Get ready for all the explanations, whiners, and fair weather complainers

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      My theory as to the poor play at the end of the season is simple. We were worn out. We were gassed at the end of the Pac-12 tournament and gassed in the NCAA. Too many minutes for the starters. Not enough depth.

      That’s my theory at least. I’m surprised at how harsh some of the complainers are. It’s a s**tty way to end the season. We were a very good team this year and I simply think we ran out of gas.

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      I agree a lot of the “major” conference teams seemed that way as well. Except Oregon man they look sharp.

      Ogbe would have helped this team all year. Really hope he can get healthy.

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      Um, we’re talking about 20 to 21 year old legs. I never ran out of gas back then. We put in 15k to 18k yards everyday in the pool. It’s all mental at that age.

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        I think the grind is as hard mentally as it is physically.

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      Well the ACC iscrushing it in the tourney.

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      Ute Fan

      Okay. I’ll whine a little bit.

      That was really painful. I feel like I just got back from the dentist after getting all my teeth pulled with a pair of rusty pliers. Embarrassing performance by the Utes. Embarrassing performance by the conference. I guess all the talk about the PAC-12 being a good basketball conference was just smoke and mirrors. It’s not likely we’ll see seven teams in the tournament next year. Bummer.


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