Really excited to see some of our guys in Troy’s system

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    Mccormick will be perfect as a hybrid rb/wr. Simpkins and Fulks will also be nice toys for our new OC. Sad we won’t get to see what Butler Byrd could do in a wide open offense that was capable of taking full advantage of his skill set. 

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    Fulks has been so overhyped. He seems to drop everything thrown to him. On the rare occasion he does get the ball in his hands, he rarely gets any YAC. And that fumble on the opening kickoff of the bowl game was just ridiculous.

    Hopefully Taylor can get him straightened out.

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      That fumble was so pathetic. It was a blowup hit from a defensive end he didn’t even try to avoid. One of the larger men trying to hit him and he sort of wanders right into his shoulder. Still makes me upset when I think about it and can’t wait for Covey to get back. Fulks and Boobie have the worst depth perception I have ever seen. 

      I seriously worry if they can even cross the street safely every day. 

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        After reading this I realize I sound like a dick. But seriously we have been spoiled with good return guys for so long it was hard to watch this season. 

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    Singleton and Wilson will be fun to watch as well.


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