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    Going to the playoffs twice 2 out of 6 years is a top 25% GM? Losing Millsap and Hayward, who are two of the top 5 paid players in basketball, is a top GM?

    Lindsey took a borderline playoff team, let three of their top four players walk for nothing to tank. He then let his top player walk for nothing. That got him 2 playoffs in 6 years. Teams…[Read more]

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    Hired in 2012.
    Draft: Kevin Murphy – traded to GS allowing the greatest team ever to be created.
    Transactions: Traded Harris for Williams. Signed Foye. Waived Raja Bell.
    Let Millsap, Carroll and Jefferson walk for nothing.

    Draft: Traded for Trey Burke. Traded for Gobert.
    Transactions: traded Murphy and Foye to allow GS to assemble the…[Read more]

  • SA, They were a 50 win team, ranked for 1 year, drafted Duncan and after the Millers took Raul Lopez instead of Parker because they didn’t want to pay Parker (cheap), SA drafted Parker. Then got Ginoboli in the second round.

    If that is your plan….then damn. But then again, it may be Lindsey’s plan.

    I mean, look at the Gobert draft: Locke sai…[Read more]

  • I’m not saying that at all. I’m saying Mitchell will maximize his career, which is the smart thing to do.

    All im saying is don’t expect Mitchell to give any discounts because he loves Utah.

    He wants to win a title and make a ton of money. I’m sure he’d love to do that in Utah. But in three years, I’m sure he’d be happy taking his talents to NY…[Read more]

  • I think I’d laugh the hardest if he was traded from Boston to Cleveland for LeBron. lol. LeBron would win Hayward’s rings and he’d be stuck in Cleveland. 

    San Antonion ain’t a bad place at all. 

    BUT, Leonard is going to LA. LA can give SA more than Boston can/is willing to give up. Remember, right now, Boston can win a ring or multiple rings.…[Read more]

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    True. I’ve said this 1,000 times and I’ll say it again. Whitt has made millions of dollars, finished the season ranked #1 by some publications, #2 by others, taken Utah from MWC to top 25 P5 school with his defense.

    It is what it is. I’m ok with it. As much as people are complaining about the WR’s, we have talent.

    Bryan Thompson and Bronson…[Read more]

  • I’ll be honest. 8 wins will be slightly disappointing. I think we get 9 regular season wins with a shot at 10 with the bowl.

    Although I think we do finish 2nd in the south. Our schedule is too hard and USC’s too easy.

    Also, good to see you here. We need more of ya.

  • Ha ha. I knew some smartass would say that when I wrote that. Congrats, you win.

  • John Pease thinks it’s Rose Bowl or bust…

    I DON’T think Utah does either…BUT, I think if I’m a coach, I get in the Pease bandwagon and start preaching Rose Bowl or bust. Why? Because you will fail. AND if your team is as good as everyone thinks/hopes and the leadership is where it should be, then they will take that failure and work twice as…[Read more]

  • ESPN is still turning profits. What networks are hemmoraging cash?

    ESPN might not be the ATM it once was, but it is still making money and a lot of money at that.

  • In 2019 we drop Oregon and Stanford for Cal and Oregon State. Also, our OOC is BYU, Northern Ill and Idaho State. 

    That right there is 5 wins. We beat ASU, Colorado, WSU and Arizona. That is 9 wins. Our schedule then comes down to USC, UCLA and Washington. Washington will lose a ton after this year, Browning, Gaskins, etc. 

    UCLA is a wild card.…[Read more]

  • For the first time ever, we have PAC-12 depth. We are officially a PAC-12 team.

    I always said that Whitt should get a pass until he had a full fledged PAC-12 team. People always complain about our late season collapses on this or that…the simple reality is, we didn’t have the depth to compete week in, week out. The grind is real.

    BUT, we now…[Read more]

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    Nailed it. Hampton is an outside guy.

    Mariner, Thompson, Boyd, Simpkins, Enis are all ahead of him. Also, Utah put the TE’s outside a lot in spring ball.

    That means out of two possible spots to play in, he is the 8th option. It is what it is. We actually have some talent at WR.

  • Sure, he has some great talent. Maybe the best he has ever had. But Washington has the best coach they’ve ever had. USC has more talent than they have ever had in the PAC-12 (remember, they are still recovering from sanctions and last year was the first year they had all their scholarhips since we’ve been in the PAC-12). UCLA has arguably the best…[Read more]

  • I’d bet #4 at worst.

    I’d be down with that. #4 SEC vs #2 PAC-12.

    Last year would have been Stanford vs LSU or South Carolina or Miss St.

    That would be a fun game.

  • Also, you find my optimism in whitt ridiculous? Huh. What coach could Utah get access to with a better resume than Whitt?

    Undefeated season. Finished #2 in the polls, was awarded national champion by some publications. Best recruiter we’ve ever had. Best wins with multiple top 5 wins. Had us ranked #3 in the middle of the season.

    No one else h…[Read more]

  • Why else does a 4 or 5 Star kid pick BYU?

    Isn’t one of BYU’s biggest selling points representing their religion and Jesus?

    Is truth mocking something? And if the truth feels like mocking, then how true is it?

  • Kyle didn’t screw the pooch those years. Without Kyle, we would have no shot like we did. What he has done with the lack of talent is astounding.

    Also, if we are going to pound on him for the losses, then we need to raise him up for the wins. He beat #5 Stanford. He beat a top 10 UCLA team. The top three wins in program history are all Kyle w…[Read more]

  • But then they wouldn’t get to play for Jesus.

  • What Kyle has done here is remarkable. With Utah’s budget, recruiting footprint, and “other” issues, we should not be as good as we are.

    Kyle has turned us into a perennial top 25 team which is amazing. BUT, to expect to beat out USC with any sort of consistency is crazy.

    Kyle could EASILY finish second to USC every year and ranked and that…[Read more]

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