Does kwitt lose the bowl game?

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      Pace Manyung
      Ute Fan

      The Texas game seems outside of kwhitt wheelhouse. Would not be surprised if Utah loses… possible big.

      1. Utah is the “hunted” ranked 11th while blue blood texas is unranked – kwhitt is clueless in these game

      2. Texas has as much (maybe more ) athletic players as Oregon.

      3. Texas “should” be motived to beat a Utah team that got a lot of media coverage the past month.

      4. Blue bloods (Texas) don’t believe Utah has the quality of players they do – they will want to prove it.

      5. Basically a home game for Texas


      Two reasons why Utah will win

      1. The Oregon game was an anomaly.  Utah really was a CFP candidate.

      2. Texas coaching/culture sucks and none of the players care    


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      Ute Fan

      Historically, the majority of the teams we have played in bowl games have been significantly lesser opponents. Alabama is the exception. We were exposed by Northwestern last year. If the team that played Oregon shows up we will be slaughtered. Your analysis is correct and they have been saying the same thing on ESPN 700.

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        Pace Manyung
        Ute Fan

        kwhitt has a huge coaching challenge on his hands.  He might have a team that is deflated and doesn’t really care ( I get it, I along with many Ute fans feel the same way). He’s also facing a program that “if” motivated have the athletes to beat the Utes in just about every position.

        This is a really big game for kwhitt as a coach.  Lose this game an most will view Utah as a *fraud

        *fraud, as in not a real Rose Bowl contender  

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          Ute Fan

          But our players may be super motivated to end the season on a high note…

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            Ute Fan

            I guarantee the seniors do not want to end their college careers with a loss.

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            Pace Manyung
            Ute Fan

            It will come down to what the coach can get there team more motivated.    

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              Swoop Doggy Dogg
              Ute Fan

              Very interesting insight by the Addicted to Quack website before the Utah game. They charted the last month of Utah football and came up with an interesting observation, that the Utes were susceptible to the run.

              This puzzled me as Utah had the nation’s leading rush defense. The reason for the great average was that teams had to abandon the run because they were so far behind. Then Utah’s pass rush could tee off on the QB. 

              He was quite prophetic, as Oregon kept running and closed out the game. So questions are, can Texas run the ball? Can Utah jump out to a big lead? 

              A very interesting match up will be Jaylon Johnson on their nation leading receiver in receptions, Devin Duvernay. The wildcard is no Julian Blackmon in the secondary. This could be a huge factor. 

              On defense, the Longhorns give up some points. They have a decent rush defense, but a poor pass defense. Hopefully B. Thompson is healthy and back in this game. Utah needs another weapon on the outside. 


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      Ute Fan

      It hurts my soul to say it, but I agree with everything you said. 

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      Ute Fan

      Regardless of the outcome….Herman’s a douche.

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      Ute Fan

      Admittedly I am concerned about this game. It seems I remember reading about a statistic that demonstrated that teams that lose conference championship games usually lose their bowl game. Don’t know where I read that.

      I trust Kwhitt and staff to do everything to prepare the team and with enough seniors on the team they *should* win the game. But nonetheless I am feeling somewhat lacking in confidence.

      My fear is that losing to Oregon will have the opposite effect as the USC loss: a demotivater. I hope not, but can’t shake the fear that it might turn out that way.

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        Ute Fan

        I think a bigger issue is losing Blackmon and Hubert, along with Johnson and Moss possibly skipping the game it will require a really good coaching effort to win.

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