• Hasn’t proven to be an upgrade?

    He helped Utah win two BCS bowls.
    He turned USU into a legitimate program.
    He took Wisconsin to another level recruiting and competing for Big 10 titles…or at worst, he kept that program humming.

    He is by far the best coach we could hire, resume wise.

    Yeah, he failed at OSU. Every coach fails. I’d bet that…[Read more]

  • I was pro Huntley. In the spring game, Huntley made two throws on an early drive…I knew then he’d start for us. I posted back then how he looked like a Troy Taylor QB and if he could cut down on TO’s, he’d be the guy.

    Then the fall hit, and Troy couldn’t separate himself. Then you’d see Huntley make plays that no QB at Utah has made. Then, when…[Read more]

  • It’s crazy how many don’t like a guy who played, coaches at and his dream job is Utah’s head coach. 
    The good news is, much like how all the Whitt detractors are dead silent right now, all the anti Andersen people will be gone by this time next year. 
    He is a Utah man through and through, and a damn fine head coach…and he will be a position…[Read more]

  • Bowl practices are the same length as spring ball. ARod has two spring balls and a bowl season (three rounds) and the offense was the same. 
    Weve taken some strides the last 11 quarters. If Huntley is healthy, I wouldn’t be shocked if we have a breakout game. 
    If DC plays, it wouldn’t shock me if he has over 200 yards…[Read more]

  • Utah replied to the topic Happy Thanksgiving! in the forum Misc 3 weeks, 2 days ago

    Thanks for this place. It’s an oasis in a wasteland of the interwebs. 

  • He showed a fourth down play where Stanford straight up smashed Washington and completely changed the game. He talked about how Utah would have to make a play like that to beat Washington. 
    We had those opportunities. The Anae strip where Fotu fell on the ball and somehow lost it. Washington go the ball back, punted, we got the ball inside the 5,…[Read more]

  • If Washington’s kicker misses the FG, then all the negative comments happen…but from Washington’s fans. Lol. 
    More maybe they aren’t as big of babies as we are. 
    But still, if Wash loses, then you can take all these whining posts, delete Whitt and put in Petersen. 
    Lol. And these are from grown ass men, with careers and families and…[Read more]

  • Also, you are distilling the whole game down to one call. 

    The point of my post about Blackmon is that you can’t blame the game on the time out call. There were a number of plays that could have swung the game. 

    Hell, if Fotu falls on that fumble early in the game, and we pin Washington deep instead of giving them the ball back on Utah’s side of…[Read more]

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    Can you imagine if we had played a P5 school instead of SJSU or Fresno or whoever we played this year and lost?

    We’d need two wins in two games to go bowling and fans would be rioting. 

    I agree with the fans bit, but I don’t think it will happen here because fans are too unrealistic in their expectations. 

    Goal #1 is to go bowling every…[Read more]

  • Utah started the topic Thoughts on the schedule: in the forum Football 1 month ago

    Thursday night game, those are fun. I’m ok with the games. I wish we were big time and could schedule harder teams, but we aren’t and our fans are ridiculous (see, this year) and if I was Whitt there is no chance in hell I’d ever schedule up OOC. Fans are calling for Whitt’s head in a year that follows arguably three of our top 6 best seasons…[Read more]

  • Utah replied to the topic Slow day, SOS in the PAC-12: in the forum Football 1 month ago


    Utah was always a 6 to 8 win team this year. Their schedule is insanely hard which pushes them down to the 6 win side of that range.

    So, don’t overreact to the 6 wins this year. Utah is right about where they should be, realistically.

  • Utah started the topic Slow day, SOS in the PAC-12: in the forum Football 1 month ago

    One thing that’s important to remember in Football is SOS and returning OL are the two most important factors. It’s a lot of why the NFL has so much parity regular season wise. The worst teams from last year get the easiest schedule.

    In the PAC-12, you have the top three teams from the north and south (WSU, Stanford, UW, USC, AZ, ASU) and the…[Read more]

  • I was wondering how our offense was progressing from last year. Some important things to remember:

    Last year, we had 4 OL and an NFL RB. Also, while Troy was hurt last year, it wasn’t his shoulders, whereas Huntley’s injury affected his throwing more.

    So, here goes (last year’s numbers first):

    Scoring Offense: 29 pts vs 29 pts.

    A compl…[Read more]

  • Utah replied to the topic Gunther and Hackett in the forum Football 1 month ago

    There is a loud portion of our fanbase who wants Troy. 

    They are idiots. Gunther is pandering to that portion. 

    Honestly, anyone who clamors for Troy…just end the conversation, they are clueless. 

  • What if Hawaii hired Kalani instead of Chow?
    Hiw different does Utah look right now? Would Darnold have picked Chow over an unknown at USC? It was close as it was…
    I️ think the worst thing that happened to Utah I️ the PAC-12 was Chow going to Hawaii instead of Kalani. 

  • Taylor is not the problem. Tonight, the problem was TO’s. Mostly by the Florida men. 
    Those guys are true sophomores. I’m pumped for the future. We are getting better. 
    WSU is a very, very good team. Top offenseive and defensive team. 
    We had a lot of TO’s by young players who have gotten better and will only get better. 
    We are young and will…[Read more]

  • Most of this team. 

  • do this. This game will be a microcosm for our season…crappy first half, terrific second half. 🙂

  • Here’s why:

    I posted during the Oregon game in the third quarter how it seemed like Taylor gave Whitt a big middle finger and said, “screw you and your ideas, I’m running MY offense”.

    It was at halftime. Now, it wasn’t pretty in the Oregon game, but it was different. It was gooooood.

    Then, we saw more of it vs UCLA (hence the bad first qua…[Read more]

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