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      Ute Fan

      The USC receivers are crazy talented, but didn’t have a lot of production last year (other than a few weird plays). Of course, I’m scared of them, but our secondary last year shut them down pretty well. I think this year’s soocenday is at least as good, likely better. 

      The USC DBs are more athletic than our WRs argument is also valid, but we completed a ton of big passes on them last year. (Not sure if they’ve had mch change n the secondary)

      There are some obvious difference between this year and last I know, but we dominated that game and have most of those players back. I’m not saying I’m confident for tomorrow, mostly because I put too much mental stock into Utah football and feel the need to protect myself, but I certainly feel quite a bit better after watching last years game. 


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      Tony (admin)

      I’m not sure our dbs are better than last year. Blair is hard to replace.

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        Ute Fan

        Blackmon has a better eye for a safety though. He is much better at reading a QB in the pass IMO. Blair is a very good extra LBer and safety blitzer. Idk I feel like this team is better equipped for defending the pass. JJ is improved because he has aged another year is my assumption. Same as Guidry. Burgess has been in the position to make plays. Wilson the gunslinger threw right to him at times. Slovis is similar in that regard. 

        Losing Hansen and Barton is the biggest negative on this defense. Lloyd contrary to what some may think is very good. Bernard is playing his best football ever. Hard to measure it until after this USC game of course. These next two may end with more yards given up but generally speaking lead to a good showing by the defense overall.

        Edit: Lewis is also better than Blackmon was at corner.

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          Ute Fan

          Blackmon is a freak athlete and its been so much more of a strength for him at safety. I think his cover radius in the pass game is bigger than blairs although blair was elite in plays around the LOS

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          Ute Fan

          I see our only difference at this point is a downgrade in run defense at the LB position. LBs in coverage haven’t been an issue at all. I think Bernard is fantastic in coverage and will have next level opportunities because if that strength.

          All in all pretty similar to last year’s team.

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