For those who say our offense sucks…

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      I remember looking at the game stats on the jumbotron through three quarters at the UCLA game. We led UCLA in every statistical category except turnovers. We had more rushing yards, more passing yards, more total yards, more time of possession.

      What’s my point? I don’t necessarily have one. It’s just kind of funny.

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      We actually did well statistically. Finished the game basically even in most categories except turnovers (fumbles). Even Rosen was held to a 50% completion rate, but his yards per completion were almost double that of TW’s. That goes to TW’s accuracy and ability to read the defense, which makes it very risky to throw downfield like everyone wants. You can’t do what you don’t have.

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        Rosen from what I can remember had two good drives.(Not including the turnover that resulted in 3 points he had three drives.) He completed some unbelievable passes in tight windows that were great catches as well. But he also had a few times he stood in the pocket took the hit and his wideout got open. Now I didn’t see that against UCLA’s defense. Utah’s wideouts stink, enough said that to me was the biggest letdown this season and it was the largest area of concern for me in Spring ball. All of the Wilson bashing is the stupid part. I even remember in years past when Wilson would make the completion and Utah’s wideouts would drop the damn ball. Anderson was notorious for making a great catch on a poor pass but drop a regular ole receiving route.

        That dropped pass on the eastern sideline on third down in the UCLA game? Tyrone Smith dropping the ball against Arizona. Wilson makes the plays he is a part of an 11 man team.

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          All good quarterbacks have balls that are dropped almost every game. Wilson just sucks. He throws to linebackers. When I’m playing NCAA football on Playstation, I know my plays so well that I know where my receivers are on all their routes. My eyes are strictly on the defense. I read the defense, react and throw accordingly. I know if the linebackers drop back, I hit the RB out of the backfield for an easy 4 yards or scramble up the middle rather than throwing a pick trying to hit the slant route. Wilson doesn’t even look at the defense. Bottom line is the coaches have either failed to coach Wilson up or failed to recognize that he’s uncoachable and get another QB in there. Bottom line is A-Rod sucks.

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            Ute Fan

            C’mon man, are you really comparing a video game to real life here? I get the frustration over Wilson. But I don’t think you’re in any position to say, “it’s easy”, when there’s only maybe 30 competent pro and college quarterbacks in the WORLD right now.

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