Next hoops HC: Alex J, Johnnie Bryant or door #3?

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        Ute Fan

        What do you think? When we move past LK, what is our best move? We are lucky to have two alums who are climbing the NBA ranks. Or do we grab the best mid major HC we can get?

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        Someone who can coach would be a start. Someone who can recruit and keep good players would be good. Perhaps someone who can develop talent too. Someone who hates losing would be good. Someone who can adjust during the game.  I realize these are all asking a lot, but that’ my take.

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          Ute Fan

          If we found a coach like that, we’d probably have to pay him at least $2.0mm per year. So…

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        Ute Fan

        How about anyone, anyone who can coach an inbounds play, a competent offense and doesn’t make excuses or brings in “his guys” who transfers the next year cause they weren’t “his guys”.

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        Ute Fan

        Alex is going to be an NBA Coach. He doesn’t want to coach in college not even Utah. Jonnie Bryant makes a ton of sense as Utah’s next HC. He would come relatively cheap which Utah needs because of lost revenue due to Covid. They can’t afford a big money Coach and if Utah could somehow keep Donnie Daniels as a mentor while JB learned on the job would be even better.

        JB’s pro experience and connections would give him a ton of street cred as a recruiter.

        At only 35 he would be able to relate to todays HS B-ball athlete.

        Would love to see him bring in Aaron Dotson or Jarred DuBois as the 2nd or 3rd Assistant Coach

        The whole vibe around the B-ball program is just bad. Body language of players is awful. Larry knows he’s a coach in limbo and that he’d have been fired already if the university could afford it. He knows baring a miracle run to the elite 8 he’s not getting a contract extension.

        The program needs a fresh start.

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          Ute Fan

          Has to be a player’s coach. Kids aren’t going to put up with the “old school” coaching types. With today’s transfer portal, kids just leave as we’ve seen year in and year out with Larry running everyone off.

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        Ute Fan

        Utah can’t afford a name coach right now that would want 3 mil a year but at the same time you can’t keep Larry just because he has a winning record.

        2 NCAA bids in ten years is not good enough.

        Utah will have to hire an up and comer at coach and Bryant wants to coach here

        Barring a deep deep tournament run in the next two years Larry is not going to be Utah’s Head Basketball Coach for the 2023-24 season.

        Harlan is just waiting to hire his guy.

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