To the Penn State defenders, and folks who downvote anti-PSU posts,

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    Ute Fan

    what are your thoughts on the fact that Penn State fans went bananas cheering for Paterno when they showed his pic on the jumbotron during the Rose Bowl? This, after they did the same thing a couple months back during his tribute in the Temple game. Yeah, they haven’t learned, and that program still deserves the death penalty. A game played largely by teenagers just ain’t that important.

    F**k PSU

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    Tacoma Ute
    Ute Fan


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    Virginia Ute
    Ute Fan

    Agreed! If PSU did win another game in 50 years, it would be too soon for me.  Screw that whole place.  

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    Fans are fans. The school itself paid out $93 million in settlements to the victims for an average of about $2.5 million.

    How many of you are still bent that Majerus crapped in a towel in front of his Utah basketball team? Wait, Majerus is God around Utah now.

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      Ute Fan

      Crapping in a bowl is not the same as covering up molestation.

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      Ute Fan

      Thanks for responding, but what? Majerus was quirky, but not one to brush off child molestation (at least I would assume). I don’t care if PSU paid out billions in settlements, the very fact that the school still thinks it’s wise to honor Paterno and that the fans obviously still revere the man is disgraceful.

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        Yeah pretty sure if Majerus was told about a little boy being raped in a shower he would probably kick his ass.  


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