More Ute players coming forward with same thing.

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      Scalley should never have felt comfortable enough to use that word.  White people just can’t say it.

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      I don’t think anyone should say it. Because the content generally isn’t positive. That being said it isn’t illegal it violates professional standards which is why Scalley won’t ever find work again. 

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      If black people can say it, then white people can say it. The only reason there is a problem with people saying that word regularly, is because it’s every other word in mainstream rap. You don’t hear people using other derogatory terms directed at other groups of people frequently like you do with the N word. Stop putting it in rap, stop calling eachother that word, and maybe people would stop saying it. But to say only one race can say it but others can’t is actually slightly racist.

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        That word has zero need to be used in a professional or public setting ever. I don’t care what race you are. 

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        This may be the most ignorant comment I’ve read on this board. That word was used by whites to refer to slaves as inferior beings, to make them feel inhuman. There is absolutely no reason for a white person to use that word, regardless of if African-Americans still use it today. While I do think that the word should not be used anymore, some African-Americans use that word to try to reclaim it and remove the derogatory history.

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          While I do think that the word should not be used anymore, some African-Americans use that word to try to reclaim it and remove the derogatory history.

          That literally makes zero sense. Not saying it at all is how you fix the problem and get people to stop saying it. I don’t condone the use of the word ever, but to say only one race can say it and another can’t is ridiculous. I know where the word came from, and that’s why black people shouldn’t be using that word with eachother and in rap. If they can’t handle another person using that word, then they shouldn’t be using it either. Everyone needs to stop using it, both white and black.

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      FWIW, Julian Blackmon tweeted in support of Scalley. Said he’s definitely not racist. Don’t think that’s going to help him though. He should have been smarter than that.

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      Sorry. White people should not use that word. No good can come from it.

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        While I agree and understand what you’re saying, I think this is something that would be both good and bad.

        Allowing black people to continue to use the word and not white people makes sense – that way, black people would never get offended because a white person says it. If a black person says it to a black person and the other black person gets offended, that’s between them as black people.


        Racism is the opposite of inclusion. Racism is acknowledging and acting upon differences between people based on the color of their skin.

        Having a ban on that word for white people but not black people is, in itself, creating that difference. In other words, there is separation in expected or allowed behavior based on skin color – which, by its very nature, is a racist thing.

        I think the safest course of action here would be that no one should use the word. I recognize that there is a value to black people with its usage – reclamation of their strength and confidence by being able to flippantly use the word that previously had been so degrading and debilitating. It’s like a person doing something that had scared them so much before, but that they realize isn’t so dangerous any more, so they do it over and over to demonstrate to themselves that they have conquered whatever it was that was scary and painful to them.

        But you have to weigh that against the general good of the community as a whole. I think yes, allowing black people to use the word is healing to them – but making it a pariah for anyone to use that word, including black people, would overall be more healing for the community as a whole.

        Just my two cents.

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      My biggest concern is that he meant to text it to other coaches, not a recruit. Well, what is/was the culture at Utah football that makes a coach feel that texting the n-bomb to other coaches is OK? Not for a second would I feel OK with dropping the n-bomb with any of my coworkers – even my closest confidants – under any circumstances.

      I really hope there isn’t an internal culture of allowable racism at Utah football.

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      White people can’t say things that black people say every day and sing about. I do agree. Surely that word cuts deep into a bad part of our American history. But also, I think it would be easier to not repeat that word if it was said less across all of society.

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