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      From our Conference Championship and Alamo Bowl games in 2019 through last Saturday the Utes have gone 4-5.  I have been willing to write off the Oregon loss as just them being a better team and the entire 2020 season as just a COVID-induced debacle.  However, I got the same exact feeling last Saturday night as I did during our Alamo Bowl game against a Texas team that had no right to even be invited to the damn bowl game.  We looked completely uninspired.  At times dare I say we looked timid and afraid or maybe confused and unprepared.  I felt this way almost all of last season but again I just blamed it on COVID.  However, I am not sure that is the case.  I don’t like what I have seen from my Utes these last 9 games.  Even the 4 wins have been uneasy at times (see WASU last year!).  I keep hearing how talented we are supposed to be but I just don’t see it on the field most of the time.  I saw it on Saturday from Sewell and Bernard but rarely from anyone else.  I have not seen it from any of our defensive linemen nor our offensive linemen and if you believe games are won and lost in the trenches then that is a real problem.  I just want to see passion from this team.  I want to see effort.       

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      Only thing I can justify in my mind is that the Utes needed to pay their 10% tithing for the last 10 years

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      Couple weeks ago watched the OSU game from last year. Forgot how close that game was and OS had several blown opportunities to win the game. Ty Jordan ran for 174 yards with a 6.2 yard avg. Bentley played decent going 18/27, 174 yards, 1 TD, no INTs. Covey’s 64 yrd TD and Redding’s 3/3 field goals were keys to the win.

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