Way too early expectations for next season??

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      Six wins?? Unless the Qb coach hire is amazing and turns TWill into a complete gamer. I doubt Huntley is going to get 20 lbs of muscle in the offseason. 

      I think the defense will be solid. If they address the Linebacker spot get some depth behind there. 

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      10-2. The end of this season was painful, but looking at the big picture, we started a brand new QB, had a ton of injuries and return most of our production on both sides of the ball.

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        List the returning guys…..

        No Patrick, CBB and Joe Williams.  Which has been most of the production.  Moss couldn’t get healthy or mentally with it after being put back in the two spot.  Lose most of the oline, I think Bolles is going to the NFL.  


        Defensive side of the ball I bet Lotulelei, and Marcus Williams leave.  Fitts hasn’t been granted a medical redshirt yet I don’t think.  Some of the young guys looked good on the DT but IDK.  Linebackers I wonder if Chase Hansen slides down or is still going to play that tweener type position.  They are sliding Kenric Young over to Corner?

        Bullish on the Utes and the schedule is brutal.  Road game to the Coliseum? 

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          All of our offensive production left last year and we held up ok. I actually really like our future wr core. Think the hb spot is solid with Moss and Shyne /rapido/dhc. Our d line should be ok. Linebackers should be better. Secondary is the only area of concern. Marcus will leave a huge hole and we are losing our corners. Like all of them.


          Too early pred, good front 7. Bad secondary. Ok defense, ok offense. 7-5/9-3

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            Yeah I like Wilson and Simpkins.  Handley and Fakailoatonga should be really good to if they are healthy.  A lot of pieces are leaving on that Oline so I wonder how well TWill is going to hold up. Depends on that November schedule.  Colorado may take a slight step back.  USC will be USC, UCLA is overrated with Rosen, Zona and ASU might stay the same.  

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      Got to go with 8-4.  But man, we have some tough road games next year.

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      If I had to guess right now with the projected losses and and incomplete recruiting class I’d say 5-7 or 6-6.

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        This recruiting class may really tank.  Win that Oregon game you get some momentum, really fell into a buffalo pie to end the season. 


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