CU – Utah game yesterday morning

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      Yeah, morning.

      So the family and I went to Boulder yesterday morning to watch the Ute Volleyball team dismantle the Buffalo Chips. Utah finished 3rd in the Pac-12 in Volleyball, that’s pretty impressive.

      So anyway, I’ve been to at least 5 volleyball matches in Boulder and their fans have always yelled, screamed and tried to distract our servers. Yesterday, like every other freaking match there I’ve made calls as their servers were getting ready to hit the ball. Two of my daughters love to scream with me. My youngest does not. Any way, as I’m doing my  fan thing I realize the stat guy for Colorado is staring me down as they get ready to serve. I looked him straight in the eyes and yelled” Long, long, short!!!!” As their server went through her serve. Guy had a real napoleon complex. Must have been all of 5’6″. He kept turning his chair sideways on the bench. Real weirdo.

      Here’s his bio.


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      How would a 5’6″ dude even get involved in volleyball?  Didn’t read the bio, but was some of his earliest involvement handing out towels and pulling hair out of the shower drains? 

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      Probably a DS/Lib.

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