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        Utes 69
        Ute Fan

        sorry Ute fans, I have to disagree with a lot of the post of the Florida game.

        1st, Whitt left at least 11 points on the field. Utes lost by 3

        2nd if you want to be a top ten team, you need to be able to get a first down or a TD from inside the five.

        do not take a field goal inside the ten GO FOR IT.  punch it in.

        this is a trend for several years now. no goal line TD’S

        3rd way too much Kuithe was we trying to trick Florida late in the fourth qrt!  we did this with Covey for years and it costs some games. 

        No Vale, No Ennis

        I did not hear any linebackers names called either.  Florida ran at will. Pearsall killed us every time they needed a third and long. 

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        As the old saying goes, you know what kind of team you’ve got after game 2. So personally I’m not internalizing any talk about how bad (or good) we are until then.

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          .. They had a chance to win it at the end. Shoulda, woulda, coulda at this point.

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          Honestly, we won’t really know after game 2 either (unless we lose). Beating Southern Utah won’t tell us much.

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          When “game 2” is an FCS opponent, you’ll need to wait until “game 3” to find out.  We will learn absolutely NOTHING about this team vs. SUU.

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        Everybody expects Utah to have a great D because it’s what Whitt does, but there’s going to be some regression. By end of season the defense will be better but the first few games they’re going to struggle.

        I’m more concerned with the RB room. Utah  doesn’t have a #1 RB and Bernard indicates a pass play. Florida and even the announcers picked up on it. Whitt and Ludwig with 60+ yrs experience got out coached. Hopefully Glover or Curry can take over as RB1. Several times the camera went to Thomas and he was pretty visible  struggling with his conditioning.

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          Wait what? Thomas ran for 115 yards on 23 carries (5yds/carry avg.) but it’s time to bench him now for Glover or Curry?

          I would be a little more concerned about TO management, road woes (3 straight road losses) and play calling in the RZ than Tavion’s conditioning right now. Seriously.

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        Good points. Utah is zero threat outside the hash marks. All the WR hype is just that. Utah media is also afraid to point out KWs glaring inability to make sound coaching decisions in close games against good teams and good head coaches. Napier a young, relatively new coach out coaching an experienced coach should never happen. KW did it multiple times in the Florida game. Unfortunately along with the many great things KW has accomplished, poor coaching decisions in close, big games is also part of his legacy.

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          Coach Whittingham’s game plan has always been a stout defense, great running back, control the clock and decent to great Special Teams. We know it, the opposing teams know it, now beat his plan if you can?

          A college football chess master Whittingham has never been or will be.

          Now Utah needs to lose the “vanilla” BS for FCS teams and put up 60+ on Southern Utah.

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