Just playing devil’s advocate here, but did Utah’s early efforts hurt long term?

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        So if Utah football was successful early on during the less risky months actually hurt the late October/early November onset of viruses?

        So we all know there is a cold and flu season. And we’re heading into the heart of it right now. Would seem Covid-19 would follow a similar track, wouldn’t it?

        So while the Pac12 grab assed around trying to avoid the virus, and keep all the players isolated you have things like this happen in other programs.

        Ed Orgeron says most of the LSU players had already had Corona on September 15th

        Don’t think I’m advocating for infecting all of our football players, but it seems LSU took very little precautions and the “herd immunity” I keep hearing about allowed them to play football games. Or perhaps they were playing football when they were still testing positive for Coronavirus.

        By pushing the Pac12 season back to the heart of Cold/Flu/Coronavirus season it allowed for not wiggle room when players tested positive. We’re now down to 4 weeks for 4 games. And perhaps we won’t be the team testing positive. I could easily see us only getting possibly 2 games in this year. If USC, ASU, Oregon State, or Colorado cancel a game, we have to hope the odds are in our favor. In other words, the odds are not in our favor.

        Frustrating year, really frustrating.

        But on the bright side, I’ve been able to spend more time with the wife and kids.

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        What’s the point in this speculation? We are where we are.

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        FWIW LSU didnt play this weekend. Not sure if it was because of them or Alabama but either way, there is no game.

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          Google search says it’s due to LSU covid positive cases, contact tracing….

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