Zack Moss – GOAT?

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        Ute Fan

        Moss has 176 yards to go to break the Utah football record for most career rushing yards.  Eddie Johnson currently holds the record.  

        I think most or all of us were aware he was nearing this.  I believe breaking and holding records usually qualifies greatness, but what about greatest?

        We’re not running back U, but there have been a lot of good backs come through the program for decades.  Moss’ stats are naturally helped by 4 years of play.  However, he’s done it against better competition week in week out than most of our backs historically.  I can’t think of a better back and I’ve been watching them since the 80’s.  

        Is Moss the undisputed GOAT or is it disputable (word?)



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        Ute Fan

        Moss has been great but i wouldn’t call him the greatest even with the record. Then again, I’m not sure who I would put ahead of him. 

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          Ute Fan

          Booker had a more rounded skillset. White and Williams head game changing speed. I give the nod to Booker. If he would have played 4 his numbers would have similar to Moss but with more receptions and receiving yards imo.

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        Ute Fan

        Yes, even if he never plays another down and doesn’t get the record.  Played against the best competition and imagine what the numbers would be had it not been for the “flip phone” offense the previous two years.  I believe his 4 years in the program actually aids his cause as the GOAT.

        Utah is in the unique position of actually being two different programs, the non BCS program and the PAC12 program.  Kyle has said for years moving to the PAC12 was like taking a new coaching job.

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        Ute Fan

        As far as I’m concerned, Zack Moss IS Utah’s greatest RB of all time.  And that’s despite there being a LOT of stiff competition for that title!

        Go Moss!

        GO UTES!!!

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        Ute Fan

        John White was amazing. Williams has one of the most amazing single game performances of all time. 

        I think Moss is the GOAT depending on what the team accomplishes. If we get Roses I think you gotta say he is. 

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        D T
        Ute Fan

        ZM will at least end as our most productive RB ever/one of our very best all-time.

        GOAT? A sure-fire candidate, but we only had DB for two years…..It’s definitely debatable & yes, SOS matters when considering others.

        187 against byu-p at their place was absolutely priceless!

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        Ute Fan

        What kind of Oline play did we have with booker compared to moss? I feel our our line has been fairly bad/Average for most of Moss’s career.

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