and still was able put pressure on Rising. If not for some missed tackles after catch and a very questionable PI in the end zone, SDSU…[Read more]

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    SDSU is legit, team shows up to play, not soft, fast, decent Oline. Set up the run game by spreading the field with unpredictable play calling, Incorporate screens, misdirection, passes to WRs, TE, RBs, QB run. QB is tough. Brady Hoke is a solid defensive coach who’s going have a solid game plan to confuse and push around Utah’s “elite” offensive…[Read more]

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    Couple weeks ago watched the OSU game from last year. Forgot how close that game was and OS had several blown opportunities to win the game. Ty Jordan ran for 174 yards with a 6.2 yard avg. Bentley played decent going 18/27, 174 yards, 1 TD, no INTs. Covey’s 64 yrd TD and Redding’s 3/3 field goals were keys to the win.

  • Agree, that UNLV loss was a total meltdown. That said, can’t overlook Utah starting with the 2019 Oregon loss is 4-5 in their last nine games. Utah’s last four wins are against OSU (who choked that game away to Utah), WSU (come back win), Colorado (probably best game out of all of the nine) and Weber. Call it a no show game against BYU. Bottom…[Read more]

  • KW often brings up “analytics” as a tool/guide for crucial play calling decisions. I presume he knows it goes both ways. The analytics on Utah play calling in a 4th down situation is run the ball between the tackles.
    Loved KW’s quote, “You can’t judge the play by in not working”. Masterful, deflective coach speak. A play call everybody in the…[Read more]

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    and not good

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    Brewer’s face at the line of scrimmage screams confidence, he knows exactly what the defense is showing him and knows where to go with the ball. Hangs in the pocket and delivers. Utah has not had a QB at this level in a long time. Given another year Huntley would have been there as he is starting to show some of it in the pros.

    No excuse at the…[Read more]

  • Defense needs to pressure and contain Hall and not let him run wild. Stuff the run game, don’t get beat deep on big plays. Score points early forcing BYU to play catch up. Hall has not seen a defense like Utahs, big test for him.

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    Agree, USC has the athletic bandwidth to overall play crappy then flip the switch at anytime in a game to take it over and win, a luxury Utah does not have against USC and UO (usually UW, not this season). Utah has to play almost flawless football and score points on defense and special teams combined with good coaching decisions against USC to…[Read more]

  • BYU game will tell the Oline story. Over the past year, of all the position groups the Oline has been the biggest mystery. Hopefully Bam and Daniels made some significant improvement over the past year.

  • Hopefully the Oline received an ear full. We are going to know very early whether or not the Oline is going to live up to all the hype. Other than Ford, I have no idea who’s starting on the Oline at this point.

  • with Landar Barton? His stock is through the roof and he is not shy about checking out some big time schools as he should. 

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    Well spoken, smart dude, good insight. Super stoked to have him on the mic with Mitchell, and Riley. Was so fun to watch Sly in the Sugar Bowl get into it with the Alabama OLineman during the coin flip, “I am going to kill you” said the bama player, Sly the badass that he his, stands tall and walks the dude down in his face as the bama player…[Read more]

  • Exciting season ahead. With all the focus on each position groups, high profile players, and all the pre-season hype, what does KW and coaching staff need to do better in big game situations? How does Utah establish the game time edge in the close games against the higher level teams with good coaches.
    Peterson was KWs nemesis in close games out…[Read more]

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