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    Why would you think I’m personally embarrassed by this? I’m not on the team nor am I a coach. Now if I were Morgan Scalley I would be embarrassed.

    Maybe I should have made the headline: Scalley should be embarrassed…?

    The fact I have to explain this is ridiculous. That fact that you and apparently a couple of others think I’m personally…[Read more]

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    Seems like you give a fuck since you put two ** in your comment. Getting a ‘F’ would be embarrassing from mowing your own lawn to working on a project at work. Giving up over 500 total yards is embarrassing. Wearing socks with sandals is embarrassing. Saying you don’t give a fuck then proceed to give a fuck is embarrassing. Hilarious.

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    CBS Sports: F

    The normally-stout Utes defense gave up 502 total yards, 198 rushing yards to Zach Charbonnet and got lit up by Dorian Thompson-Robinson in what was a must-win game. ~Barrett Sallee

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    All I have to say after watching this USC/Wazzu game is… The Trojans are going to get WRECKED!

    GO UTES!

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    Rising has 216 of the 233 total yds so far!
    The Beavers still hangin’ around. 

  • It struck a nerve eh. Probably thought I was talking about you? Hilarious.

  • Occasionally I’ll run into a tds fan here in the PHX valley which I’ll say, “GO UTES!” and get some kind of response or a conversation about the season or upcoming tds v. Utah game. Always positive though.

    Ute fans on the other hand don’t seem to know how to react? Almost like, “is he making fun of me, what do I do?”

    Though I’m not…[Read more]

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    “From Haller’s report:

    An opposing coach recently told The Athletic that it wasn’t hard to get intel on this season’s team because some within Arizona State athletics wanted a coaching change.

    That’s not what you want to see.”

    ASU went from a pending NCAA investigation and possible sanctions to complete radioactivity on their next coachin…[Read more]

  • Roscoe despite being weird and a bit of an entitled, pompous prick isn’t a bad coach. He took a below-average Virginia to a ACC championship game and I believe a NY6 bowl game?

    I would like to see him land somewhere in the Big XII for obvious reasons.

  • There was nothing to gain by playing the tds as an independent other than state bragging rights; that will change after next season.

  • I have a buddy who went to Iowa and we always talk about how great it would be to get a series between Utah/Iowa. He’s actually become quite the Ute fan and thinks the Utes play a very similar style to Iowa which I agree.

    If I had to choose an SEC team I would go with Auburn because of Bo Jackson.

  • Was this guy born under a lucky star? How is this guy still the coach of ASU after last nights embarrassing loss to EMU @ home?

    Well… Arizona State faces v. Utah, @ USC and v. Washington. Brutal three weeks ahead.

  • Why? They may drop again next week playing an unranked SDSU who Arizona beat handedly but imploded last night at home v. Mississippi State. #thanksArizona #goDucks

  • All in one game Utah went from possible CFP team or Rose Bowl to the Alamo? Forget the Alamo. I’ll see where ESPN has Utah the first week of November.

  • Coach Whittingham’s game plan has always been a stout defense, great running back, control the clock and decent to great Special Teams. We know it, the opposing teams know it, now beat his plan if you can?

    A college football chess master Whittingham has never been or will be.

    Now Utah needs to lose the “vanilla” BS for FCS teams and put up 60+…[Read more]

  • They jumped to #12 (NR) while Utah dropped to #13 (7). Perception of Utah is still high.

    AP Top 25 ranking
    1. Alabama (44)
    2. Georgia (17)
    3. Ohio State (2)
    4. Michigan
    5. Clemson
    6. Texas A&M
    7. Oklahoma
    8. Notre Dame
    9. Baylor
    10. USC
    11. Oklahoma State
    12. Florida
    13. Utah
    14. Michigan State
    15. Miami
    16. Arkansas
    17. Pittsburgh
    18. NC…[Read more]

  • Wait what? Thomas ran for 115 yards on 23 carries (5yds/carry avg.) but it’s time to bench him now for Glover or Curry?

    I would be a little more concerned about TO management, road woes (3 straight road losses) and play calling in the RZ than Tavion’s conditioning right now. Seriously.

  • Not sure I’ll be watching any games other than Utah v. SU but I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on the other Pac-12 scores especially USC @ Stanford.

  • “Given the Gators are not expected to be SEC contenders this season — though that could change — the Utes’ loss is a sore spot as well. That does not mean it’s a terrible loss, but it may not measure up well against losses by other potential contenders at season’s end. Still, I project Utah to repeat as Pac-12 champions and play in the Rose Bowl…[Read more]

  • Seeing him in frustration on the bench after the interception that sealed the game tells me he’s putting this disappointing loss on himself for the 4th and Goal play? Hand it to Florida, they needed and stop and got it.

    It will be interesting to see how he does going forward and if he just goes nuclear on all the teams Utah faces next? I hope…[Read more]

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