Are college teams breaking the rules when it comes to the portal and NIL?

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      First of all – I am not sure there are a lot of rules.
      Second, I am quite sure the NCAA is doing very little investigating.
      This brings up the question. Let’s say there was a company in Alabama that offered Kincaid a million if he transferred to Alabama. The offer was not made directly to Dalton, but possibly a parent or a sibling. Let’s assume that no one on the coaching staff knew anything about the offer. Since the university was not involved, going to the portal is now acceptable and NIL money seems to not be limited – would this be considered an NCAA violation?
      I do not think that the portal or NIL money is working out as it was intended. Every institution including ours is likely bending the rules. I have heard as much from people close to the Utah and BYU programs. (I am not saying that anyone at Utah or BYU has broken the rules because the rules are vague.)
      I do not like the portal or NIL as it now is working. However, I do appreciate donors and the University stepping up and trying to compete in this new world. I hope that somehow, someway, the NCAA steps in and tries to get this mess under control. Until then, we need to play the game without crossing the line.

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      Ute Fan

      Yes teams are breaking the rules when it comes to NIL especially in Bball. All that illegal money that teams like Arizona and coaches like Sean Miller paid out under the table has become blatant and out in the open and is dressed up as NIL.

      Is the ncaa going to do anything about it? Absolutely not.

      Crimson Collective was behind the NIL curve because they took the time to do it right. It has nothing to do with the university directly coaches at Utah don’t use it as a recruiting tool and at Utah it’s not a pay for play system.

      Utah may lose players because of it but I applaud them for doing it right.

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