• LOL. I can’t wait to see the bullsh*t reasoning he comes up with for this one.

  • LMFAO. Great comment, but the sad part is this is probably going to be our reality in the not too distant future.

  • Exactly, look at programs like Clemson and Iowa for example. Iowa especially has been under the microscope lately for things much more severe than what happened with Scalley, and they are still going to recruit successfully because of how they churn out NFL talent. Utah will be no different, in fact I think we will be better off than Iowa will be.…[Read more]

  • CB_Ute replied to the topic Scalley in the forum Football 2 weeks, 5 days ago

    If that’s something that other schools would use against Utah, and the recruits believed what they were being fed by those opposing schools, then maybe Utah wouldn’t want that particular recruit. Gotta have players that can think critically and understand the type of man Scalley is by their own experience, rather than blindly devouring that kind…[Read more]

  • Utesbyfive is correct. Sione Lund won’t be returning to the program. He was suspended at the same time as the whole Terrell Perriman/Donte Banton thing happened.

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    I do too, but at the same time while Javelin was appreciated, I think with him being gone it opens up opportunity for CP3 to start and get more playing time. CP3 would have gotten some reps regardless even with Jav on the roster, but I think CP3 gets a lot more playing time with him gone, and let’s be real, CP3’s ceiling is probably a lot higher than Javs.

  • CB_Ute replied to the topic RJ Hubert in the forum Football 3 weeks, 6 days ago

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Nate Ritchie starts at Safety after a few games. Have heard nothing but praise about his football intelligence and athleticism. I’m not too worried about the safety position, but I am concerned with the CB spots simply because of a lack of experience. I think CP3 starts potentially at nickel, but the lack of experience…[Read more]

  • As far as things like the racial divide as well as the political in the country, I don’t know how to fix it. Quite frankly, it might be unsolvable because it all depends on people coming together and talking things out. But I just don’t see that ever happening, people are reverting to tribalism more and more every day and a lot of stupid people…[Read more]

  • If it wasn’t true, I wouldn’t be saying it. Educate yourself, obviously it’s not information that everyone is going to be spouting off, because Soros doesn’t want people to know he’s funding things like BLM, Antifa, etc. Don’t let the media brainwash you, that includes both CNN and Fox. Think for yourself and stop listening to political commentary on TV.

  • This is the problem with the left, you give them a inch and they take a mile. It’s not enough for them for white people to be against racism, support BLM (which is a corrupt organization funded by George Soros), and want to defund the police. Now they will refuse to interact with you if you wear a t-shirt with a fringe news networks logo on it.…[Read more]

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    Anyone have any info on Maxs Tupais status? Is he still thinking about returning, or is he calling it quits, or is it still up in the air? He would be huge to have back in the program.

  • CB_Ute replied to the topic Ryan Lacy interview recap in the forum Football 4 weeks ago

    Link or source?

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    Where did you get these numbers? Koli Faaiu and Viliami Pouha have already committed so that doesn’t seem very high at 80% for Koli.

  • Of coarse he was called out, it’s the Wall Street Journal lol.

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    It’s a bad word, but do you seriously think 15 years of contributing to the success of a business wouldn’t even be a factor into you being fired for saying the n-word? Come on people, don’t give this word so much damn power. No one should say it, but to lose your job for saying it 7 years ago is a bit extreme.

  • Can you send me a message too? I’m pretty new here and don’t know who he is but am curious where he gets his info

  • @Pace – Not sure why Harlan would feel the need to “break the bubble” when Utah has been consistently ranked in the top 25. We were a G5 school less then a decade ago, and so for you to have the desire for him to “think progressively” and hire an outsider with a certain skin color (which is the textbook definition of racism btw so good job)…[Read more]

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    That’s really interesting news. I was assuming it was partly because of the Morgan Scalley news, because I think the day after the news came out is when all of the experts changed their crystal balls for him to Washington. That’s good info to know.

  • I’m not gonna copy and paste the entire article, because I’m sure there is some sort of legal reason I shouldn’t, but I’ll go ahead and tell you each school in each tier and what the article says about Utah:

    Tier 1: Alabama, Clemson, Florida, Georgia, LSU, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Texas, USC

    Tier 2: Auburn, Florida State, Michigan, Notre Dame,…[Read more]

  • CB_Ute replied to the topic DE Villiami Pouha commits to Utah in the forum Football 1 month ago

    Also good to hear something positive after the Morgan Scalley news came out.

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