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    If TDS comes into the game at 5-6 needing a win to make a bowl game and Utah has a date to play Washington the next week in the Pac-12 Championship game, do our 2’s and 3’s have enough to beat TDS starters? 
    I think we probably do but with this game being what it is and meaning way more to TDS in this scenario I can see them sqeeking out a win. …[Read more]

  • Other. A blocked FG is a pretty good possibility against Weber.

  • I agree we are a year away form a great back up situation. I think Huntley will make a great back up next year. I don’t think our WR situation is bad at all. OL is more of a concern for me.

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    Huntley’s biggest weakness this year will be his decision making which he showed can be pretty bad last year. I hope it’s improved but if it hasn’t we’ll see a lot of a Freshman QB this year and not because of injury. Of course our current WR’s weren’t close to Carrington last year. They were younger and Carrington was has NFL talent (minus the…[Read more]

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    I thought attendance was pretty good and the the MUSS and NEZ were loud as usual. The problem I have is with the crowd that actually attends the games, sits on their ass during third down, and then leaves when we go down 2 scores with 18 min left to play. The disinterested fan that shows up late and leaves early seems to be becoming more prevalent…[Read more]

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if he is having a change of heart after watching our offense this year. He’s a pure passer and his strength is play action and pushing the ball deep. He also has great accuracy on deep dig routes. He has great touch dropping the ball between the corner and safety on the sideline. At least that was the report from the…[Read more]

  • Moss is averaging over 5 yrd/carry so they must not be that bad.

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    It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. No body has every won anything throwing the ball 70% of the time. Its about the efficiency not the frequency. Taylor’s brand of offense is NOT going to win in the Pac12. He needs to adapt and come closer to the center. Contrary to popular belief, our passing game didn’t suck last year. 2700 yds 15 TD/8…[Read more]

  • We can’t afford to put anymore LB’s on the field. They have been our weakness for 2 years now and this year is just horrid. Barton is not a P5 caliber player. I’ve never seen a player get benched and make it back on the field so many times in a career. That leave’s us with 2 borderline pac12 LB’s and a SS that’s forced to play in the box to…[Read more]

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    That would be a pretty poor exit strategy for a college football coach. I think you’re under estimating the competitive nature of any coach that has found success at this level. I’m sure the fire is there. This comes back to a new system. The system is new to Harding too and he’s having to evolve his coaching to meet the demands of it.…[Read more]

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    If Huntley runs more than 5 times I don’t think it looks good for us. Aside from the fact that he probably won’t last he’s no Kahlil Tate and it’s not even close. Our read option attack is predictable and doesn’t give the QB the same opportunities that AZ’s offense does.

    Huntley averages 3.6 yrd/carry with a long of 33 agains some pretty poor…[Read more]

  • I was reading through this thread and realized that nobody actually answered OP’s question. Just started a lot of side conversations, so I’ll answer it. I only seem to get down voted anyway.

    I’d say at this point Whitt as earned himself 2 terrible years. If we end up this year at 5-7 and then miss a bowl game next year with a 4-8 or worse…[Read more]

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    There is a lot more to a winning QB than “passing stats”. We were STILL terrible in the red zone with the best “passing stat” QB in the league through 2 games. 70+ percent passing is a deceptive stat when you only throw 5 yards or less down the field. Through Utah’s first 3 games we connected on a single deep pass and that was on a broken play.…[Read more]

  • For the record, I agree that he needs to be given time to see what he can really do but a rising star? How so? That’s exactly what my initial comment was referring to. Where is all this optimism coming from? He hasn’t every done anything coaching. EW offense was the best in the country before he got there. He stayed one year. I don’t get it.

  • I think it is clear he made the wrong move last year, but you can’t switch it up again and regress. I do think that Utah’s best chance to win in the Pac12 is an offense more like the last 2 years. Power run game and solid defense. We looked like that agains USC and it was a nice blueprint of what we should be doing. Last we came back to Huntly,…[Read more]

  • I completely agree with you. A mediocre system looks a lot better when players have a couple years to really grasp it. My point was that Taylor is less qualified and has done less than any OC since Brian Johnson and NOW everyone wants to give the OC some slack? So, my question, which truly was a question, is why do people like this guy so much as an OC?

  • The only defensive stats that matter are scoring defense and turn overs. We’ve been pretty good at both this year. Giving up 30 when your offense can’t get a first down is somewhat respectable.

  • Troy Taylor also does’t have any experience against “real competition” so him having the balls to go with Huntley really doesn’t mean anything or inspire any confidence.

  • Two of your points (new OC, and new starting QB) serve to strengthen OP’s point regarding questioning if Whitt is the right coach to take us to the next level. Both of those are decisions that the HC makes. Both haven’t turned out very well yet.

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    Good God I hope our team isn’t assuming that ASU only beat WU because the stole signals. That’s an easy way to get your ass beat and an ignorant comment. Chris Peterson doesn’t protect against teams stealing his signals? That’s a ridiculous assumption.

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