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    The Big 12 will be tough. And anyone can beat us.

    BUT, we are the best recruiting team in the Big 12 the last 3, 4 and 5 years.

    And in the PAC-12, Oregon, UW, USC, Stanford, UCLA all recruiting in the top 25.


    The schedule is easier. No doubt about it. It’s not MWC easy. But it’s not P12 hard. There…[Read more]

  • Here is an interesting take:

    Let’s say you are a coach of Ole Miss. This kid plays his FR year, gets his $100,000. Come time for sophomore year, he is due $700,000 if he starts. Sure, he is good enough to start, but you have a couple other WR’s who aren’t as good, but almost as good.

    Do you start them over this kid so he doesn’t get the…[Read more]

  • It’s ugly. It’s a waste of money. It doesn’t actually help anything.

    Sounds like something some rich douche would love to tell everyone how awesome he was because he (or she or they) made it happen. lol.

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    There’s a reason why the top 3 is usually Ohio State, Alabama and Georgia.

    And there is a reason why they go after 4 and 5 star guys and not 3 star guys.

    Stars matter. A 5 star has an exponentially better shot at the NFL than a 3 star kid.

  • And WSU’s has a HUGE segment of Seattle. Yes, WSU is in Idaho. BUT they have a massive fanbase in Seattle and up and down the west coast. They have every opportunity to take advantage of a huge market and a fertile recruiting base.

    And they didn’t. Well, maybe they did once or twice with Drew Bledsoe and Ryan Leaf.

    Like I said, do better. They…[Read more]

  • Yeah, we did. And it sucks being left out of the P2. Even more reason I don’t care if OSU and WSU are left out.

    You can’t save everyone.

    And what did we do in the 10 years we were in the PAC-12? Year 1: third place. Year 2: next to last place in the south. Year 3: Next to last in the south. Year 4: next to last in the south. We then went to…[Read more]

  • Eh. I don’t care. They were in the P12 for decades and took money and were cool with us being left out. Oregon State was one of Larry Scott’s biggest defenders.

    Maybe next time they have more miner than most programs they will bus something that other conferences want.

    Kinda like we did.

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    What’s so stupid about these rules now, is there are no scholarship limits. Nebraska has some odd 100 kids on “scholarship”. Same with Alabama.

    They just give a kid a scholarship or a NIL that magically equals the cost of attending their school and playing football.

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    Has Whitt finally realized what Saban realized? You have to have a great defense. Absolutely. And you have to be able to run efficiently. 100%. BUT that does not mean you run all the time. That means you run 20-30 times a game at 5-6 yards a clip. You run at the right time and to keep the defense honest.

    But the easiest way to score and put…[Read more]

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    You can’t argue that #4 SEC is better than #2 Big 12 because the SEC team played a “tougher” schedule then throw a bone to a G5 team.

  • This reminds me of what Bodkin said. She said there are a lot of players that want to come to Utah, but Utah is being very picky about who they are letting in. They know they are in a place where they can win the Big 12 and really establish themselves in a new conference and they don’t want a dud to ruin it.

  • lol. I was going to say, “The Lud double reverse for a TD! It’s our year baby!”

  • Ah You and Bernard are completely different situations.

    Bernard was a situation of a very overzealous honor code nazi looking to bust a BYU player. Bernard was in a parking lot and the cops essentially waited until the car moved, pulled them over and found an open container of alcohol in the car. Not smart, not what I’d want my kids to do but…[Read more]

  • In society, we have become too much of “all or nothing” and “black and white” while life is nothing but different shades of gray.

    ENJOY IT. Preseason hype has LITTLE to do with how the season will pan out and everything to do with they type of program, reputation, history and respect you have. There is a reason why Texas and ND are top 25 every…[Read more]

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    Here is a big issue with the University of Utah: It relies on taxpayer dollars for a lot of funding. In most states, the legislature supports their flagship university.

    In this state, most of the legislatures have pledged secret back room loyalties to a corp that owns a rival institution and the legislatures do what they can to undercut Utah.…[Read more]

  • Kansas St fans are the best. The absolute best.

    It warms my heart how absolutely butt hurt they are with how many people are picking Utah.

    Their hate is quickly descending to BYU levels of hate and it’s hilarious.

  • Does he have a RS?

    Then you could RS him in basketball and football this year, have him change his body to a football body, and then play TE in 2026. That gives him the best shot to make the NFL.

  • Weird. Is this the basketball player?

  • I love this from Deion. He brings in a player under the guise that he will get them to the NFL and that’s the most important thing.

    When the player doesn’t get better on his own, cause Deion ain’t got time to help a player develop, Deion calls the kid a talentless scum that needs to get good grades because the NFL ain’t in his future (even…[Read more]

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