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So is Stanford now for real? I love conference play.

I know our team has some kinks to work out but I’m not terribly worried about it yet. Let’s face it, the focus for non-conference games is nowhere near what it is for in conference. Just look at Stanford. That was not the team that got destroyed by Northwestern.

Every game going forward is now a playoff game. I’m excited to see what our team does in Oregon.

  • Esoterik

    Still not sold on Stanford. They looked very vulnerable against NW. Impressive win against SC though – especially with Hogan playing injured.

    I have more questions about SC now.

    • Ute75

      I’d love to be playing the Tree this week. It would be three in a row.

  • TorontoUte

    I like our chances against Oregon, EWU put 40 something points up against them right? So their defense is suspect, while our offense is suspect… If our secondary can shore somethings up, we have a chance.

  • Tacoma Ute

    My gut feeling is that they are not contenders and will be fighting to keep Cal from overtaking them for 2nd in the North. That was a very impressive performance yesterday though.

    • Jumpmasterute

      Stanford is better than Cal whether at home or on the road. But that’s just an Opinion.

      • Tacoma Ute

        I agree. I still think there’s a big gap between Oregon and the rest of the north though. One awful pass that got away from Adams kept them from beating MSU on the road.

  • 1Colonial

    All I know is that it gives U$C a loss in the South. C’mon Utes, take advantage of these things!

    Hope Travis is healthy…

    • Jumpmasterute

      I like the way you think.

    • Hockeybeard

      This is sooo important. Any loss that ASU, UA, UCLA, or USC take helps us on our way to a PAC12 South Division Champion title. We need to take care of business against Oregon and we’ll be in a great spot for the south race.

      At this point, everyone has their warts, but I can’t help but think other teams seem to have bigger ones.

  • UtahMan12

    Since we don’t play Stanford this year was it better USC lost yesterday? I know it doesn’t matter about the south race but it sure makes USC seem winnable.

    • Utahman04

      The USC loss does matter in the South race, because as I understand it, the the winner of the South is determined by each teams overall Pac12 record not the division record. The division record is only important for tie breaker purposes.

  • Utemachine

    An Angel gets its wings everytime USC loses.

  • Personally that USC loss stinks of Sarkisian…It is just another nail in Haden’s and Sarkisians coffin.

  • nm

  • Tony

    Some teams just match up better.

    • Feelinpogi

      In that case it is good news for us because we match up very similar to the Cardinal.

  • UteStuckInSeattle

    Stanford has always played tough against USC, so it’s still hard to tell what kind of team they will be this year.

    Seeing what they did to SC makes me feel better about our chances against the Trojans as we play a similar style as the Cardinal.

    As always in this conference, we won’t know anything until next week. =)

  • rbmw263

    Stanford was always for real. Northwestern looking better and better.

  • Question about forum layout

    I realize this is new and may change as things develop, but I’m viewing the forum on my iPad and my screen is split in half. The left side shows recent posts, etc. but the right side always shows “Site Wide Activities” with a search box. In a horizontal position it takes up half the screen. Is there a way to hide the stuff on the right side, or customize it somehow?

  • Yeah, this isn’t going to work if this split screen nonsense isn’t changed pronto. So far, I like better. Actually ute would be perfect.

  • Tony

    Thanks for the comments. Yes it is only a day old so those things will get worked out. The current setup is a matter of percentages though. The sitewide should only be 1/3 of the width. Maybe I’ll get my ipad out and see what you are talking about.

    Day one.

  • Idea about opening links

    when we click on a link, I’d like it to open in another tab. I hope you don’t mind suggestions.

  • Utemachine


  • This even has the new forum smell.

    I like it so far and hope it takes off.

  • Utemachine

    If you want to quote another poster, where is the quote button? I’m sure it’s coming but thought I’d mention.

    • Utemachine

      Nvm, just found the reply button. Much better than a quote button.

  • Tony

    Yeah no quote button. You can copy the text and use the b-quote though.