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    Honest question. Is there some sort of structure in place managing Utah NIL beyond the players trying to well T-shirts and other merch? I want to believe Utah is out in front of this in some capacity to keep their current players compensated. I guess we’ll see real soon how it plays out. 

  • The non-verbal messaging from Rising vs Williams on the field was telling. Players watch their QB, how he acts, what he says, how he responds to adversity. The leaderhip commitment to his pack could not be any more opposite than what we saw on the field Friday as the game went on. If you get a chance, watch the game again and see how each QB…[Read more]

  • Any coach letting his star player go out on the filed with F@@K Utah or any team for that matter is doing a disservice to this kids character. Crying on the bench with a towel on his head not going out to congratulate the winning team. The non-verbal behavior of CW speaks volume about his charactor. Someone paying attention in his camp needs to…[Read more]

  • Solid summary. Thanks. All captain obvious stuff below.

    Which Rising shows up?
    Jonah Ellis healthy? The speed of him and O’toole are key in getting after CW
    Dare I say it, special teams. Baffling this is still a problem going on three years.
    Oline shows up with solid run blocking and pass protection.
    No TOs, no dropped passes, get some stops on…[Read more]

  • Best of luck to TT. Yeah, I recall some media comments from credible guys close to the program last Spring about TT’s waning focus. Sports programs at all levels deal with similar situations all the time, part of the gig. Hopefully TT learns from the life experience the Utah program provided him. Good life lesson for the other players as well…[Read more]

  • If Utah ends up in the Holiday bowl, no way IMO KW rolls NJ out as the starting QB against, say Texas or other ranked team. BB will get the start if CR does not play. I am guessing NJ gets his last game reps Friday to give Rising a break and mix things up. Utes need to roll out all stops to win in the CCG, regroup with a month off for recovery…[Read more]

  • Look at USC’s schedule after playing Utah and comparative head to head scores (I know this is a little zoobie). USC is very beatable and match up well for Scalley and Utah’s much improved defense. Utah laid an egg against UCLA. USC vs Arizona, Cal, UCLA, ND all one score games. USC, by far had the weakest schedule after playing Utah. The entire ND…[Read more]

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    The CU game was good for Rising to get back some confidence back. We will of course not know the status of any game time injuries until Friday night. Sounds like Kincaid is still a little banged up. Big loss is Jonah Ellis on defense. Is he back this week? Yeah, CPIII not playing was a surprise. Hopefully he’s good to go Friday.

    Media and USC fan…[Read more]

  • Defense looks much improved. Agree, recruit a few more athletic players fitting Smith’s system and this team can make some more positive steps. Start winning games and the fan base will trickle back into the HC.

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    Props to Nix, he basically seized the moment unable to run making some big time throws completely out playing Rising as a leader in an ugly game. Let’s be clear about expectations, the team, coaches, and media spew out expectations before the season, fans react. All I heard from the coaches, team, and media before the season about goals was CFP…[Read more]

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    Big time QBs step up to the challenge. Cam had more than enough opportunity to take control and could not get it done. WRs unable to get open on 1v1 coverage allowed UO to hover plenty of defenders at the line of scrimmage slowing the run game. Time for Cam to move on to a new chapter. He did a lot for Utah football and it’s been enjoyable…[Read more]

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    TT getting back on track is good timing. Rising needs to have a USC level game. Defense has improved over the past few games.

  • Coaching and Utah’s experience in these high pressure game situations is an advantage for Utah.

  • Even if coaches are forced to report injuries, KW will masterfully respond with his classic answer that won’t answer the question. I personally appreciate the mystery of who is or isn’t playing and really as a fan or media hack goes it’s really none of our business on the health status of 18-22 year old kids. KW as a seasoned head coach is very…[Read more]

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    Agree. Even if there was no chance of making a NFL roster Rising’s to a point in his life, already graduated, he may want to put the college experience behind him. Still a lot of football left for him to get back on track, starting this week. Getting TT back should help the passing game. Wild card is still Kincaid and his uncertain health. Utes…[Read more]

  • As of late, it’s been a tough road for Stanford. I would caution, Stanford may have a head start on what a lot of schools may be experiencing as NIL, realignment, and transfer portal start taking hold in the next couple years. Upside for Stanford is they have more power money than most P5 schools and it’s not even close if they want to jump into…[Read more]

  • Not close if Utah takes care of the ball and limits KO/punt return yards. Utah’s defense will be a problem for McKeen up front and from the Secondary. Utes should take care of Stanford early minus self inflicted mistakes. Utah is a bad match up for Stanford, no run/pass defense, no run game, waning interest. Gulbranson OSU’s back-up passed for 250…[Read more]

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    Double thumbs up for getting a round of golf in before the cold sets in again. This next couple weeks is going to be interesting for Utah football starting with how well Rising performs with his injured knee against Stanford. A lot of passes were high or off the mark especially down field. Is it an injury issue stepping through on his throws?…[Read more]

  • RBs have all the trademarks of his persona. QG is always coaching up and hugging his RBs on the sidelines. RB room is flat out mean. When your all conference RB is a fourth option in the UofA game, something is going right. KM did a great job recruiting, supporting the RB room before going to USC, QG has taken it to a higher level. The way the…[Read more]

  • Kliavkoff and the remaining P10 schools need to seriously put the screws to USC and UCLA over their remaining time in the P12. Beyond all the PC rhetoric, USC and UCLA need to pay for their decision that has long term financial impact to the conference and certain teams, especially Utah. Kliavkoff needs to quit pretending this okay and run the P!2…[Read more]

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