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      Ute Fan

      Two things:


      Anyone else watch the game on ESPN3 last night?  Best college football experience EVER outside of actually being there. No commentators, and no commercials. Nothing!  Just the Skycam, which was a great way to watch the game.  I was amazed.

      And I hate Nick Saban.

      That is all.

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      Ute Fan

      Didn’t care about the game last night, but I do remember back a long time ago (late 70s, maybe 80s) they did an experiment where they televised a national broadcast of an NFL game with no announcers.  You just heard the sounds of the game including the crowd noise.  Quite refreshing and gave a real feel of the game atmosphere.  (Did have commericals of course).   





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        Ute Fan

        I remember that game! I actually watched it. It was the Miami Dolphins if I remember it correctly. Very early 80s if I remember right. Can’t remember who they played, however. Very interesting experiment.


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