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    Ute Fan

    Does anybody know why Whittingham is not in any rush to hire a new member of the offensive staff? It seems like it would be a disadvantage to be one staff member down during a critical recruiting time.

    Is the idea just that it’s more important to take your time and get it right than rush into a new hire? Or is Kyle too busy recruiting himself to do an extensive search for a new assistant?

    Wouldn’t a new hire (e.g. Kennedy Polamalu) also bring with it some good connections that might help bring in a new recruit or is it just too late in the game for that?

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    Milton Vanderslice
    Ute Fan

    I hope he’s trying to get the right hire.  We’ve excelled at RB these past years thanks to DE not to mention the recruiting pipeline.   I don’t think he’s taking this hire lightly. 

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      Ute Fan

      Agree that it needs to be the right hire. I’m confident that Whitt will hire the right guy. I guess that the recruits they are after are identified and offered at this point and there isn’t much of a disadvantage not having a RB coach since Whitt hasn’t hired one yet. I did see someone retweet one of the RB recruits we are after where he said he had a great conversation with Troy Taylor so that’s cool.

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    Ute Fan

    Good reply Milton they need to find the right coach.

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    Ute Fan

    He said in and interview that they are concentrating on recruiting now and will take more time to find the right person to fill out the staff.

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    Ute Bc
    Ute Fan

    He is busy as p**s mid stream. They have divided multiple recruiting duties and getting a coach up to speed would be disruptive. 

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    Ute Fan

    Whitt also mentioned in a radio interview this week that the position was being discussed with Troy Taylor and the other coaches. He even speculated that they could move another existing coach to coach the RBs, if there were a greater need or opportunity at another position, as identified by Taylor.  I suspect that won’t happen, but I think he wanted to leave some latitude for Taylor to help “overhaul” the passing game.

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    Larry B
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    Whatever happens, I just hope Polamalu is Whitt’s first phone call. I think this guy could do great things at Utah.


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