Reyes and I Wright Transferring

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      SLTRIB is reporting that Reyes and Wright are transferring.

      Your comments on this subject are welcomed.

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      When I saw Wright in the PAC 12 Conference Championship game against Oregon, I had to ask my brother who it was. When I saw Reyes’ minutes get chopped down and he continually missed the bunnies, you knew that story was ending. Neither are a big loss. They should be able to reload.

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        Neither are a big loss. They should be able to reload.

        Totally agree. I think they saw the writing on the wall. I actually had high hopes for Wright, post-Taylor.

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          Wright didn’t improve at all from last year I was really disappointed in him. Addition by subtraction cliché.

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      Ute Fan

      I know they’re college guys just like me at the same institution, but I was excited to see that they’d be leaving. Best wishes but we need better talent than those guys’ productions. They were nowhere near the pac 12 caliber we need. A big question mark for me is that Mawien kid. How good is he?

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        It is sad but everyone has a ceiling. My experience in college and in the professional world is people either continually improve or they lose motivation and regress.

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        I am also really excited to see how much better Kuzma will be. Kid has incredible abilities I really think Coach Kodiak will work on him this offseason.

        I hope Poeltl goes pro to I really feel like NBA is the next step for him.

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      Ute Fan

      It is always a bummer to see players leave but I understand.   Hopefully they find a program that fits them better


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      Ute Fan

      I think this is a casualty of just how quickly Kodiak has rebuilt this program into a powerhouse. The incoming talent is coming because he did such a great job so quickly. Reyes and Wright are quality guys that were great team members, but yes… the talent level just wasn’t there.

      Reyes had a wide frame, but had a hard time making close-to-the-rim shots and also had a height disadvantage for the positions he played (C & PF). He could bang… but that’s kind of it.

      Wright… I don’t know what happened there. His season stats say he made 20 of 52 shots, but I don’t recall seeing more than 4 or 5 shots made by him. It seemed to me that everything he threw up clanged out. He just couldn’t get the offense in a flow, and wasn’t a threat by himself offensively. His Assists-to-Turnover ratio was similar to Brandon Taylors, but again, it seemed like he was always turning the ball over.

      Kuzma is going to be an animal.

      You know what surprised me? Bonham had more blocks than Kuzma. Go figure.


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