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        Ute Fan

        I haven’t seen any notes on the public boards regarding the practice last Saturday, so I share my thoughts (based upon no notes and 4 days later):

        Run Game

        As expected, the running game appears to be more called running plays and read option.  We should be trading the run-pass option where linemen must not go more than 3 yards downfield, in exchange for more down-field running.  I specifically saw drills where linemen were running downfield alongside the runner to find somebody. This is in comparison to my thoughts last Spring where we tried to spread it out and let Moss find a seam, but not much push.

        DHC looked really good.  He is thick and still quick.

        Throw Game

        Huntley had good plays and looked in command of the new offense, but had at least two picks.  One, Jaylon Johnson seemed to bait him where the receiver looked open, Huntley underthrew it a bit, and Johnson picked him off.  On another, Huntley was rolling out, the play was a bit delayed and Huntley threw up a high arching jump ball in the endzone.  The defender came down with it.

        Overall I think Shelly had the best day.  Looked consistent, particularly throwing over the middle.

        Rising had a nice long touchdown run along the left sideline, but it is tough to judge QB runs when you can’t touch them.

        The O seemed to be attacking the linebackers with throws over the middle, particularly with tight-ends.  I saw quite a bit of tight-end action, with roll out passes and passes over the middle.  

        DB’s looked good but were given a bunch of latitude by the “refs” to initiate contact.  So much so that Nacua had words with one of the refs complaining about the excessive holding and PI.  It meant that the receptions were usually good contested catches.  Still a bunch of misses with the tight coverage though.  Some very impressive catches.  Some misses.

        Simpkins had a beautiful over the shoulder catch on a long-ball along the right sideline, in heavy coverage.  Didn’t see the QB that threw it.  I beleive it was Huntley.

        TJ Green had a touchdown catch in the endzone where he should have caught it at the 5, but kept tipping it to himself and ended up finally catching it on his back in the endzone.  He stuck with the play.


        I was mostly focused on the offense.  Most run plays were limited to about 4 yards, but the O did break a few.  DB’s looked good but were permitted a bunch of contact.


        Ummmm… maybe we should report back in the fall.  Lots of leg, need to put it in between the uprights.




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        Thanks for the report!

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        Ute Fan

        Where was this practice held at? I drove by Rice-Eccles Saturday morning at about 10am and didn’t see anything there. I guess it was held at the football center?

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          Ute Fan

          It was at the practice fields behind the football facility. Originally we showed up at RES because the Feb 20 press release with the spring practice schedule said RES: 10 am to 12:30 pm. After walking around and being locked-out of RES, I checked the updated press releases and saw that they had moved it to the practice field (also now 10 am to 12 noon). They may have changed it due to the Stallions game. IDK.

          Moral of the story: Check the more recent press releases on

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        Ute Fan

        that kicking report though. *thumbs up*

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