Apple AirPods are both awesome and junk

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    Milton Vanderslice
    Ute Fan

    I have had these for 24 hours now. 

    The bad:
    I’ve had the audio cut out twice.  Audio only in the right ear twice.  Audio only in the left ear once. (all within 24 hours)

    The Good:
    They sound good and have better bass than I expected.  The are comfortable and not having a wire makes more difference than I thought.  The microphones are fantastic. 

    The battery life when listening to podcasts all day is very good.  However, a 1 hour skype conference call used 33% of my battery compared to 1 hour of podcast listening has been taking 18%  The microphone must be taking a double the battery life.  I’ve paired them to a mac, iphone, windows, and android OS.  However, it seems that auto pause when you take your earbuds out only works on the iphone.


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    XTND battery case, they’re awesome.


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