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      Hal Evans
      Ute Fan

      All P5 conferences must have same number of conference games. All P5 teams must play equal number of P5 teams on non conference schedule. Reduce number of football scholarships by 10 to 15 fewer so more 3 plus stars will have to go to other schools than top tier. That would be a start

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      Ute Fan

      1- I don’t like reducing scholarships. That may be the only redeeming thing in college football. To take a chance at an education away from a poor minority so Alabam doesn’t win as much…that’s no bueno.

      2- I’ve said this a million times. Most issues would be fixed by installing two rules:

      First, to qualify for the playoffs, you must play 10 P5 games not counting your conference championship game.

      Second, no bye weeks/FCS/G5 games the last 4 weeks of the season.

      Those two rules will normalize the schedules and even things out drastically.

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        Ute Fan

        Also, by separating G5 from P5, the top G5 players will stop going G5. It would crush Boise and Houston, but those players would trickle up to schools like Utah.


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