TDS game 1 vs. game 2 stats for Hill/Williams

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      Ute Fan

      Arizona – Taysom Hill 21/29 202 yards, 1 TD. 37 yards rushing, no TDs.
      Jamaal Williams 162 yards, No TDs.

      Utah – Taysom Hill 21/39 176 yards 3 INT, No TDs passing, 87 yards rushing, 2 TDs.
      Jamaal Williams 58 yards, no TDs.

      If teams keep a spy on Hill, I think BYU is in big trouble. He broke containment twice against Utah, both for TDs. Kudos to Hill. As for Williams, laugh all you want about Utah’s defense, you had 51 yards at half time. 8 in the second half. LAST LAUGH!!!! Oh and Williams still hasn’t scored a TD this season.

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      Homer Crimson
      Ute Fan

      What will BYU do when Taysom and Jamaal are injured? They’ll put in their QB that might actually have pro prospects, but Jamaal has no worthy backup. I was a little surprised to see them go with Hill this year.

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      Ute Fan

      @ute98 interesting post. I think that displays what our game plan was. Before the game if someone would have told me that Hill could out run Pita T and turn the corner on him I would have laughed in their face.

      Hill occasionaly getting the corner is the only advantage they had on us.

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        Well Marcus Williams screwed up and took the wrong angle on the first TD.  The second was another screw up because you don’t leave your feet on a blitz.

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      When Marcus Williams leaped on that blitz, I screamed “NO”. Wasn’t he also a basketball player? He should know better.

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        Tauteoli left his feet on the second TD Hill scored.

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      Ute Fan

      He hasnt progressed as a passer nearly as much as id thought. Must have just had an “on” game against Nebraska last year. He is still missing throws and missing throws BAD. Make him beat you with his arm 1000/1000


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