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      I was there

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      I was there as well. Giving high fives as a junior high kid to the few ute fans in the South West endzone was one of the greatest moments of my life (up to that point)

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      My first rivalry game in SLC. I was a closet Ute fan then

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        Game was in Provo, at Rice Eccles South.

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      Man I remember that like it was yesterday. I spent the whole afternoon avoiding the game. Just had a bad feeling about it. So I spent that Saturday running errands and hanging out with my now wife. No tv or radio. 

      We ended up over at her best friends house and the game was on the tv. My wife’s best friend’s Dad was watching it. I could hardly sit down and my wife was getting mad at me as I paste the floor during that last drive. 

      When Yert kicked the ball I was 6” from the TV screaming “Hook”! “Hook”! “Hook”! 

      When it went through I was yelling and jumping up and down and cheering. 

      I didnt find out til later that my wife’s best friend’s Dad was a huge Zoob and that made it all that sweeter. 

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