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    Crazy how fast time flies. I am a utefans refugee. I remember monitoring both this site and utefans for a period of time (trying not to miss anything while this site grew). But this is now my sole source. It is fantastic – thank you for providing the forum.

  • Sanders will not last long in Boulder if he is successful. That is reality.

    I understand your point, but in my opinion, I want the four Pac12 schools going to the Big10 to lose EVERY game. Screw them (but especially UCLA and USC). Those four schools are now dead to me and I want nothing but the worst for them (with all due respect).

  • Reminiscent of Brian Uhrlacher.

  • Just some ramblings:
    1. What a great time to be a Utah football fan! Kids finishing high school now know almost nothing but greatness from Utah football. It has been a great run. 2004 Undefeated and Fiesta Bowl win. 2008 Undefeated and Sugar Bowl win. Pac 12. 4 straight Pac12 championship games. 2 straight Rose Bowls. Incredible run we have…[Read more]

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    All he does is score touchdowns (technically 66% of the time he touches the ball, but close enough).
    He looked a lot bigger/stronger than I would have expected for a true freshman. Excited to have him in the wings for future years. 
    I was also impressed with Isbell. He got juked on the QB sneak score (give de Laura credit for that one), but…[Read more]

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    One item I have not seen mentioned in the discussion of key momentum plays from the UCLA loss is a play early in the 4th quarter, Utah down by 3. UCLA was just flagged for intentional grounding, so now facing a long way for a first down. Utah appears to have some momentum. We all remember the next play (a long TD on a drag route across the…[Read more]

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    Yes, the ref called him down, but he wasn’t.
    Just saying. 

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    After seeing the discussion about Tavo Motuapuaka de-committing and the speculation that it was a mutual parting, I am curious how that process works in general (I saw this speculation with another recent de-commit, so the inquiry is not necessarily specific to Tavo).
    If the U offers a scholarship and a kid verbally commits, the kid is obviously…[Read more]

  • I was impressed with USC’s moment of silence tribute before the game. Most particularly, how every one of the USC players was lined up along their sideline, single file, helmets in hand, and head bowed. If anyone has a photo, please post it. 
    I know there was some fuss about them not wearing a tribute sticker or patch, but that does not bother…[Read more]

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    A couple of key plays stand out in this game that had an outsized influence on the outcome:
    – The long pass to Howard in the second quarter. It was third and long, USC was up 10-7, and had USC stopped Utah there, it would have been the second straight 3 and out for the Ute offense. That completion was a huge boost to the offense’s psyche and…[Read more]

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    During last nights’ alternate Monday Night Football broadcast with Eli and Peyton Manning, they had a bit where they spoke about what really happens in the lockerroom during halftime (transcript below). Short answer: not much.
    It made me wonder what, if any, adjustments the Utah coaches make at halftime – because it doesn’t seem like they make…[Read more]

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    – Brewer is going to be fun. He seemed completely in control and confident. I realize it was only one game (against an FCS team), but I am really excited about him. In the past, when a Utah qb drops back to pass, I tend to get uneasy and doubting whether the pass will be completed (unless it is a swing pass). With Brewer, I did not feel that way.…[Read more]

  • Last year I signed up for YouTubeTV and had access to the Pac12 Network (and DVR capabilities) – but for some reason I am not seeing Pac12 Network as a channel on YouTubeTV anymore. Did YouTubeTV drop the Pac12 Network (or vice versa)? If so, what a joke. It should not be that difficult to make the channel widely available on different platforms…[Read more]

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    blah blah “fire Scalley” blah blah “Scalley will never sign another good recruit” blah blah
    Scalley considered top recruiter in Texas

    On the question, “Which out-of-state schools do the best job of recruiting your players or the state of Texas?” a head coach in the Houston area responded, “Utah. I think (defensive coordinator) Morgan Scalley…

    [Read more]

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    We have great young players on this team. Ty Jordan is a baller – he runs with violence, love his stiff arms. They guy fights for extra yardage, sees the field well, has speed, and is just a beast to bring down. What a player. Also, Bernard looks really great, too (and has shown flashes this season). And both are freshman! Incredible.
    The…[Read more]

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    Anyone know what happened to that cameraman that got knocked off his feet on the interception return at the end of the first half? It seemed like he got knocked out or something. Is he okay? 

  • Curious what the people making the decisions on cancelling the college football season would say. Regardless of what you think Covid’s risks are, there is and always will be risk for college football players (whether it be Covid, seasonal flu, some other yet-unknown-virus, death from a freak tackle, severe brain injury, etc.), so some amount must…[Read more]

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    With most (maybe all) conferences going to a conference only model, this could get us closer to a system that actually works in terms of playoffs and national championship. One of the long-standing and valid complaints is how to evaluate conferences when they do not all play the same number of conference games. The SEC is now going to face the…[Read more]

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    Utah did really well this year in-state. It is not always easy to keep local kids at home. Some see the merits of staying close to home and playing in front of family and friends–the home town hero. But others want to leave the nest, regardless of how nice the nest; they get starry-eyed. Interesting to have seen some of those latter types…[Read more]

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    The two moments against Oregon that stood out to me as critical were:
    1. Utah’s first offensive possession. Granted, it was a quick possession, but everything was clicking so nicely to start. Running well, passing well, moving the chains…. Really tough to have lost that drive on downs close to the red zone. Frankly, I am pretty sure the spot on…[Read more]

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