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    Any news on recruiting? Feel like it’s been a second since anything’s happened with recruiting.

  • I’m sure people noticed that Fano got yanked pretty soon after a few penalties. I still don’t know why he started in the first place, but I’m glad our backups are capable of great play. Hopefully Fano takes it seriously and continues to progress, as he certainly did struggle in his first game.

  • What other transfers do you guys think we’ll land?
    My predictions/CB’s:
    Trejan Bridges (eventually)
    Shane Hooks
    Harrison Taggert
    Seydou Traore
    One or two more defensive players (hopefully one more CB.)

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    What transfers do you gents think we’ll get during the Spring period?
    My estimation:
    Harrison Taggert
    Trejan Bridges
    Two more defensive players.
    (Also if you’d like updates on this, follow my Instagram @Recruits.Utes!

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