Number of draft picks 2010-2019

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    Utah: 32

    USU: 12

    BYU: 8

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    But.but.but…the Ywets in the NFL all suck. No one is greater than Taysom, he’s going to replace Brees and.and.and the saints entire special teams, and their defense and well he’s the Swiss Army knife and.and.and……I wish I were kidding with this post, but this is about what they had to say regarding our players on cooter board. 

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      Yeah, CB is a cesspool of cognitive dissonance.

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    man its unreal how trash and close minded the members are in that group. I went over there to take a peak on their comments on the NFL draft and it was just talk’n sht bout utah. like how can you make fun of utah when you lost to them?? on the real though. they are so sour AF. Literally should make their own lemon farm.


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