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    Two things: 1) There are those here and in the local media that believe he was offered the starting job to come here and that by virtue of being 4• and an SEC QB that he is going to put up numbers. 2) Don’t know what you’ve been watching the last 2 years, but the “throw” game has evolved beyond game management. It’s not air raid, but it’s not w…[Read more]

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    IMO – DHC is our best back, playmaker, too bad he dropped that pass in bowl game could have gone to the house.

    Want to see Thompson and Dixon get more reps, need to do a better job of getting the ball to our playmakers. Don’t like our democratic WR rotation. Watch Donte Banton at WR, could be good.

    What do we know about Thomas Yassmin’s development?

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    Took another look at Bentley’s stats. Definitely not great, I’m not sure they’re good…career to date has averaged a pick per game, only 7-8 yards per completion, and a declining year over year completion % that is now down around 60%. Unless I’m mistaken his QBR at around 130 to 140 is good. Bentley looks to be a solid producer and potential…[Read more]

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    Are Bentley’s stats so good that it’s a BIG assumption that Rising may be more talented?Ahem, no. Yes, there is historical data/stats for Bentley and none for Rising…you got me there, but are Bentley’s stats compelling enough to not look behind door number two? They’re not.

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    Tie goes to the younger, more talented player. You put off Rising for another year and he’ll go into his junior year with zero experience. How is that good for 2021 when your other young players have gained experience and are ready for next step…And you’re inexperienced at your most critical position? Think 2021-2022 when looking at next…[Read more]

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    This is my fan evaluation which hasn’t yet been sought out by the coaching staff, but I keep expecting a phone call any day. So, take it for what it’s worth.

    Our freshmen DE will play and be in the two deep, one of them may be starting by end of year. Tafua cannot get to the QB, 3 sacks in two years playing on an all time great D line…I…[Read more]

  • I may have not been clear. I’m saying Hurts and Bentley = known commodity, not Hurts = Bentley. While I think your assessment of Hurts as elite is debateable (not elite thrower with either lazy or poor footwork) I don’t think his talent compared to Bentley’s is debateable Hurts > Bentley.

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    Our receivers in general are underutilized for multiple reasons. We’re run first. We utilize TE and have a great one in Kuithe. Our receiver rotation is large for reasons I don’t understand. Development, if you gauge based on NFL promotion, is below average for WR (last starter was Steve Sr?). Quarterbacking has been an issue as well. Then…[Read more]

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    ^ this…transfer portal adds another source for talent and an element of free agency to college football and basketball. It was always there, but not as player friendly as today.

  • Apologies for repeating this, but is another of these schollies earmarked for John Gentry? Does anyone know his status?

  • Niners vs Redskins is a good example. Played in good condition, Niners dominate. Bad conditions can minimize advantages and be flukey. May be harder to get style points, but I’ll take the win in any shape or form.

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    We have a 5* kicker from Texas, for what it’s worth, in this year’s class.

  •  is this coaching staff going to tolerate before he gets benched?

  • Regarding UW record after bye week, I take a couple of things from this. Petersen is really good game planning and preparing his team with the extra week. They’ve beaten a variety of teams, but not us. Advantage UW. However, I think it would be difficult to come off of a bye week and play a team as physical as Utah, the most physical team out…[Read more]

  • Moss has 176 yards to go to break the Utah football record for most career rushing yards.  Eddie Johnson currently holds the record.  
    I think most or all of us were aware he was nearing this.  I believe breaking and holding records usually qualifies greatness, but what about greatest?
    We’re not running back U, but there have been a lot of good…[Read more]

  • Regarding points 2 and 3; 3 man rush against Wazzu and I generally think Anae is being double teamed and held and sometimes both at the same time. Said it before, we don’t get near enough pressure from Tafua…he can’t get off a block. Regarding drops, I posted at the beginning of season I didn’t like Simpkins starting ahead of better, young…[Read more]

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    Agree a redshirt could be a good thing. Agree with EagleMountain we do need to tighten up our WR rotations, regardless of whether Covey redshirts.

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    Are there coaching staff decisions I don’t trust or others distrust (see Blackmon), without a doubt.  Do coaches make mistakes with their decisions just like anyone else, without a doubt.  Forgive me for doubting a decision or disagreeing with a philosophy that demotes a kid who has proven it on the field in big games versus a kid that earned it…[Read more]

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    Why?  Shelley is proven AND the younger, better talent.  Huntley was promoted as the younger, better talent.  That makes sense.  You suggest we promote the older, lesser talent.  That doesn’t make sense.  If it were Cam Rising, different story, but it’s not.

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    If demoting Lisk is kinda bullsh!t then demoting Shelley, who helped win you your first and only division championship is total bullsh!t. We’re really going to hand the reins over to Drew Lisk based on practice performance…practice? Pretty sure Shelley is the better player and we owe him some loyalty.

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