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        Ute Fan
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        Tony (admin)

        We aren’t even sure if there is hope. Yikes. LOL

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        Ute Fan

        If this team can stay healthy. They have a chance at a good season.

        Which is middle of the Pac12 and a possible NIT bid.

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          Ute Fan

          I think that’s a fair assessment. I haven’t looked at the other Pac teams to see where we fit in. We have 1 likely reliable shooter in Madsen. That scares me. If one or two others can make 35% or more that would be huge. We can’t have Carlson being our only scoring threat again. We have a ton of depth on this team, but it isn’t high quality depth. We have flawed players with equally flawed players behind them.

          We have a ton of decent D1 players, and nobody with legitimate NBA player potential. Keita might be an NBA player. Certainly looks like one, but don’t know his skill level.

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        Ute Fan

        If Baxter is the same guy we played against last year, we are better with just that. If Carlson does not miss games, better still. I expect the players from last year will improve. I think the new players will be better than those we lost. It is also good to get a second big back even if he is a freshman. The Utes will be better, we just need to see how much better but they will put more than one team behind them.

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