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    I didn’t realize it was sexually transmitted.

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    This blows, here I am sitting at my office watching the clock tick away (Pacific Time Zone problems).  Any other year I would be finishing my last beer at the pig and walking to the trax station to be in my seat for a 6:30 kick and to see my fall family in our section.  Such a buzz kill.

  • It is looking highly probable that a fall season will be played.  Has anybody heard what plans are for fans in the stands, is there talk of reduced capacity?  No fans at all?  If capacity is capped at 40% like some NFL teams are instituting in states that are allowing live events, are we looking at a lottery?  Tickets only for the largest…[Read more]

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    Is anyone else slightly apprehensive about renewing season tickets.  We now have until May 13 to renew.  For some reason I have a hard time seeing a refund if the season is cancelled or compromised.  A credit would be more likely?  How is everyone else approaching it?

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    According to 247 Oregon is in the running for another trash heap QB.  This time it is the Clemson back-up.
    Somebody better let them know that is a bush league tactic.

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    Well, Eason just declared.  At least 4 Oregon defensive underclassmen submitted for evals to from the NFL and Herbert.  The entire Arizona State rushing attack declared for the draft and a new OC is coming in.  Pittman and crew are headed to the league and the QB battle will extend into the season knowing Helton.
    My point is there is no need to…[Read more]

  • Nothing Utah football did from 03-2010 is actually acknowledged in ESPN history.  First, it shatters the narrative that BSU was the BCS buster this isn’t a slight.  BSU, like BYU in the 80’s, was an ESPN property at the time.  Second, ESPN is not a news outlet.  Once you realize that they are in the content production and promotion business not…[Read more]

  • Isn’t it cute when the folks in the 7 on 7 league get mad. Jalen Hurts didn’t suddenly become a prolific passing qb overnight.

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    Pulled the Bama beater hat off the office wall for the first time in a decade.  Go Utes!

  • Not sure Ekland was trolling.  That seems to be the company line about the Ute defensive backfield coming out of Husky town.  The grain of salt comes from what seems to be a clear confusion by their “analyst’s” on what kind of defense Utah actually runs or not knowing any of the the players other than Bradlee Anae on the defensive side of the…[Read more]

  • If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it did it happen?  The last time anyone actually watched the Utes on TV junkball Fink was playing 500 and our dbs were losing.  No one has watched the last month of total domination by the Utah D.  It is like John Henry or Paul Bunyan until it is witnessed in the light of day tomorrow.

    By that same…[Read more]

  • I appreciate the furvor for this mythological creature we all covet but let’s get real for a minute.  The O-line is starting to gel and part of that is working as a group.  O-line is not reciever or runningback where you just sub guys in to get reps.  He will play in his 4 games, Whit has said as much, but let’s pump the brakes a bit.  He is not…[Read more]

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    Eason and Herbert got the everloving shit knocked out of them today.

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    Looking in the rearview mirror, it sure would have been nice if Covey would have sat for NIU and Idaho State so that he could have been available later in the season if needed like Bryan Thompson last season.  I would guess the prevailing though was that he would have worked himself back in those games against lesser competition but it didn’t pan out.

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    We gonna win!

  • If the folks on the other board are to be believed he is somewhere between unofficial recruiting coordinator and staff member to exiled malcontent with mental illness.  But that is coming from a group of people that have to make up stories about Ute neighbors transgressions so who the hell knows?

    The fact that a dude a little bit older than me is…[Read more]

  • No, Shelley knew he was going to be the two coming into the season.  I still have little doubt that if something were to happen to Tyler in a real game Jason would run into the huddle.  Or, Rising is looking so good in practice that the writing is on the wall and Shelley will be QB1 at Utah State next season anyway.

    People get on here and bitch…[Read more]

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    Tune in to this Zona vs. Tech debacle and it will increase your appreciation for our boring efficiency this season.

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    “I hate those pussy’s with a passion, I have hated them since I was born.” ~ Morgan Scalley

    I will go with a hard no.

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    I have no other expectation for Washington than that they will be good.  I just need a little bit of a sample size before I go all in on Eason as the second coming of Warren Moon after a game against an FCS school. Eason was basically a 55% passer at Georgia playing against teams that gave more than a nod to playing defense.

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