Highest Priority Issues To Fix This Week

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      The morning after. I was jacked up last night. Couldn’t get to sleep for a long time. What a frustrating loss. We should have been able to capitalize on all the gifts we were given, opportunities to win the game.


      Our deep cover is not good. Cal exposed that, badly. We need serious work on that. We have a lot of pass happy teams opponents coming up.

      How long is Loel out? We are REALLY hurting with him gone. Not getting much rush on the QB, which feeds into our deep cover issues.

      Also I think our overall tacking needs improvement. Seems like the first guy is often not bringing down the runner and gaining too many extra yards.


      Losing our starting center REALLY hurt. With a starting center those last couple of goal line attempts might have been different. Also it seems like Asiata was getting blown up last night.

      I’m not as unhappy with the RB play as some here. I think we went to the well one too many times in the 4th.

      Williams IMO was good enough last night. Not great but good enough. It was his first big time game on the road. SJSU doesn’t count. We were in position to win and that pass in the flat on the 2nd to last play did hit the receiver in the hands, but not great accuracy there. I think he should have ran that one anyway. The corner was open.

      I thought our receivers were great, even with our two best guys out. Finally we have some depth there.

      Special Teams

      One of Whitt’s best areas has been special teams, probably glommed from Urban. This year’s special teams are the worst I’ve seen, possibly EVER. Our kickoffs are short. We kick to olympic sprinters. Coverage is bad.

      Field goals are like rolling the dice this year. I think Andy is more hurt that we realize. Had he made that missed field goal, in the 4th we could have kicked a FG to win, rather than needing a TD to win.

      Punt returns are awful. Nearly every time there’s a block in the back. I thought Boobie looked good in week #1, but since then he and anyone else who has returned has been below mediocre.


      Mainly we need to get the injuries under control. We always have them, but it seems a little early this year.

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      Usually Utah is strongest in Special teams and it is by far the weakest phase of play besides Wishnowsky.  Although he can’t kick off very well.

      Defensively there are holes all over I thought Utah had depth here but that is not the case. At this point it seems like the offense is more reliable.

      This loss really hurts and I really hope it doesn’t bite us in the ass later. I hope as a team Utah can put it behind them.  Zona is very capable of beating Utah.

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      On KO returns Utah is last in the PAC 12. Might as well take every touchback possible.

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      Ute Fan

      Special teams 100% made the Cal loss happen, made the USC game closer by gifting them 7 points to Adoree Jackson. Such a huge part of the game and it’s not fun having it a weak spot.


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