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        When someone has been doing this for decades, it’s hard to disagree and it sounds about right. 

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        Seems about right. I wouldn’t be surprised if the AP puts Oklahoma ahead of the Utes. The one I don’t understand is Oregon. Am I the only one that didn’t think they were great last season? They also lost their best player and I don’t think Bo Nix is the answer at QB. Probably a step up from last year though.

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        D T
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        On Riley’s show, PS said we would also be in his Top 10.

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          Preseason rankings don’t mean anything. However, they’re a great show of respect to the program and great exposure for recruiting.

          Phil Steele has been like 99% accurate with predicting the AP’s preseason Top 10. And so I’d be shocked if we aren’t ranked around #8 but certainly in the Top 10.

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            Which sounds about right. If you look at rankings since the CFP started (2014): one loss P5 teams usually end up in the top 6; two loss P5 teams end up in the top 12 and 3 loss teams go down to around 20 depending on SOS and who they lose to.

            #8 pretty much means 10-2 regular season and wins in Bowl/CCG. Team Composite Calculator would give you 9-3 (losses to Florida, SC & Oregon). I wouldn’t say that anything between 6 and 15 would be out of line for 2022 Utah at this point.

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