This is the most BYU post ever.

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      Just read the first three sentences out loud in a nerdy voice. I read it to my extended family as we are on vacation and everyone had a good laugh. “That’s so BYU”
      the most BYU post ever

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      Passive aggressive?

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      I love how they are ready to dismiss Kalani if he fails to make a bowl game this year, but the question that they cannot answer is who would take his place.  It’s cute to think that they could get Andy Reid or even Jay Hill, but at the end of the day, both parties have to want it. 

      This might have been a desirable job once upon a time – I get that they still have national name recognition – but if you are Jay Hill, do you want to transfer from a job where you are playing for national championships every year, even at a lower level (though likely for roughly the same pay), to go to a team that is rebuilding without apparently having the proper funding or administrative support?  

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      I hope they drop him so they have to double Niumatalolo’s salary and accept becoming a wishbone team. It’s an admission you can’t recruit athleticsm. The thing is the wishbone is perfect for their team culture. They would actually be really good with a couple of thick running backs behind the QB, but it is too much for the dads who want Jim McMahon to come back. 

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      My favorite was the “tHey BeaT a tEAm tHat BEat uTAh” response.

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      Awesome how they want to run Sitake out of town, exactly like they did with Bronco (who turned out to be a half decent coach). Could it be that the coach isn’t the problem?

      At this rate, they’re literally going to run out of active LDS football coaches.

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