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      As a fan and alumni, I’ve always been proud to have Steve Smith as a U alum. I’ve always respected his toughness, grittiness and baller attitude. Polarizing figure at times as he finds ways to mentally break his opponents. He seems to always put in the work to be successful on the field.

      Future HOFer, 5x pro bowler, just hit 10th all time in receiving yards. I especially appreciate this because he’s 5’9″ and 195 lbs. Not your typical NFL receiver.

      Anyway, I came across this podcast interview by Steve King with Sport Illustrated and really enjoyed hearing some of his stories, especially how he ended up coming to Utah.

      It’s about a 30 minute interview, but pretty enjoyable.

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      Steve Smith Sr. talks candidly and freely. That was a great listen! Thanks for the link.

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      Thanks, this was a great listen, well worth the time.  If nothing else everyone should download it and listen to it on their way in to work tomorrow.

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