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        Ute Fan

        I am grateful to be an alumnus of such a fantastic University.
        I am grateful that I was able to earn not one but two degrees that say “The University of Utah” at the top of them.
        I am grateful that even as a non-traditional student that was 37 years old, I was able to take a year off and finish my Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and pretend to be a traditional student, thus being able to experience a full year of being on campus most every day and truly immersing myself in the glorious culture, environment, and existence that comes with being a student at the U.
        I am grateful that my son, even though he lives in Utah Valley and goes to Brigham Young Community College (UVU), is still a die-hard Utah fan.
        I am grateful that I got season tickets BEFORE we got into the PAC-12, and love my seats and the people that I sit around and with.
        I am grateful that my sweetie has adopted the University of Utah – so much so, that she is going to head up there next year and do the same thing I did, be an “older” student.
        I am grateful to have an opportunity to serve on the Alumni Board of the DESB, and the opportunity that provides me to be on the campus periodically even when it’s not football season.
        I am grateful that we were invited to the PAC-12 and are now thriving as a solid university in all of our athletic programs.
        I am grateful that I got to attend TDS for one semester (thank you spousal tuition benefit when my wife-at-the-time worked for TDS), simply for the fact that I could see and experience first hand how horrible that university culture was and how much more I love and appreciate the U.
        I am grateful that we have a football program that brings in good kids with amazing work ethics and a desire to be emblematic of the “Family First” attitude on the team.
        I am grateful for the Godfather of Utah Football, Kyle Whittingham, one of the greatest studs that ever was a stud.
        I am grateful for @admin Tony, and for the amazing site he has here and the opportunity we all have to socialize with one another – which, for someone like me that is stuck behind a desk all day long working from home (when I’m not on the road), is very valuable indeed.
        And lastly….
        I am grateful that IT’S FINALLY GAME DAY!!!!!!
        GO UTES!!!! A UTAH MAN AM I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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        Tony 🌹🌹

        Well said my friend.

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