Joe Williams is still running

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        Life is stranger than fiction.

        I love seeing Joe run with passion and be rewarded for stepping up to help his friends and teammates! Joe is on his way to becoming a Ute legend and another great recruiting story for the program.

        When the team yells “family on 3” they mean it. When Kyle tells them to “play for each other” the players take it to heart. It’s not just coach speak. It’s an incredible culture where 17-18 year old boys can learn by example from good men how to to become like them. The players learn what’s really important in life. When they leave the program they’re ready to make the world a better place. Considering the U’s graduation rate, football culture, and the fact they have the longest tenured coaching staff in the PAC-12 Utah has everything a responsible parent would want for their son.

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        Tony (admin)

        Fantastic post. Thanks for your comments.

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        You should have seen the whole team huddle up before the start of the 4th quarter. Some pretty inspiring stuff going on down there.

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          Ok, so you have baited the hook, tell us about some of the inspiring things going on down on the field before the 4th.

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        I was just a giant team huddle, Whitt giving a speech. The team finished it up with a chant routine and a giant ooh rah! Psyching them up for the 4th quarter. You could just tell, they wanted it.

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