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    Moss has 176 yards to go to break the Utah football record for most career rushing yards.  Eddie Johnson currently holds the record.  
    I think most or all of us were aware he was nearing this.  I believe breaking and holding records usually qualifies greatness, but what about greatest?
    We’re not running back U, but there have been a lot of good…[Read more]

  • Regarding points 2 and 3; 3 man rush against Wazzu and I generally think Anae is being double teamed and held and sometimes both at the same time. Said it before, we don’t get near enough pressure from Tafua…he can’t get off a block. Regarding drops, I posted at the beginning of season I didn’t like Simpkins starting ahead of better, young…[Read more]

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    Agree a redshirt could be a good thing. Agree with EagleMountain we do need to tighten up our WR rotations, regardless of whether Covey redshirts.

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    Are there coaching staff decisions I don’t trust or others distrust (see Blackmon), without a doubt.  Do coaches make mistakes with their decisions just like anyone else, without a doubt.  Forgive me for doubting a decision or disagreeing with a philosophy that demotes a kid who has proven it on the field in big games versus a kid that earned it…[Read more]

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    Why?  Shelley is proven AND the younger, better talent.  Huntley was promoted as the younger, better talent.  That makes sense.  You suggest we promote the older, lesser talent.  That doesn’t make sense.  If it were Cam Rising, different story, but it’s not.

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    If demoting Lisk is kinda bullsh!t then demoting Shelley, who helped win you your first and only division championship is total bullsh!t. We’re really going to hand the reins over to Drew Lisk based on practice performance…practice? Pretty sure Shelley is the better player and we owe him some loyalty.

  • What would that adjust to with their penalties and how was the pass blocking?  Didn’t we get a lot of those rushing yards on the edges and with Huntley’s broken play scrambles.  Don’t cherry pick this, you need to grade the entire performance.

  • That TCU game was cold as hell and low scoring, but that last TD was pandemonium.

  • The only condition is you had to be there in person.  Mine is split between 1993 Utah/TDS 34-31 win on a 52? yard field goal at their place and Harold Lusk’s 100 yard pick six to seal the win at ranked Colorado State in 1994.
    The first one is what I think was the play and turning point of the rivalry and started to change the trajectory of the…[Read more]

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    I didn’t see him play much against BYU and didn’t see him at all against NIU.  Anyone have inside or second hand information regarding his status?

  • I see the same risk with Enis. 4 star kid who has proven himself and he has 1 target, 1 reception in 2 games and I believe he played special teams last week.  That’s not a knock, but I don’t think 4 star receivers envision themselves blocking and playing special teams in their second year.  After all this year he only has two years left.  I hope…[Read more]

  • This is factually untrue. Stop buying into mainstream and TDS rhetoric. I’m with BGU, TDS is over matched.

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    Maybe we define dominance differently, but beyond the 54-10 game you should consider 8 game win streak and two 15 to 20 minute stretches where we put 35 points on them as dominant performances.

    Unless last year was an aberration, we should be used to or get used to risk averse offense and winning with our defense. This doesn’t add up to…[Read more]

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