• Yeah, they used to be fun, a reward for a good season, and enjoyed by players. But now with money driving things so much (and injury insurance not enough I guess), players going to the NFL don’t want to risk injury and want to start prep to improve their draft stock, players that have entered the portal for the most part don’t play (some do like…[Read more]

  • I think players should be able to leave when ever the want but after the 1st one, require them to sit for a year UNLESS 1) graduate transfer, 2) coach leaves, 3) special circumstances (sick family member, etc.). I have no confidence either that NCAA is the answer anymore at all.

  • Once even the non-top schools realize that they are paying $78M for a coach to not coach anymore, they’ll start to wonder what the point of all this is. It once was to provide opportunities for students to compete at high levels against other schools. Not it’s just plainly a business. Do some of these athletes that keep transferring even really…[Read more]

  • I see this as 1 of 2 viable routes. The other is to prep Rodemaker, rely on the defense, and try to grind out a low-scoring win against defending Nat’l champions and claim the National Title (like UCF did) but be more legitimate as a 14-0 ACC conference and Orange Bowl champion. If Alabama or Texas wins the CFP, FSU has an even stronger argument…[Read more]

  • Agree with so many of these posts. And with bowl games, eligibility meant you were eligible, not that you were going. Now, if you have 6 wins (or Jacksonville St, JMU, or highest APR), you are slotted somewhere. Kind of an entitlement now. ESPN made all these bowls to fill up space during Dec to do what? Sell ads. They don’t care about attendance,…[Read more]

  • DataUte replied to the topic tranfer portal rule changes in the forum Football 19 hours ago

    1. would need to move early signing for HS back. why 2 seasons? what if coach leaves? what if team wants them to leave?
    2. why? esp with these jumbo conferences
    3. ok, but same questions as above
    4. I do like having 1st time is shame on the team, 2nd time shame on you. But what about if the 2nd time is grad transfer? I think that could be an…[Read more]

  • huh, he’s scholarship, but Barnes had to earn it after UF game. Seems weird, especially since Smedley is a ‘nobody’ and so far down we thought we only had 3 qbs left for 2024.

  • DataUte replied to the topic Smoke on Vaki… in the forum Football 4 days, 17 hours ago

    Agree – transfers have to sit out a year unless 1) their HC left, 2) grad transfer, 3) special circumstances (e.g. family illness – moving to be closer, etc.). Not 1st time free crap.

  • Massey has Utes at 45, so similar. BYU is 11, so that would be a great win. How’s the health of the team?

  • DataUte replied to the topic Smoke on Vaki… in the forum Football 4 days, 17 hours ago

    Remember when Alabama booster offered Kincaid $1M?

  • I don’t disagree, but do you think Fox or ESPN are going to do them any favors? They left them out in the conference shuffle, so they couldn’t care much less.

    However, with WSU/OSU running the conference, couldn’t they put up a fuss and get OSU their preferred slot?

  • It appears DBs was a weakness due to long plays given up. I would say it was 1) we didn’t get enough pressure on some pretty top-notch qbs, 2) those qbs/wrs are some of the top in the nation. We took our licks, but in the big picture wasn’t as bad as it appears. But sometimes if you know you are burnt, PI on purpose! 15 yards is better than…[Read more]

  • And with CU’s D, go for it. They ain’t yanking you – get Vele, McCain, Mikey all over 100 yards! TDs for Suguturaga and King!

    500 yards, 5 TDs, 3 INT – who cares?!

  • DataUte replied to the topic Shocking! in the forum Football 2 weeks, 2 days ago

    Good read. PAC-mas is over, no desire for Big12-mas, but agree that our reaction is a sigh that we found a landing spot for now. Sadness of a great dozen year relationship being over

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    Vaki is open to helping the team, but has said he likes safety. He thought he was being called into playing WR, but RB has been the call. I hope we can improve the offense with other players and let him develop more as a safety which would be a much better option for NFL (longevity, pay).

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    yep. ESPN FPI puts all of it at 0.1% chance. I think if Oregon loses to ASU, then things start to get interesting (OSU needs to beat UW also otherwise other tiebreakers aren’t in our favor the same way). Arizona has a 0.7% chance, but only has to win out and have Oregon lose both since they have the H2H against OSU. OSU wins out, they are in.

  • Massey gives 75% chance with a 28-21 predicted score

  • Jinx going on here? Who owes who a Coke?! 😉

    Utah-CU or UA-ASU … Arizona or Utah will be 8-3, ranked in the 20s; other will be 7-4. ASU will likely be 3-8 (2-6) after losing to Oregon. CU could be 5-6 (2-6) after beating WSU. I think that game is more important to the choice. If CU is fighting to be bowl eligible, ESPN will choose the game even…[Read more]

  • DataUte replied to the topic Jaxson Dart to Utah? in the forum Football 3 weeks, 4 days ago

    De Laura? WSU to UA to UU? doubt it, but Fifita is playing well. I would’ve thought he would be out of eligibility.

  • DataUte replied to the topic College QB NFL Draft Rankings in the forum Football 4 weeks ago

    Thanks – that makes sense. I guess ‘who is ready to plug and play’ – get dropped in and do ok (usually those teams have other flaws, like OL, etc., but makes sense). Interesting that it’s possible Arizona might have the top pick and grab Caleb. I think it would be foolish to replace Murray (Riley product) with Caleb – probably same result: flashes…[Read more]

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