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      Ute Fan

      You guys were talking about getting Rose Bowl tix on Ticketmaster for $165. Looked like halfway through the 3rd quarter the tickets switched from “Pasadena residents” to “standard tickets”, although the disclaimer still remained at the top of the page about these orders being refunded if not purchased by a Pasadena resident.

      I was able to get some the morning after the game through Ticketmaster for $165 too… Either of you guys, or anyone else, do the same? Any emails of these tickets being cancelled? Did we just get lucky? lol

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      Ute Fan

      You pretty much summed up what I know.
      I also got “standard tickets” on Saturday morning… saw the cancellation notice shortly thereafter.

      Sadly I know nothing more. Hopefully they aren’t cancelled but the website say the “will be” if you’re not a Pasedena resident.

      I’ve got refundable hotel reservations but haven’t purchased airline tickets yet. 😬

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      Red Son
      Ute Fan

      I was trying to buy during the game and when I would push complete order it would send me to a new page that said something like sorry we can’t complete because the tickets are only for locals. After the game I saw others say they got some tickets on Ticketmaster and so I just kept trying and finally got through and it didn’t have that notice. My Ticketmaster app says that the tickets will be ready in 8 days with a count down. So hopefully they don’t get cancelled.  

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      Ute Fan

      I’m in the same boat- got two too late Friday night on Ticketmaster and I thought I pulled off the steak of the century! Now I’m sweating thinking about losing them to some Pasadena resident rule. 🤞🏻

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      Ute Fan

      I don’t have “official” confirmation from Ticketmaster (been trying to reach them for two days…no response), but here’s what I’ve been told by other folks who have bought through Ticketmaster before and run into this.

      There are three different types of tickets: Standard Tickets, Verified Reseller Tickets, and Verified CA Resident Tickets. Check your tickets in the Ticketmaster app. If they say “Standard Ticket” at the top, you’re good. If they say anything about “CA resident”, you might be in trouble. I heard from someone who is a CA resident that they got an additional pop up message when they bought those tickets asking them to confirm residency.

      I’m confident enough that I made the rest of my travel plans, but if I actually hear anything different, I’ll post it here.

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      Ute Fan

      Thanks guys. Will let you know if I see anything too…

      Also, looks like tickets are available through Ohio State for fairly cheap, for those still looking & willing to sit behind enemy lines:
      OSU Tickets

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